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NYY @ CWS – 8/3/11


Brett Gardner LF
Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Eric Chavez 3B
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C


A.J. Burnett (8-9, 4.23) vs. Gavin Floyd (9-9, 3.96)

Enjoy the game. C.C. Sabathia has been named American League Pitcher of the Month and it’s well deserved.

Yankee News

According to Jon Heyman of SI.com, the commissioner’s office will interview Alex Rodriguez regarding his alleged involvement in illegal, underground poker games.

The statement from MLB read as follows: “We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial investigation. As part of the investigation, the commissioner’s office will interview Mr. Rodriguez.” Wallace Matthews of ESPNNewYork.com was told by one MLB executive that A-Rod could face a suspension if his involvement in the game is confirmed.

Source: Jon Heyman on Twitter

Mark Prior suffered a bruised left forearm Wednesday when he was struck by a batting practice ball.

Prior is still rehabbing a back and groin injury, and hasn’t made an appearance in a minor league game since April. He’s unlikely to make it to the majors this year.

Source: Associated Press

Phil Hughes is scheduled to start next Tuesday against the Angels.

Hughes tossed six shutout innings this Tuesday against the White Sox, proving enough to maintain his spot in the Yankees’ starting rotation. There’s still a chance that he’s moved to the bullpen at some point.

Yankees Mailbag: Prospects, Posada, Montero, Pitching, Hughes vs. Nova, Jimenez

Here is this week’s mailbag. If you would like your question to be answered in the mailbag, email Mike at yankeesfansunited@gmail.com. Here we go:

Darrin says:

Can the prospects provide real help this season? Can Montero’s offense really contribute to the lineup as the DH? If he does DH for them, what what happens with Jorge?

 Darrin, I think the prospects can provide some help this year. Jorge Posada is now on waivers and even though its tough to see him on there, he did go back to his struggles from April and May during the month of July. Montero could bring some instant power to the DH position that Posada just can’t do. Manny Banuelos is rising up to AAA and his swing and miss ability will be a reason why New York uses him as the second lefty in their pen with Boone Logan in September. Adam Warren is another guy the Yankees like in their organization and he could get a start or two towards the end of the season if the Bombers have everything clinched.

This one was from @marka42. His question was:

“With 3 highly regarded catching prospects in the system and Montero the poorest defensively, why not try another position for Montero?”

 Marka, the reason Montero would have to be at catcher is because most of the other positions Montero does not fit and the Yankees have sufficient backups at those positions. The only other place where Montero could play is at DH. Montero’s catching skills are not the best, but he is the most Major League ready because of his bat. They could use him as the backup to Martin down the stretch, get him some at-bats, and give him some vital experience should the Yankees want to use him on the postseason roster.

This one was from @GeneMoney13. His question was:

“Could we get another pitcher for a small price?”

 Gene, in terms of a starter, I think the Yankees will stand pat at the waiver wire deadline. They have six quality starters as Joe Girardi is showing Yankee fans by going with a six man rotation at this point and time. I could see them adding another lefty, but right now, all signs point to maybe Manny Banuelos being the second lefty that is called up into the bullpen in the coming weeks. I would like to see the Yankees obtain Randy Choate from the Marlins if he is put on wiaivers, but Florida is looking to get as many wins as they can go into their new stadium next year. Look for the Yankees to go with basically the same pitchers for the rest of the season.

This question was from @gardnerbrett11. His question was:

“Will Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova’s next starts be observed as to who gets the rotation spot?

GardnerBrett11, it appears that the organization is observing their next starts. If they are, they have to be very impressed from what they got out of Phil Hughes last night. He took a gigantic step in re-establishing his spot in the 2011 rotation and his importance to the team in October. Putting Hughes in the bullpen would be a Joba-esque move that could really mess with his development. If Nova continues to succeed, the Yankees will find a place for him, even if it is as a long man. However, that will cause Hector Noesi to probably go back to down to Scranton.

The next question was from @YankeesGalaxy. His question was a 2 part question:

“Do you think the Yankees standing pat will pay off? Can you trust Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon in October despite their success?”

