Swisher and Sabathia News

Swisher and Sabathia News

by Matt S.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Yankees are waiting for Nick Swisher to submit his no-trade list before picking up his $10.25 million option for 2012.

Swisher has a limited no-trade clause which allows him to block deals to six clubs. Most expect the Yankees will exercise the option, but they naturally want to get a look at the list first so that they can explore all potential avenues to improve the roster.

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, the Yankees and the agent for CC Sabathia will hold contract negotiations this weekend.

Most have assumed that Sabathia will opt out of the remaining four years and $92 million left on his contract and hit free agency next week, but Marchand hears that both sides are “highly motivated” to get a deal done. While it’s not clear what it will take to keep him in the fold, Marchand estimates that Sabathia will want a six-year deal in the $150 million range. Such a deal would surpass Cliff Lee for the highest average annual value ($24 million) for a pitcher.

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