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World Series Game 4 (Open Thread)

Can he hit another homerun tonight?

Hello all.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend like i did.  Great time with great family and friends.  Tonight is Game 4 of the world series.  After all of those runs scored last night thanks to Albert Pujols, I would guess tonight could be a pitching duel.   Me personally– bring on the more runs.  Sit back and enjoy.

St. Louis at Texas 8:05 PM FOX Edwin Jackson vs Derek Holland

Yankees Mailbag: Offseason Edition – 10/23/11

Hello Yankees fans, and welcome to another edition of Yankees Mailbag, where you send in your questions via Twitter and I answered them. A lot has happened since the last Yankees Mailbag, so let’s recap a bit shall we? The Yankees were eliminated by the Tigers; Tigers were eliminated by the Rangers. Nice food chain, now is it?

Now, you sent in your questions about the offseason to my Twitter account and they were all fantastic. Now let’s answer some questions!

Our first question comes from @MurfnTurf. He asked:

Q: Do CC Sabathia & Rafael Soriano opt out of their contracts and are the Yankees to re-sign Jorge Posada, Nick Swisher, neither or both?

A: Well, with CC we are speculating that he is going to opt out of his contract. Unfortunately, Soriano said he is not going to opt out so were stuck with him for the next two years. Now with Swisher & Posada, Posada won’t be back with the Yankees next year as much as we want him to come back. Nick Swisher on the other hand most likely will come back. The Yankees are talking about picking up his option.

Our next question(s) come from @PrimoBledBlue. He asked a series of questions over the last couple of weeks that I thought were just simply amazing. So here are the questions!

Q: Which pitcher would you recommend to be signed onto the Yankees rotation?

A: Well, I would definitely re-sign Freddy Garcia for one thing. On the Yankees rotation last year he seemed the most consistent, even a bit more consistent than CC. But one free agent that I have been looking at that I think would be a great fit with the Yankees would be Mark Buehrle. He’s won more than 10 games in the last 13 years and I think he would do well in a playoff environment. Also if CC stays with the Yankees, having 2 Aces in your rotation would be a huge turning point for the Yankees.

Q: The only thing saving a struggling Alex Rodriguez is his contract. Do the Yankees sign another third baseman just in case?

A: Well, the Yankees should look into the free agent market for a third baseman. Eric Chavez is contemplating retirement and without Chavez the only reliable 3rd baseman that you have on the bench is Eduardo Nunez (but then again, Nunez will commit errors like there is no tomorrow.) The Yankees might want to spend this offseason going fishing in the free agent market. They never know. They might just get the big fish.

Q: How would you change the Yankees batting order? Would you consider moving Robinson Cano to the cleanup spot, or drop Mark Teixeira lower?

A: I would consider moving the Yankees batting order the same way that Joe Girardi had it towards the end of the year; Robinson Cano 3rd and Mark Teixeira 5th. It had seemed to work for Robbie’s sake at least during the postseason as he was one of the only 3 Yankees really hitting (Cano, Gardner and Posada). I would keep an eye on Alex Rodriguez though as he was slumping towards the middle & end of the year. And if there is the chance that A-Rod isn’t performing I would have no problem moving Cano 4th and moving A-Rod & Tex down the order a bit. As a matter of fact, if A-Rod and Tex are BOTH slumping in 2012, then I would have the lineup in the beginning look like this: Gardner, Jeter, Granderson, Cano, Teixeira, Rodriguez. Not sure if it will work though, but it’s just my hunch as what would happen if Cano ever needed to bat cleanup.

Our next question came from @ehom87. He asked:

Q: Will the Yankees try Montero at different positions or are they committed in using him as a catcher?

A: Well, I would see no problem in trying to find a different position for Montero. Even though he is a catcher, it wouldn’t kill him to learn another position. Players like Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera didn’t come up as closers and catchers. Posada was a shortstop and Rivera was a starting pitcher when they were drafted, but they found they were most comfortable as catchers and closers. In 2011, Posada was at first base a couple of times when Teixeira was out of the lineup because he knew how to play the infield. So the point there being, it wouldn’t be bad to see Montero in another position, but the Yankees don’t want to do that to him just yet. They want to see if his catcher skills have improved over the offseason.

The next question comes from @gardnerbrett11. He asked:

Q: What free agents should the Yankees look at during the offseason? (Ex. Wilson, Buerhle)

A: I would like the Yankees to go after Mark Buerhle only because of how he has performed in his long career. He has had 10 or more wins every season and he is very effective with his stuff. I like C.J Wilson, but after watching him in the postseason the chances that he could become a Yankee diminishes less and less. The Yankees are all about going to the postseason and winning the whole thing, and they can’t do that if they have a pitcher that doesn’t perform in the postseason as well as he does in the offseason. As of right now, C.J is still winless in the postseason and has yet to find his groove. I say that the Yankees don’t go after C.J because remember, they want to win the World Series.

The next question comes from @tousenthesnake. He asked:

Q: Is Jorge going to stay or go and who is a gimmie pick up during the offseason?

A: I’m going to put it the nicest way I know how. The chance Jorge is coming back next year in 2012 is the chance that I have at becoming the next Yankees general manager. Slim to none. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Jorge back, but I don’t think that Cashman is going to re-sign him. Now as for offseason pickups, I would say that the Yankees should re-sign Russell Martin (he has grown to be a Yankee favorite) and obviously Robinson Cano. Nick Swisher I know the Yankees are going to pick up his option, but I wouldn’t want them to. He doesn’t perform in the postseason at all. Even though he is good in the regular season, the postseason is all that matters once it hits October. Now, the Yankees also need to keep CC Sabathia if he opts out of his contract to get more years, but I was reading articles that Derek Jeter might be the reason that CC doesn’t come back. It’s not Derek Jeter personally, it’s the fact of how they publicly handled Jeter’s contract last year. I don’t think CC wants to deal with that but the Yankees will keep making a push for CC to stay.

And our final question comes from @David747Heavy. His question is:

Q: Will Joba be in the pen next year?

A: Yes, he will be in the pen next year if everything goes according to plan with the progress of his Tommy John Surgery. There’s no point in making Joba a starter since he shines better in the bullpen. (Note to Joe Girardi: Put Phil Hughes back in the bullpen. He works better there.) So to make a long story short, the Yankees should and will keep him there, and if they don’t then I wonder what Brian Cashman was thinking.

Those were all the questions that I got for the Yankees Mailbag. Throughout the offseason you can always send your questions to my Twitter at @dfiregirl4 and I will always be glad to answer them. Thanks for sending in your questions!

Morning Bits: Sabathia, Jeter, Ortiz, Wilson

Good morning everyone, and here are your morning links.

Enjoy your day everyone! Game 4 of the World Series is tonight at 8pm!