Yankees Grades Part 3: Outfielders

Here are your grades for the Yankees Outfielders!


Final Grade: B+

Description: Brett Gardner has been one of the Yankees streakiest hitters, but even when he’s streaky, he finds a way to contribute no matter what. Gardner had one of his worst starts of his career in April when he was only batting.194, with a .280 OBP, which was very un-Gardner like. Adding on that, Gardner’s base stealing was horrible as he was caught 3 times throughout April. But in May, Gardner all of a sudden started hitting. In May & June, Gardner was hitting .350 and his base stealing had caught up to him swiping 23 bases in the first half. Gardner has begun to cool off, but the good news is Gardner’s OBP and his stealing rate is getting better. All Gardner needs to do in the second half is to not be so streaky and continue to steal bases.


Final Grade: A

Description: Is there anyone hotter than Curtis Granderson on the Yankees? I wouldn’t think so. Granderson has completely opened the eyes of Yankee fans with 25 HR’s and a .269 BA. Ever since Kevin Long fixed Granderson’s swing in the middle of last year, Granderson had been on fire and unstoppable. And to top that off with 15 SB’s, the second highest on the team behind Brett Gardner. If Granderson continues to homer like he did in the first half, he is on pace to hit 45-50 HR’s,


Final Grade: B

Description: Nick Swisher usually gets off to a very hot start, but the difference with this year is that Swisher looked absolutely sluggish. His batting average was creeping to the low .200’s in April and May, but the thing that had helped Swisher was always having a good OBP. In June, Nick Swisher completely dominated with a June high batting average of .326 and a .445 OBP. A guy that couldn’t buy a hit left handed, now has plenty of hits left handed, and the main is most of them are in the clutch. In the second half, Swisher should work on trying to get more HR’s, but that’s all I can say that he could improve on cause right now, Swisher is on fire.


Final Grade: D-

Description: In order to give Jones playing time, Joe Girardi decided to platoon him with Brett Gardner. From what Jones has proven, we should have just stuck with Gardner for the whole year so far. Gardner may be streaky, but at least he has a higher average than Jones. Jones so far is batting .195 versus Gardner’s .265. Now, which one sounds better to you? Jones may have less at-bats than Gardner, but everytime Girardi puts in Jones, Jones either has one hit, or goes hit-less and he seems to go hit-less a lot. If Girardi and Cashman are going to platoon Gardner with Jones v.s lefties, shouldn’t Jones be able to hit lefties? In Jones’s last 10 appearances, Jones had 3 hits in 21 at-bats. That’s a .143 AVG. If Jones wants to make it through the second half as a Yankee, he needs to prove everyone wrong and show that Girardi didn’t make a mistake by platooning Gardner for Jones.


Final Grades: B

Description: Chris Dickerson was gotten in a trade for Sergio Mitre during Spring Training, and everytime Dickerson has been called up, he has delivered. Dickerson is batting .300 and a .364 OBP. Even though Dickerson has options and keeps moving from the minors to the majors, he should be the one on the bench to give the bench some depth. Dickerson is a CF by heart, but can play all 3 positions so he would be the best bet to help replace Gardner, Granderson or Swisher if they ever needed a day off. I have no doubt in the second half that Chris Dickerson will be back with the Yankees, and hopefully he can continue his good hitting.

UP NEXT: Yankees Infield

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Nice work on this one Delia. I agree with all of what you said.

  2. Good work, it looks like a lot of work. You done done good! 8)

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