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Open Thread | World Series: Game 1

Tonight is Game 1. Who do you think is going to win tonight? Who do you think is going to win the series and in how many games?

Enjoy the game.

Texas at St. Louis 8:05 PM FOX Wilson vs Carpenter

Yankees decline to pick up Damaso Marte’s 2012 option

Yankees decline to pick up Damaso Marte’s 2012 option

by Delia E.

The New York Yankees have declined to exercise the 2012 option on Damaso Marte’s contract thus making him a free agent. The Yankees weren’t willing to pay Marte $4 Million since he had been out with shoulder problems for the last 3 seasons. Instead the Yankees have given him a $250K buyout.

The Yankees signed him to a 3 year contract in 2008, with him just having 31 innings during the lifespan of the contract with a 6.39 ERA. Although he had a good ALCS and World Series in 2009, the Yankees would rather have a reliever who is healthy and not out a lot with injuries.

Could Brett Gardner fit with the Nationals?

During a Q & A mailbag for Bill Ladson of MLB.com, one of the questions had he received was if there was a possibility of New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner becoming a trade target of the Washington Nationals as they are now looking for a center fielder. Ladson agreed that Gardner would be a perfect target for the Nationals but the Yankees would have to agree.

After seeing the talents that Brett Gardner possesses, the Yankees would not use

Brett Gardner swiped a career high 49 SB in 2011 and has 135 SB overall

him in just any trade. It would have to be for a player that they desperately want and which he could be combined with other players. Not only is Gardner special to the Yankees lineup, Yankees fans grown to like Gardner, like me. Since 2008, Gardner is batting a .264 AVG in 1,582 plate appearances. Although Gardner is not the typical “Bronx Bomber”, he brings to the table what Yankees fans have not seen in decades; speed. Gardner has swiped a career total 135 SB and is quickly climbing up the Yankees All-Time list.

Now if there ever was a trade between the Yankees and the Nationals with Gardner involved the only two players on the Nationals that could be involved in the trade would be John Lannan and Ross Detwiler.

As we all know, the Yankees are not stupid; at all. They know that Gardner has the speed that thrills, and they know that Gardner is an ultimate elite outfielder who not only deserves another Fielding Bible Award, but also the Gold Glove. Gardner ranked #1 among all outfielders last year and has proved that he is one of, if not the best defensive outfielders in baseball. Gardner also is under team control until 2015 so he might be here during those next three seasons. So if any team is looking to bank Brett Gardner, they better have a VERY good player on their hands or else they aren’t getting him; case closed.

Seedling to Stars on Andrew Brackman

Seedling to Stars comes to us with many great articles on the Yankees.  Here is the latest one on Andrew Brackman. Here is a snippet of the article click the link below to read the rest of the piece…..

Many popular opinions of pitching prospects are formed from general scouting reports. While these reports are invaluable resources, they can’t always be trusted. Hundreds of minor league hurlers are credited with “mid-90′s velocity,” but very few MLB starters actually have that grade of heat, for example. It’s incredibly frustrating to hear about a pitcher with “a mid-90′s heater and plus curve,” only to have him come up to the big leagues and show a fastball that averages 90.5 mph and a slider.

When a pitcher come up to the majors, we can finally get a foolproof reading on what exactly his arsenal is comprised of, thanks to the great Pitch F/X system. In this series, I analyze just that–the “stuff” of recently-promoted MLB pitchers. Now that they’ve achieved their big league dreams and thus factor directly into the MLB picture, it’s high time that we know exactly what these guys are providing.

This time, I’m taking a look at Yankees reliever Andrew Brackman.

Formerly a top prospect, Andrew Brackman imploded in Triple-A in 2011, walking as many batters as he struck out and posting a well-deserved 6.00 ERA. The 6’11″ righthander turns 26 in December, so he’s not particularly young, and his struggles in pro ball (with the exception of a strong 2010) made many doubt whether he’d ever have a significant major league career.

Click Here to read the rest of the article.

Soriano News..

Soriano News

By Matt S.

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, Rafael Soriano will not opt out of his contract with the Yankees.

Duh. While there’s nothing official yet, there’s no way Soriano will walk away from the two years and $25 million left on his contract, especially with the abundance of closer-types available this winter. He’ll be back in a set-up role with the Bombers next season.

Morning Bits: Yankee Stadium, Sabathia, more Sabathia

* Yankee Stadium could host the Big East title game for Football in the near future.

* The Yankees and the C.C. Sabathia equation.

* How disgusting does this sound:  C.C. is about to tear up a contract that still owes him $92 million.