Yankees not interested in Pujols; Find C.J Wilson an “attractive candidate”

Yankees not interested in Pujols; Find C.J Wilson an “attractive candidate”

By Delia E.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning & Cashman had confirmed what was the obvious: The Yankees were not interested in pursuing Albert Pujols.

“Despite him being fantastic, it’s not an efficient way to allocate our resources.” Cashman explained. “Offense is not an issue here. Our priority this offseason is pitching.”

It’s not that Brian Cashman doesn’t want Pujols. Let’s face it; Pujols is one of the best power hitters in the league, but Cashman feels that by giving Pujols the full-time DH spot that he is locking up a player who may perform well now, but can decline well into their 30’s. Cashman had planned to use the DH spot for Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira since he had offered them both long contracts.

On C.J Wilson, Cashman finds him the most attractive candidate out there since he is the one that everyone seems to be after at this point.

“I’d say it’s fair to say C.J Wilson is probably the best pitcher in the marketplace right now since CC Sabathia’s been taken out and retained here” Cashman said. “I don’t think it’s a stretch to let anybody know that he’s an attractive candidate.”

So is Brian Cashman going to show all of his cards and attempt to lure C.J Wilson with lots of money? No. C.J Wilson wants one thing; a big contract and the Yankees can easily offer him one, but it is up to Cashman to decide whether C.J Wilson’s asking price matches with the talents that he has, and also if he can keep up in the New York environment.

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