Morning Bits: Future, GM Job, Cashman, Nova

* Yankees need to figure out future.

* Angles to interview two Yankee executives for GM job.

* Yankees GM Brian Cashman is expected to get new contract.

* Ivan Nova – An Uncommon Rule 5 Story.

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  1. Will really hurt to lose Oppenheimer or Eppler. Both have been valuable assets for Cashman.

    Yanks have drafted well since Oppenheimer took over in 2005 despite always picking at the end of the draft and very often losing their 1st or 2nd round picks. His drafts have laid the foundation for the future of this team.

    Eppler only joined the team in 2009 and his team has to be given some credit for the recent additions of players that were discarded, namely Russell Martin, Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Luis Ayala, Cory Wade, Andruw Jones and others.

  2. Fish or anyone else? here me out. is there any way Montero can play third? i know he is a big guy but do you think he can try some games there and then have Arod be the full time DH. just a thought? i’m probably gonna get crushed for bringing this up.

    • Matt I played a ton of third base, and I think it is possible (not probable) that Jesus could work towards playing third base. He would need to work on his fitness a considerable amount, in addition to greatly improving his agility (side-to-side, up-and-back). I think his arm would be suitable towards 3B. As of right now, I highly doubt he’d be a good third-baseman, but with a lot of work, he could play it in the future.

      If Montero was able to become a solid defender at 3B, then the Yanks would be in a fantastic scenario. They could put him at 3B, and A-Rod at DH. Putting A-Rod at DH would lessen the likelihood of injuries, and he would be able to play at 100%. Whereas in these past few years at 3B, he’s been playing through minor injuries whenever he wasn’t on the DL with a major injury. I think you’d see improvement in his offensive numbers.

      • See what happens when i drive a good distance to work. I get random thoughts. Thanks for reassuring my idea. If the yankees just tried to work him in their in spring training and see what happens it’s worth a shot.

        • Exactly – might as well try.

        • and it’s for the reason of protecting A-Rod. maybe he could just spot start at 3B maybe like 30 games or so.

        • The problem with Montero trying a new position is he hasn’t mastered his primary position yet. And that primary position is the hardest position to learn and takes a lot of time and effort.

          So unless the Yankees are totally prepared to give up on Montero becoming a solid Catcher, it would be too much to ask him to learn a brand new position he has never played before – whether thats 3B, 1B or RF.

          He’s not the most athletic player and at 21 he will only get slower from here as he gains more weight and gets older. Montero has 1 Outstanding trait – he can Mash a baseball , and one Good trait – he has a strong arm. He also has value in that he can do a passable job at the hardest position in baseball as a part-time Catcher.

          I think its too early to start changing positions with him. Let him play his Rookie Year as a DH and backup Catcher, 2 areas where he is comfortable. Its hard enough to adjust to the Majors as a 21-yr old. Maximize his abilities by starting him 100 times at DH and 30-40 as a Catcher. After a full season in the Majors, then maybe think about introducing another position but right now I think it would be too much to ask from him.

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