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"I don't want to mislead you guys, but I haven't touched a bat in five days." ~Alex Rodriguez

Good evening everyone. There isn’t a whole lot a whole lot going on Yankee-wise. I do have some quotes from Brian Cashman about Alex Rodriguez’s thumb injury though, courtesy of

He’s got a Grade I sprain and it’s not going to go away completely this season. It only goes away with time which is not something that’s necessarily in our favor…It’s a sprained collateral ligament and it’s more of an irritating thing than anything else. It could take six days, or 15 days, or 30 days, and even if he feels 100 percent, one wrong move or one bad swing or checked swing or dive or whatever could bring it right back to square one again. It’s just something he’s going to have to deal with.

With A-Rod not at full capacity, the Yanks can’t afford for any of their hitters to be fully absent offensively in the playoffs. There can’t be any dreadful outages from players like Swisher and Cano (random examples not picking on them). Quite frankly, despite the excellence of Nova, Garcia, and Colon in this regular season, you don’t know how they will pitch in the postseason. Therefore, they will need full offensive production: 1-9 in the lineup.

Anyway, the Red Sox are playing the Rays at 7:05 and you can catch that game on the MLB Network. The Sox are 4 games behind the Yankees and the Rays are 4 games behind the Sox. Safe to say, the Yanks are in great shape. They start a 3 game series in Toronto, tomorrow. Talk about whatever you want to here on this thread and have a good night.

About Mike D.

Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. Mike, I hope you don’t mind but, I found this among some stuff on my blog. As we have one fan that brings this subject up constantly…I thought I would post it (delete it if need be);

    Sunday, August 2, 2009
    Glass houses–Roids
    Roids, big deal! What do we do with the great numbers by pitchers before they lowered the pitching mound? Wins and arm problems have been greatly effected by that one move? What about new stadiums with shorter/longer distances for HR, or the lively ball? What about pitching inside or brush-backs, the smaller strike zone, the five man rotation and DH?As one can see, there are/were many other things in baseball that have had consequences as large or larger then Roids. Roids era was here and gone, Roids don’t make you a more skilled hitter (just stronger), Roids don’t make you a more skilled pitcher (just more durable)…anyhow, that’s what some of the Doc’s say. Does it give one an advantage…YES! Does it make you a .330 hitter…NO!
    Let’s get off the soapbox and get real here, there have been many ways to get an edge…in all eras, so forget it and enjoy the game.
    Posted by Kenneth Old Ranger at 1:27 PM

  2. A-Rod is a very important part to the well being of this team, as is every other player.

    I remember when A-Rod and another player were hurt, people kept asking for him to rush back as soon as he could…the team needed him badly. The other player was different; constant questions as to his well being but, that’s it. The perception is; A-Rod is more valuable then another player whom people treat as a star…nay nay nay, not so fast here!
    A-Rod is the best player (along with Cano) we have but, without the other players doing their job…helping the team win…he could not be as productive as he has been over the years.
    Most good teams have their A-Rod type player but, unless the other players (and A-Rod) understand, “They are part of a well oiled team and no part is less needed then any other part!” 🙂

  3. Currently Tampa is up 4 to 1 on Boston. I hope these two teams dog it out against each other and use all there resources to tire for the playoffs.

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