Career Hits & Saves Where do Jeter and Mo stand?

Jeter perfecting his swing

Derek was off to a slow start to begin the season but as of late his hitting has been on fire thanks to his DL stint and reworking on his swing.  Derek has had a lot of multiple hit games the last two weeks so his assault up the rankings has moved quickly. He is one hit away from getting into the top twenty and with a double header on Sunday it will most likely happen then.  Here is where he currently stands.

Rank Player (age) Hits Bats
1. Pete Rose 4256 B
2. Ty Cobb+ 4189 L
3. Hank Aaron+ 3771 R
4. Stan Musial+ 3630 L
5. Tris Speaker+ 3514 L
6. Cap Anson+ 3435 R
7. Honus Wagner+ 3420 R
8. Carl Yastrzemski+ 3419 L
9. Paul Molitor+ 3319 R
10. Eddie Collins+ 3315 L
11. Willie Mays+ 3283 R
12. Eddie Murray+ 3255 B
13. Nap Lajoie+ 3242 R
14. Cal Ripken+ 3184 R
15. George Brett+ 3154 L
16. Paul Waner+ 3152 L
17. Robin Yount+ 3142 R
18. Tony Gwynn+ 3141 L
19. Dave Winfield+ 3110 R
20. Craig Biggio 3060 R
21. Derek Jeter (37) 3059 R

Saving games it's what he does.

Mariano had a few slip ups a couple weeks ago with blown saves and my thoughts coming into this season was he would probably become the All time saves leader early next year.  I think now with all the chances he has got so far this year he could most likely do it this season.  Here is where he currently stands.

Rank Player (age) Saves Throws
1. Trevor Hoffman 601 R
2. Mariano Rivera (41) 592 R
3. Lee Smith 478 R
4. John Franco 424 L
5. Billy Wagner 422 L

About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. These two players are players I will be telling my kids and grandkids about.

  2. Matt, you out did yourself, very good….
    That shows just how good the two of them have been over their careers so far! Not bad for two guys coming up through our system. And to think, joe T wanted to send Mo back to the minors because he only had two pitches (cutter and fastball) and got hit harder as the game went on.
    The “Core four”, as they were called…Andy, Jeter, Mo and Posada had a very large impact on the winning ways the Yankees have had over the years.
    May I remind one and all; Yankees records don’t put one into the HOF. Mo will set a new ML record for Saves—-HOF? You betcha!
    Jeter; the greatest SS the Yankees have ever had and has many Yankee records but, only one MLB record (of which, he is one of 28),—-HOF? Most likely!
    The Yankees should end up with two new players interring the great HOF…one a shoe in the other more then likely, one for greatness, the other because he was a great Yankee and very well liked.
    I think they should both make it, one of them for sure. Jeter is a bit over rated but, deserves his time in the sun. Heck, if he had been a bit better on defense, I would say he was a shoe in also!

    • Thanks for the kind words Ken. I agree with the most of what you said. Jeter and Mo though are no doubt first ballot hall of famers.

      • Matt…
        I am sorry I didn’t make it clear. What I meant to say was; I don’t think Jeter has anything to make him a first ballot HOF…in an all time MLB record book, he is one of 28 players to have over 3,000 hits.
        As a Yankee, he has many Yankee records…they don’t count in HOF.
        Is he a HOF ballplayer, yes but, shouldn’t be first ballot.
        I understand in the last few years, the voting for the HOF has become a joke. Jim Rice in the HOF big joke.
        I wish to be understood…I have always thought very highly of Jeter but, being honest,
        he doesn’t have the numbers, other then 3,000 hits, to be first ballot. Second or third ok!
        Don’t mind Twasp, he thinks Jeter can lie and get away with it but, A-Rod lie and he is a lier. Now, that’s what I call justice the Democrat way!

        • This is why Jeter will be a first ballot hall of famer Ken.

