Yankees Mailbag – 9/3/11

Welcome to another segment of Yankees Mailbag, where you send in your questions and we answer them. Before we get started with the Yankees Mailbag, I just want to recap what happened since the last Yankees Mailbag. The Yankees still have a 6 man rotation, but Girardi is planning on cutting it down to 5 on Tuesday, the Yankees finally beat the Red Sox at Fenway Park and took the series & the Yankees made some call-ups on September 1st, with one of them being Jesus Montero. Now that we have established that, let’s start answering some questions!

Our first question comes from @VamosYankees. He asked:

Q: What do you think of Scott Proctor making his return to the Yankees?

A: Well, from what I know, it’s nice to have Proctor with the Yankees…as long as he doesn’t pitch in a big situation. Proctor wasn’t exactly everyone’s Yankees dream when we last saw him and now that he’s back, I’m sure everyone is just cautious with the fact that they don’t know what damage Proctor can do. I can see Proctor as a good mop up guy, just like Sergio Mitre.

Our next question comes from @LeeAnn726. Her question was:

Q: How many years have the Yankees & Red Sox been such rivals?

A: That is a very good question! I would say that it ALL started back with Babe Ruth. As we all know, Babe Ruth was on the Red Sox before he became a Yankee. There’s rumor that the Red Sox manager was trying to make a theater production and traded away Ruth to the Yankees for money. Since then the Red Sox were bitter with the fact that Ruth was performing so well with the Yankees, that they just became rivals, but the Red Sox weren’t the Yankees only rival though. There were 2 other teams that played in New York during that era: The Brooklyn Dodgers & the New York Giants (Who are now the San Francisco Giants). But to get back to your question, the Red Sox & Yankees have been rivals for many years, but I don’t think they’re exactly rivals now. Derek Jeter and David Ortiz seem to get along well.

Our next question comes from @tazc23. She actually asked 3 questions, so I am going to address them all here. Her first question was:

Q: Is there any worry about the number of nagging injuries coming up at the end of the season?

A: I would say that there would be some worry with the number of nagging injuries, but as long as the players are healthy and ready for the post-season then we should be fine. It’s bothersome yes, and it can affect your team when it matters the most. Just look at Nick Swisher & Brett Gardner from last year. Both of them had nagging injuries and it affected their playing time. It was so bad for Gardner that he needed surgery last year in December, but he came back and was healthy. Just like A-Rod & Chavez, they both suffered injuries but they are back and healthy for a good post-season run.

Her second question was this:

Q: How did the club feel about Jesus Montero’s debut against Boston? How did he feel about being put in a high profile situation on his first AB?

A: I think the club felt that even though Jesus Montero didn’t have any hits, he has potential and he showed that he had some great AB. He worked the count against Lester, got him to throw pitches outside the strike zone, he had a good swing and shows he has power. He was probably nervous being put in a situation like that. Think about it. He’s in Fenway Park, Yankees v.s Boston series, going for a play-off run. That would make any player nervous and a little intimidated, but I believed that he did fine. He has potential, that’s for sure.

Her final question was:

Q: Is A-Rod frustrated with the number of injuries he’s fighting through? Do you think it will effect his rhythm of swing?

A: I could see A-Rod getting frustrated over this. No player wants to go through multiple injures when they plan on having a great season, but it happens sometimes and they just have to work through it. Unless his thumb is still bothering him, I don’t think it will effect his swing so much, but he has to make sure he stays healthy so he can be apart of the Yankees postseason run. Think about it, A-Rod is no use to the Yankees if he can’t hit or play defense. The Yankees would want a happy and healthy A-Rod.

Our next question came from @ehom87. His question was:

Q: Would the Yankees re-sign Russell Martin?

A: If I were Brian Cashman, definitely. Russell Martin is playing great baseball, but I am so impressed with his work behind the plate. He seems to be the only one who can actually catch A.J Burnett (since Burnett throws a lot of bouncing breaking balls) and he has a 31% caught stealing ratio, which is great for a catcher. Russell Martin is also having a good year offensively. Remember, his average means nothing if he has hit a lot of HR’s and has RBI’s and I don’t see Russell Martin severely struggling if he is able to produce for the team.

Our final question comes from @dp57. Her question was:

Q: Why does Brett Gardner wear rubber bands on his wrists?

A: I personally love this question. If it was the green rubber band that he had on his wrist yesterday on post-game then he was just wearing a Silly Bandz. They are rubber bands that make funny shapes. I have some that have the Yankees logo in it, and they are awesome! I was also told that Gardy’s Silly Bandz was a glow in the dark one. Super cool. 🙂

Well, those are all the questions I have this time! Remember, if you have any questions about anything Yankees related you can go to Twitter and send a tweet to @dfiregirl4, and I will gladly get back to your question! Once again, thank you to all you wonderful Yankees fans who sent me questions and I’ll answer more of your questions next time on Yankees Mailbag.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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