Yankees Mailbag | 9/17/11

Good afternoon Yankees fans and welcome to another edition of “Yankees Mailbag” where you send in your questions and I answer them. Yesterday on my Twitter account I asked you to send in questions and you sent them in. Let’s try 15 questions! More questions than last week’s Yankees Mailbag! Thank you all so much for sending them in! Now let’s get to answering those questions!

Our first question comes from @rockstarii. His question was:

Q: With the regular season coming to an end, what was your biggest concern and what you think they can do about those concerns?

A: I believe the biggest concern that has happened during the regular season would have to be a mix between pitching and the Yankees offense. The starting rotation has been good with CC, Nova, Garcia & Colon. My concern shifts towards A.J Burnett & Phil Hughes. Hughes and Burnett have been doing better as of late but during the middle of the season they have been struggling mightily. The main issue would be Burnett who would blow up. Lately my concern has became CC Sabathia. Ever since Joe Girardi had placed the 6 man rotation, CC’s numbers are 4-3 with a 4.04 ERA. If your ace isn’t performing up to standards with a 6 man rotation then it’s time to go back to the 5 man rotation which means making a decision. Now with the offense, 3 of our key players are struggling right now: Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira & Brett Gardner. We need these 3 in order to be successful in games, which means they need to pick up the pace and become hot hitters by the time the play-offs come around.

Our next question comes from @canodontyano. He asked 2 questions so I’ll address them here. His first question was:

Q: Who is the meanest person in any sport?

A: I’m guessing that you read the article on NESN or Bleacher Report about who was the meanest person in baseball. Now they claim that A-Rod and Mark Teixeira are the meanest on the Yankees but if it’s in any sport…I would say Jonathan Papelbon. I’m not sure if it’s more if I think he’s mean or if his face that he makes when he pitches is scary. I would go more with Papelbon is scary.

His second question was this:

Q: Why is Robinson Cano so attractive?

A: I’m not exactly sure. I think it’s the way he plays baseball. His defense is amazing and his offense is powerful. That’s pretty much why girls (and sometimes guys) find Robinson Cano attractive.

Our next question comes from @Bill1984. His question was:

Q: Where the hell is A-Rod?

A: Well to answer that question simply, A-Rod’s didn’t play yesterday because he chose not to. The original plan that Girardi had was to have A-Rod play yesterday, give him the day off today and then play him again tomorrow. Alex didn’t want to take a day off after playing which makes sense. He wants to play a couple of games in a row so he can get his swing back in motion and be ready for the play-offs.

Our next question comes from @addie623. She asks:

Q: Can you rate the every day starters on their defense 1-9?

A: Well, of course I can! Here is how I would rate each of the Yankees defense.

Let’s start with the outfield:

Brett Gardner:  If I could give Brett Gardner a grade it would be a 1,000,000…but you said 1-9 so it would be a 9. His defense is one of the best in baseball…and Brett never lets anyone forget it with his athleticism and canon arm. Other teams have learned not to run on Brett Gardner, because Brett Gardner will run on you.

Curtis Granderson: Curtis would get a 9 as well. Granderson is just like Gardner. He’s fast, athletic and makes a lot of good catches. It helps to have 2 CF’s in the outfield doesn’t it?

Nick Swisher: I would give Nick Swisher a 8. His defense has improved since last year, but the thing that really has me thinking is his arm. He has a good arm, it could use improvement, but Swish is loveable so, 8 it is. 🙂

Now let’s do the infield:

Derek Jeter: Jeter would get a 9 in the infield because…well, he’s Derek Jeter. His Derek Jeter spin to get runners out has been done for 15 years, and it never gets old.

Robinson Cano: Robbie of course would get a 9 as well. He makes plays that I don’t think any other second baseman can make. Cano always leaves you stunned with the question “how does he do it?”

Mark Teixeira: Another one that if I could grade he would get 1,000,000…but again it’s from 1-9 so Mark would get a 9. Mark makes plays that save runs. That is what makes Mark so good at his job, the way that he saves runs, singles and/or potential doubles.

