Morning Bits: Darvish, Ortiz, Swisher, Beltran

— Despite the love Yankee scouts hold for Yu Darvish, Joel Sherman says the front office is unlikely to pay an expensive posting fee for him.

— Wallace Matthews writes about the Yankees’ scouting of Darvish.

— Ok, now David Ortiz says he wants to stay with the Red Sox, not to sign with the Yankees, like he implied a short while ago.

— The Yankees will most likely be picking up Nick Swisher’s option. However, after that, there have been rumors that they may trade Swish for a pitcher. One option to replace him, if that were to happen, may be Carlos Beltran.

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Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. I think the Yankees are going to get Darvish. I believe they are thinking if he can win 96+ games over then next 6 years that he’ll be worth the cost and risk especially if the luxury tax threshold goes up.

  2. Well I am not so confident, yet I hope the Yankees get Darvish. Seems to me to be the best out their that the Yanks can do. Never a high draft pick so get off the bucks and get this guy.

  3. Should the Yankees sign Reyes and move Jeter to RF? This would allow the Yankees to package Nunez, Swishter and Noesi in a trade for a pitcher.

    • An interesting idea. I’ll leave it at- hmmm.

    • I don’t hate this idea, however if that should happen how about packaging or seperate deal including Gardy. Will need to replace the slugging lost with Swish gone

      • Why bring Gardner into this when Reyes had higher a slugging percentage then Swisher last year. The Yankees need a bat that hits for average more then additional slugging. Don’t forget that Montero will very likely provide the slugging lost.

        • My opinion slightly differs from both of you about what exactly the Yankees need:

          Why didn’t the Yankees beat the Tigers?

          Was it because their slugging percentage wasn’t very good? Was it because they weren’t getting many hits?

          No. They hardly had any clutch hitting. Compare the 2009 team to the 2011 team. You had Matsui and Damon who were distinctively clutch. Who are those “clutch” players now?

          I think the focus put into offense should be dedicated to bringing in players who are known to have been clutch.

  4. Dan, I don’t know why you are so hot on Reyes. He spends more time on the DL than Carl Pavano, and has shown his colors lately. I would be extremely disappointed to see Reyes in the yankee line up. He just doesn’t fit, Reyes is a DL case that’ll never get better.

    • What I find very intriguing with Reyes is that pitching has improved so much in the last couple of years putting a premium on batting average.

      Reyes does present a substantial injury risk but how does that translate into games lost? If Reyes could average 135 games a year would that be enough? For me I think so. I think Reyes is going to hit above 300 over the next 6 years with an Obp of better then 350. Now the question is where to play him?

      Would Reyes be willing to play the outfield for the next 2 years and back up Jeter at SS? After 2013 Reyes will have established himself as a Yankee which should allow for an easy transition when replacing Jeter.

  5. As far as Dirvish, this would be another acquisition I frown upon. After seeing all the other japaneese players come over and flop…big time. Outside of Ichiro, and maybe a few others, I would say he’s not worth the cost. Stick to the tried and true.

    • Jeremy-

      He may not be worth the cost, but what gives the Yankees the advantage over all other teams, is their $$$. If they don’t take advantage of that advantage, then it’s simply a waste. Unlike other teams, they can afford to take a risk like Igawa, or Darvish. As Joe P. of RAB talked about, the Yankees should take risks where they can afford to take risks. And that is in signings, in $$$.

      • that’s a good point Mike. I agree with that. It just costs money to sign him and the yankees have plenty of that.

        • The only issue I have with Davish is something the Yankees already know and that is what is his GB/FB in Japan compared to Dice K and Kuroda. So for me if Darvish is more like Kuroda I’m all in. I can not see the Yankees going after a right handed fly ball pitcher for big money ever going forward.

          • Exactly right. The Yankees really would not have interest if he were an extreme fly-ball pitcher. We’ve heard from numerous sources that the Yankees’ scouts rave about him, so I doubt that’s the case.

            • I have looked to see if I could find his GB/FB ratio and so far had no luck. That is the only question I have along with can he stay healthy over the next 6 years. If the Yankees believe in his health and he’s not a fly ball pitcher then there is no reason to believe with the Yankees offense that he can’t average at least 19 or more team wins a year.

  6. Well if dodgers want to get rid of ethier i would trade for him. Ethier is a great guy but i think he will fit well with the yankees. Need to trade swisher for him. Ethier has been good in the situations that swisher has not been driving runners home when it bases loaded.

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