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Two Playoff games Open Thread

little late on this one.  The Tigers are up 3 to 2 in the 6th inning.

Detroit at Texas 4:19 PM StubHub Scherzer vs Holland
St. Louis at Milwaukee 8:05 PM TBS StubHub Jackson vs Marcum

Staff Picks for 2011 American League Awards

We all came together and picked who we thought should get each award. Some of us agreed others did not but that’s what is great about baseball everyone has an opinion.  Below are the main awards and some thoughts of each of the staff.

Rookie of the Year

Delia – Ivan Nova (Nova has pitched tremendously well going 16-4 with a 3.70 ERA).








Mike – Ivan Nova – For me, the AL Rookie of the Year award came down to Nova and Jeremy Hellickson. I think what set Nova apart from Hellickson, was his dramatic improvement from his appearances last year to now. He has really become a pitcher, not just a thrower. In the past year, he has added 2 pitches to his arsenal, an act that veterans (cough-Burnett) struggle to do. Hellickson on the other hand, has shown hardly any improvement from his appearances last year. Overall, I think Nova has done a better job adjusting to the MLB this year than Hellickson has. It’s certainly a close one!

Ricky – Ivan Nova – It was close between him and Jeremy Hellickson of the Tampa Bay Rays. But, I give the edge to Nova. He has been the number 2 starter Yankee fans were hoping for since Cliff Lee snubbed them. The guy has not lost since the beginning of June and has developed his secondary pitches to become even more of a good pitcher .

Fishjam – Very tough call here but I’m going with Ivan Nova.

 Eric Hosmer .294-19-78-11 -.803 OPS, Mark Trumbo .254-29-87-9-.768 OPS, Jordan Walden 32 saves, 2.74 ERA but 11 Blown Saves, Ivan Nova 16-4 3.70, 4.01 fip, 5.3 k/9, 3.1 w/9, Jeremy Hellickson 13-10 2.95, 4.44 FiP, 5.6 k/9, 3.4 w/9, Michael Pineda 9-10 3.74, 3.43 fip, 9.1 k/9, 2.9 w/9

Matt -I’m going to go with Jeremy Hellickson.  He had less run support than Nova and to me had more pressure to win.  Hellickson had 2.95 ERA and 2 complete games as a rookie.  He went 13-10 with a 117 K’s.  To me he deserves it more than Nova.

Manager of the Year

Delia – Joe Girardi (With the way that he handled the starting rotation, the bullpen and our offense I don’t see why not he can’t win that category.

Mike – Joe Girardi – Limited bias here, but I think Girardi has overall done the best job in keeping his team in the race, and even the top team in the AL. Injuries have by no means been a rarity. Girardi has been able to navigate past injuries to Joba Chamberlain, Rafael Soriano, Alex Rodriguez, and many day-to-day issues. He was able to use alternate options like David Robertson, Cory Wade, and Eric Chavez, etc. to piece together a slew of wins during those injuries. Girardi has also had to deal with a number of “other problems”, including the mental head-case that is A.J. Burnett, and having to sit declining veterans (Posada). And yet somehow, beyond all that, the Yankees finished with the best record in the AL.

Ricky – Joe Maddon – The Rays made an improbable comeback when no one expected it. I thought they were a 4th place team coming into the year with all their offseason losses, but Maddon always seem to push the right button at the right time as evidence by using Matt Moore in Game 1

Fishjam – Probably go with Joe Maddon. TB lost its WHOLE bullpen and cut a lot of payroll in the off-season dumping its 7 highest paid players including Carl Crawford, Matt Garza, Rafael Soriano, Grant Balfour, Carlos Pena, etc.  They stormed back from 9 games back in September to tie for the Wild Card. Girardi might be 2nd. Took a team with CC and a bunch of unknowns in the rotation to the best record in the league. Managed the best bullpen in the AL and dealt with Jeter’s horrid 1st half and all of ARods injuries.

Matt -Joe Maddon –  I picked Joe Madden because he is a manager in one of the toughest divisions in all of baseball.  No one predicted that they would be relevant in game 162 of the season and they gave both the Yankees and Boston a run for their money.  What makes it even more interesting is in the off season they basically lost all of their bullpen and some other key players as well as Manny Ramirez.  For all of the above I think Maddon is the best choice.

CY Young

Delia – Justin Verlander (He obviously deserves it having a 24-5 record)

Mike – Justin Verlander – Verlander has been a complete horse for the Tigers. Yes, so has C.C. for the Yankees, and others, Verlander has set himself apart from the rest. Unlike any other AL Cy Young Candidate, Justin Verlander’s percentage of quality starts is above 80%. That is consistency and excellence at its best. To put a little perspective into that, every 4 out of 5 starts, Justin Verlander of the Tigers has allowed 3 runs or less, in 6 innings or more.

Ricky – Justin Verlander – He has been the guy this season for Detroit. I think he has one of the best seasons for any pitcher in the last 15-20 years. 24 wins speaks for itself. The stat that sticks out to me is that Verlander was 14-2 away from home with a 2.43 ERA. You just don’t see that anymore!

Fishjam – No question here, Justin Verlander.  CC was in the running in late July but he wasn’t good the last 2 months. Verlander won the Pitching Triple Crown – Wins (24) ERA (2.40) SOs (250)

CC, James Shields, Jered Weaver & CJ Wilson probably fill out the Top 5 but I hope David Robertson gets some votes in some people’s Top 10s just to give him some credit for his awesome season. He led the A.L with a 1.08 ERA & 13.5 K/9.

Matt -Justin Verlander – 24 wins unreal.  also with a 2.40 era and 250 k’s.  What makes it even more impressive is after the first month of baseball he was 2-3.  He finished the season with 5 loses so that means after the month of April he only lost 2 times now that is simply amazing.


Delia – Jacoby Ellsbury  (this guy has carried that team all by himself)

Mike – Jacoby Ellsbury – Anytime you have a player that has a batting average above .300, and more than 20 homers, you know that player has had a really good year. In Ellsbury’s case, he has had an absolutely fantastic year. His AVG was above .320, 30+ HR, 100+ RBI, and +30 SB. It also doesn’t hurt that his defense is absolutely superb. Granderson and Gonzalez come close, but in my opinion, the MVP is Jacoby Ellsbury.

Ricky – I have Curtis Granderson because without him, the Yankees would not have won the division in the early part of the season. The .240 average does hurt, but he was a driving force especially against left handed pitching and even on the road. I like Verlander, but I can’t give a pitcher the MVP award.





Fishjam – As great as Granderson has been, Jose Bautista has had the best year. Leads the Majors in HRs (43), OBP (.449), SLG%(.612), OPS(1.061), WOBA(.442) & RC+(183). He did all that with no protection in his lineup. he was constantly pitched around as he led the AL with 131 Walks and 24 Intentional Walks.

The other candidates all have great players on their team so they may not even be MVPs of their own teams.  Granderson has Cano. Adrian Gonzalez has Jacoby Ellsbury. Miquel Cabrera has Justin Verlander.

Matt -I have Cano 188 hits, 46 doubles, 28 HRs, 118 RBI’s and he hit .302.  I think Cano had an excellent year but was over shadowed by Granderson.  The two will probably cancel each other out but i think Cano is more deserving over Granderson.

Morning Bits: Long, Decisions, Burnett, Questions

* Long realizes Yankees’ hitters came up short in the playoffs.

* Yankees have some key decisions to make in the off season.

* Burnett must build on his strong finish to the season.

* Off-season is full of questions for the yankees.