Russell Martin: Russell would get a 9 most definitely. Ever since Martin has came to the Yankees he has been absolutely brilliant. I just feel bad that he has to catch A.J Burnett who throws the curveball into the ground in like, every at-bat. I can imagine how sore he would get.

Alex Rodriguez: Alex would get a 7. He’s good at defending but his past injuries have stopped him from being the full potential 3rd baseman that everyone saw when he was younger. That and he’s 35 years old.

Our next question comes from @dp57. She asked 2 good questions that I would like to address. The first question was:

Q: Why does it take the NYY 2 hours to get through Canadian customs?

A: Well, I would guess that since the Yankees are in a completely different country it would take some time to get through customs and come into the city of Toronto. Then again that’s just my guess but to me it makes a bit sense. By the way, who told the Toronto Blue Jays they could be in Canada anyway? 😉

Her second question was this:

Q: I also want to know how to get brownies to players, and get them to trust that they are safe to eat?

A: Well, that would be a difficult task…but I suppose that if you give the brownies to the body guards, they would go through extensive testing then they will go to the players…but the players might find an empty basket when they get them. And I’m not entirely sure if Girardi will let them have brownies knowing that he has a strict rule on no junk food .

Our next question comes from @PrimoBledBlue. His question was:

Q: Since Cano is a better hitter, should Girardi switch Teixeira & Cano in the lineup?

A:  If I were Girardi that is exactly what I would do. You want your #3 hitter to be the best hitter on the team and by looking at the lineup, it’s Robinson Cano (sorry Tex). At least Girardi should try that for a game at least.

Our next question(s) come from @tazc23. She asked 3 questions and I shall address them all here!

Her first question was:

Q: What has happened to our 2 and 3 positions? Is Grandy tired? Or is he injured?

A: There’s nothing wrong with Grandy or Tex. There’s only one thing that may be going on and that would be that they are both slumping. Other than that Grandy is not either tired or injured. He just had a day-off the other day.

Her second question was:

Q: Where did they stay during Hurricane Irene?

A: They were in the Baltimore hotel room all day during the storm that day. CC Sabathia actually brought his wife and kids to stay with him in Baltimore during the storm, Joe Girardi called his wife and kids and told them to stay safe (and away from the windows) and Brett Gardner was telling a story about when he was younger around 7 years old when he witnessed a damaging hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina. He said it happened around midnight when he was resting and he saw things flying. He also said the damages were about $2 Billion after the storm passed.

Her final question was:

Q: How is Montero feeling now that he’s having some good quality hits? How did he like catching?

A:  Jesus is feeling more comfortable at the plate for sure. Remember in Spring Training he didn’t hit a lick because he was trying TOO hard. Now that he’s not competing for a job he’s gotten more comfortable and is showing everyone the power that he really possesses. And catchingwise, Montero loved it. Montero is a catcher, so getting the chance to catch really made him happy. But even though he’s a catcher he might want to work on his catching skills a bit. He still has a lot to learn.

Our next question came from @secondz2late. He asked

Q: Do you think the 6 man rotation is adversely affecting CC and his command?

A: As a matter of fact yes, I do think it’s affecting CC. CC usually pitches well every 5 days or either on short rest, but with the extra day, Sabathia now pitches every 6 days, which can take a toll on his stuff. Sabathia’s numbers in the 6 man rotation are 4-3 with a 4.04 ERA in 9 starts. Sabathia usually posts MUCH better numbers than that. And as of right now, Sabathia isn’t slated to pitch Game 1 of the play-off due to the 6 man rotation. Not exactly sure who would be slated in game 1, but with the rotation I think it would be Ivan Nova, and Ivan Nova is a Game 2 starter at most. In order for CC to be slated for Game 1, he would either have to throw on short rest once (not an option) or have 2 extra-long rests (seems like the only option). Reason I say short rest is not an option is because Sabathia threw 120 pitches yesterday in 5 innings. Don’t think he’ll be ready after throwing that much.

Our next question comes from @HTFDWhalers. His question was:

Q: Is Mariano Rivera the greatest Yankees player of all time? If not, who is?

