Cashman Doesn’t Expect High Quality Pitchers to Become Available



As Bartolo Colon, Phil Hughes and Rafael Soriano work their way back from injuries, their general manager is surveying the trade market for possible targets. Yet Brian Cashman doesn’t see many quality arms available, so he expects his strongest pitching reinforcements to come from within the organization, according to Newsday’s Ken Davidoff.

“I’d be shocked if I could trade for anything better than what I’m getting off the DL, both with starters in Colon and Hughes and in the bullpen with Soriano,” Cashman said.

The trade market develops quickly, especially in late July, so the Yankees may find an elite starter or reliever on the market eventually. They’ll look everywhere for possible upgrades with an emphasis on improving the rotation, according to Davidoff.

Well there’s a loophole in what Cashman says. Anything better than what he’s getting off the DL (Colon) would mean an elite pitcher such as King Felix. The upgrade does not need to be over Colon. They could use an upgrade over Freddy Garcia/Ivan Nova and an upgrade over Lance Pendleton/Brian Gordon/Hector Noesi. And pitchers better than them should become available, just as they always do each year at the deadline.

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  1. I’m honestly happy with what we have now. Save the draft picks and the money the yankees have coming off the books at the end of the year and get C.J. Wilson and resign C.C. because we all know he is going to opt out.

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