A Trade Is ABrewing?


by Mike D.

Well this is starting to get exciting. 3 Yankees minor-leaguers: Gary Sanchez, Corban Joseph, and Austin Romine were held out of the lineup tonight. For Romine, it doesn’t make any sense, because this is Romine’s second game out of the lineup in a row. Something’s up. But no one knows what.

It looks to be a trade, but no one knows. I have my predictions…but we’ll let this play out a little bit. Speculate what you want about this.

Keep in mind: White Sox GM Kenny Williams recently stated that Chicago could “turn over the entire roster”….

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  1. i’d rather see Montero traded than Sanchez

  2. Could be that the Yanks think that Montero is more likely to remain a catcher than Sanchez.

  3. Montero is MLB ready as a hitter right NOW and Sanchez isn’t even close. Sanchez isn’t close to being the defensive catcher Montero is right now…he likely will be better in a couple of years but that is still to be determined.

    • Yes montero a better hitter. not catcher. I was only talking about the catching position. I have said before many times i’m ready to see Montero DHing now instead of Posada.

      • I have seen both players and Montero is the better hitter ,catcher and player.Jesus has dominated at every level .Sanchez has a very similar type body as Montero and will have problems staying as a catcher.Also saw JR Murphy catch and he is a better player than Sanchez imho.JR was also promoted and Sanchez has had problems at low A.

        • ballpark. welcome. Hope all is well with you. thanks for your insight. I have heard that of JR Murphy.

        • Glad to see you posting Ballpark.

          I’m confused at why the Yanks haven’t brought Montero up to help at DH/C. At minimum, he could do what Posada is doing as DH (who couldn’t?) and what Cervelli is doing catching and possibly much more. Makes me think Cashman wants to use him in a trade and doesn’t want to expose any possible weaknesses at the MLB-level.

          Who would you like to see them pursue at the deadline?
          I miss talking Yankees with you….been quite a while. Enjoy your vacation! I’m off to work.

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