Brett Gardner About To Make Stolen Base History


by Delia E.

The next time that Brett Gardner gets on base, he could make history with his next stolen base.  Gardner already has 21 consecutive stolen bases after he was caught stealing June 18th but he only needs 1 more stolen base to tie Derek Jeter for the All-Time consecutive steals record which is set at 22. Derek Jeter set that record in his 2001 & 2002 season with the Yankees, stealing 22 consecutive bases from 7/20/01 – 6/02/02.

Also worth mentioning, Gardner is tied with Alfonso Soriano for 21st in franchise history with 121 career stolen bases. Will tomorrow’s game be the game that Brett Gardner ties the record with Jeter? We’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. I had my doubts about Gardner from the start. Ken was all about him and I trust what he said about him and he was right this kid can play.

  2. Must say I never doubted Brett. Before he came along, I had constantly wished the Yanks would acquire someone with his skill set. To often, the NYY offenses of the 2000’s was a plodding, wait for the HR group. While this works in the regular season when you face a lot of mediocre pitching, it doesn’t cut it in the post-season.

    Int October, you face mostly good pitching…#1-3 starters and the best bullpen arms every game. These good pitchers will imit HRs. However, good pitchers don’t neccessarily stop infield hits, SBs, sac bunts, “small ball” if you will.

    When Gardner came along, my prayers were answered. He adds another way of scoring runs for this team. Not only do the yanks lead the lg in HRs, but SBs too! Guys like Gardner, Nunez, Granderson, Jeter and even Martin & Cervelli are all good baserunners and have been istrumental in creating runs without HRs.

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