A:  Greatest Yankees player of all time? Maybe. Greatest closer in all of the Major Leagues? Yes. Only reason I say maybe for Mariano being the best player on the Yankees is because it’s between him and Derek Jeter. They both have had fantastic careers and they both are going to the HOF no doubt. If it wasn’t for Jeter then Mo would be the greatest Yankees player of all time, but Mo is definitely the best closer…ever.

Our next question is from @OllieNYankees. He asks:

Q: What role do you see Joba Chamberlain taking on in 2012 and will he see regular playing time after Tommy John Surgery?

A: Well, that’s a tricky question. Joba might be trying to rehab the arm in 2012, by doing throwing, pitching simulated games, doing rehab assignments. I wouldn’t expect to see Joba in the beginning of 2012 with the Yankees, but IF he came back either in the middle of the year or at the end of the year then I wouldn’t expect him to take on a 7th inning role or an 8th inning role. Maybe just another arm in the bullpen along with Boone Logan. I say no to the 8th inning, suggesting that Cashman will re-sign David Robertson.

Our final question comes from @yankeesky. He asked:

Q: With Swish’s sore arm why not Jones or Dickerson in RF and Nick DH?

A: Swish said his arm wasn’t bothering him as much anymore, but I figure there was no Jones or Dickerson move because then Montero wouldn’t be able to bat if they needed him in a game and Swisher DH’d. That would pretty much be the reason.

And that was all the questions that I got for the Yankees Mailbag! Thank you all so much for sending in your questions! If you ever have any questions send them to my Twitter at @dfiregirl4 and I will answer them. Until next time.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia the question was; “Q: Is Mariano Rivera the greatest Yankees player of all time? If not, who is?”
    The Greatest Yankee of all time? Your answer; “If it wasn’t for Jeter then Mo would be the greatest Yankees player of all time, but Mo is definitely the best closer…ever.”
    The Mo part I agree with but, Jeter or anyone else (in the last 30 years) being among the Greatest Yankee players of all time is a joke!
    Mo is one of the best closers of all time for MLB, let alone Yankees. Jeter is the Best SS the Yankees have ever had (without a doubt) but, the Greatest Yankee of all time…not even in the top 10 or 20.
    Have you forgotten the many Yankees ahead of him? Heck; The Babe, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, A-Rod, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and Mo are just a few off the top of my head. I don’t think Jeter stacks up well with this bunch of Yankees, do you?
    Respectfully, May haps, you misunderstood the question?
    If one wants to believe Jeter is the Best Yankee of the past few years or the best SS ever, I’ll by that because it is a subjective question and answer.
    For those that have been watching the Yankees for the last 20/30 years, I can understand the fascination with Jeter. You have never seen the truly great players like those I listed above, I have (except for Babe and Lou), your base is of the near past.
    Thank you Delia, very good answers I think, anyhow.

    • Ken, I think Delia meant greatest Yankee in the “modern era”. If not, then I agree with you.

      • I agree, that’s why i put; “I thought she misunderstood the question” in my reply.
        And if modern era is from 1970 forward I would still put him behind Mo. Okay, so I am a Mo fan, so what! I also am a Jeter fan but, Mo will set a MLB record of 602 on up.
        She has not disappointed me, nor has any of your other writers…you guys put together a fine group of people.

    • What’s up Ken?

      As our board veteran, what do you know about a guy named Arky Vaughan?

      MLBTV had the best SS’s of all-time and had him on the list. I admit I had never heard of him but checked out his career and seems he had a very good career with 1 or 2 great years, He missed 3 seasons from 44-46 which I assume was because of WWII.

      • Fishjam…
        I have heard of him many times, he was a NL SS. He was ranked very high on the offensive part of his game more so then defense, although he was not bad on “D” either. If I remember right, a lot of the players really liked him and the way he played.
        He did lose time for the War.
        I am afraid that’s it, sorry!

  2. When I answered the question about Mo being the greatest player on the Yankees, I meant in modern times. Mo would be the greatest player on the Yankees…if it wasn’t for Derek Jeter. Hope that clarifies.

    • Very much so! I was sure that is what you were trying to say.
      Again, you did a good job as always.
      I still think Mo is better then Jeter but, this is subjective and doesn’t really mean a lot…both are headed for the HOF!
      Thank you for your hard work and well written posts!

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