          All-Star Games
          1998 *
          1999 *
          2000 (SS)
          2001 *
          2002 *
          2004 (SS)
          2006 (SS)
          2007 (SS)
          2008 (SS)
          2009 (SS)
          2010 (SS)

          Awards (yr lg award)
          1996 AL Rookie of the Year
          2000 ML AS MVP
          2000 AL Babe Ruth Award
          2000 ML WS MVP
          2006 AL Hank Aaron Award
          2009 AL Hank Aaron Award
          2009 ML Roberto Clemente Award

          Gold Gloves
          2004 AL (SS)
          2005 AL (SS)
          2006 AL (SS)
          2009 AL (SS)
          2010 AL (SS)

          Silver Sluggers
          2006 AL (SS)
          2007 AL (SS)
          2008 AL (SS)
          2009 AL (SS)

          Batting Average
          1998 AL .324 (5th)
          1999 AL .349 (2nd)
          2000 AL .339 (5th)
          2001 AL .311 (9th)
          2003 AL .324 (3rd)
          2005 AL .309 (6th)
          2006 AL .343 (2nd)
          2007 AL .322 (9th)
          2009 AL .334 (3rd)
          Active .313 (8th)
          Career .313 (78th)

          1997 AL 7 (5th)
          1998 AL 8 (4th)
          1999 AL 9 (2nd)
          Active 65 (10th)

          1996 AL 142 (4th)
          1997 AL 142 (1st)
          1998 AL 151 (1st)
          1999 AL 149 (2nd)
          2000 AL 151 (2nd)
          2001 AL 132 (4th)
          2002 AL 147 (2nd)
          2005 AL 153 (2nd)
          2006 AL 158 (2nd)
          2007 AL 151 (4th)
          2008 AL 140 (3rd)
          2009 AL 166 (2nd)
          2010 AL 136 (4th)
          2011 AL 105 (9th)
          Active 2,268 (1st)
          Career 2,268 (15th)

          Wins Above Replacement
          1998 AL 7.8 (2nd)
          1999 AL 8.0 (2nd)
          2004 AL 5.6 (8th)
          2005 AL 5.5 (6th)
          2006 AL 6.3 (6th)
          2009 AL 6.5 (7th)
          Active 71.1 (4th)

          • Good job Matt way to bitch slap that old cumudgeeon Ken OR.

            Aroid = steroids

            Jeter = no steroids

          • Very impressive but, let’s not cherry pick
            Carrer is what counts…..

            All-Star Games only 1 while A-Rod was there
            Gold Gloves, none until A-Rod moved
            Silver Slug, see above
            Bat Avg- very good
            Singles–#15 very good
            Wins ABR-Position–#53
            DP hit into-#32
            Rtot- -137
            Rdrs- -126
            Rdrs/yr- -13
            Rtot/yr- -8
            Fld % – .976

            These are not bad numbers but, First ballot HOF????
            HOF….Yes! I am not against him getting in, he deserves it, but 1st ballot is only for the best of the best. We just disagree on 1st ballot, that’s all.

            • I will bet you anything he gets in 1st ballot Ken.

              • Matt…
                You may be right, the way they vote now days. They go by who is well liked or by how well the publicity is for him to be in.
                I am not saying, he won’t be first ballot, just that he shouldn’t be!
                I’m proud of myself, I got into the stats again
                You should see some of the numbers of some of those in the HOF, they suck!

  3. Don’t mind Ken , Matt, he’s mad that Jeter is a first ballot HOF’er and Aroid will not get in because he’s a juicer like MacGuire.

    Boli boli bo boli banana fana fo foli…….

  4. Mattt – take a look at what Ahole does after he strikes out on this video

  5. Fish – it drives me crazy that YES doesn;t show blown saves when they show their graphic for the relief pitcher.

    • Yeah that is stupid Twasp. Save% is probably the most important stat for a closer. I wonder how long it will take for media outlets to start using more advanced stats. You hear Cone talk about them but not many other Yankee announcers.

      Twasp, what do you think Sterling would do if Suzyn said Cano had a great WOBA?

  6. Ha ha Sterling would fall out of the booth!

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