YankeesGalaxy, I think the Bombers standing pat will pay off. They got a great start from Phil Hughes last night and getting Hughes back to form is just as good as making a trade for a top line pitcher. Brian Cashman made the right decision by not pursuing Wandy Rodriguez and the $39 million he has left on his contract. I am starting to trust Garcia and Colon a lot more. Garcia, I trust a lot because he continues to put up quality starts despite the lack of velocity on his fastball. He has been in postseason baseball before with the Seattle Mariners and a pitcher can dwell on that experience in October. Colon has shown great resiliency especially when everyone thought he lost it after that debacle against the Blue Jays. If these two have to pitch a closeout game in October, I would have trust in those two over say A.J Burnett.

The next question was from @PrimoBledBlue. His question was:

“If Phil Hughes begins to struggle, will he be sent down and reduce it to a normalized Yankees 5-man rotation?”

Primo, even if Phil Hughes struggles again, he is not going back down to Scranton. The more likely scenario would be that Hughes go back to the bullpen and Ivan Nova would take his spot in the rotation. We will see next week if Hughes can continue his positive progression to let Girardi go back to a five man rotation.

And the final question is from @nyerkid625. His question was:

“How do you think Ubaldo Jimenez will do for the Cleveland Indians?”

Nyerkid, even though the Indians paid a lot to get Ubaldo, I think they will get a good return this season. Jimenez has pitched better the last two months and is starting to re-gain the control on his fastball that he had in the first half of 2010. The one reason I did not want the Yankees to obtain him was that he had a lack of control. Take a look at his game logs for this season and you will find a lot of games where he walks three batters or more. Kind of reminds you of A.J Burnett, doesn’t it? He will keep the Indians in the pennant race, but it will be tough to take down the Tigers and Justin Verlander with just one guy. They will need pitchers like Justin Masterson and Carlos Carrasco to give him some supporting help.

Hughes bounces back big-time in 6-0 rain-shortened win over ChiSox

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H E
1 1 2 0 0 0 2   6 11 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 x   0 3 0
W: Hughes (2-3)
L: Danks (4-9)
Jeter, SS 4 2 2 0 0 0 0 .270
Granderson, CF 3 0 1 0 1 0 1 .272
Teixeira, 1B 4 2 3 3 0 0 2 .256
Cano, 2B 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 .295
Swisher, RF 3 0 1 0 1 0 3 .268
Jones, An, DH 4 0 1 1 0 3 1 .228
Martin, C 4 1 1 1 0 0 2 .226
Nunez, E, 3B 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 .271
Gardner, LF 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 .275
Totals 31 6 11 6 3 5 12 .263
Hughes, P(W, 2-3) 6.0 3 0 0 0 4 0 6.93
Totals 6.0 3 0 0 0 4 0 3.43

Game Review from MLB.com’s Alden Gonzalez:

CHICAGO — Rain was pelting U.S. Cellular Field, players were heading for cover and the grounds crew dashed to get the tarp on the infield. And there was Phil Hughes, approaching the mound for the bottom of the seventh inning as if play would resume like normal. Hughes, apparently, wanted to pitch forever.

Could you blame him?

In what was his most important start of the season, Hughes displayed his sharpest form of 2011, hurling six breezy innings against the White Sox and needing only 65 pitches to do it.

Only inclement weather could stop him.

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Morning Bits 8/3/11

Good morning all.  Hughes looked good so that’s a plus.   Also how about Tex hitting 2 homeruns each from both sides of the plate setting a new major league record doing that 12 times.  Good stuff.

Another game tonight at 8 with the unpredictable Burnett on the mound.

and here are your morning links…

* Yankees are pondering bullpen options.

* Brett Gardner is having success against lefties lately.

* The Marlins are to host the Yankees for their first game in their brand new ballpark in an exhibition game next year.

* Yankees place Burnett, Soriano and Posada on waivers.


Boston 67 41 .620 34-20 33-21 595 454 +141 Won 1 6-4
NY Yankees 66 42 .611 1 37-22 29-20 569 412 +157 Won 5 8-2
Tampa Bay 56 52 .519 11 24-26 32-26 455 427 +28 Lost 1 4-6
Toronto 56 53 .514 11.5 28-26 28-27 513 494 +19 Won 2 6-4
Baltimore 43 63 .406 23 26-28 17-35 438 562 -124 Won 1 4-6