Hot Stove Targeting: Mark Buehrle

Mark Buehrle has been a Chicago White Sox since 2000 and throughout his career he is 161-119. That’s not bad for a starting pitcher. Buehrle will be on the radar for many teams this offseason since he is a free agent, and ever since Brian Cashman said that he was looking for pitching, Buehrle most likely be on the Yankees list as pitcher that they want. Although Buehrle has been with the Chicago White Sox his whole career, Yankee fans wonder if he will be perfect for the New York spotlight, and handle a position in the starting rotation.

Except in 2000, Mark Buehrle has had at least 10 season wins under his belt

Positives:  Mark Buehrle started playing for the White Sox when he was 21 years old and showed promise when he went 4-1 with a 4.21 ERA. Buehrle since then had notched at least 10 wins every season from 2001-2011. Not only is Buehrle a winning pitcher, but he has been to the All-Star games 4 times in his career (2002, 2005, 2006, and 2009), won the CY Young award (2005) and is a Gold Glove pitcher (2009, 2010, and 2011). Buehrle is not just a pitcher that can only pitch in the regular season; he can also deliver in the postseason. Buehrle  in the postseason is 2-1 with a 4.11 ERA, which isn’t bad compared to what other players have done on the big stage. Here are Mark Buehrle’s postseason numbers in a chart:


Year Age Tm Series Rslt Opp W L ERA G GS SV IP H R ER HR SO
2000 21 CHW ALDS L SEA 0 0 0.00 1 0 0 0.1 2 0 0 0 1
2005 26 CHW ALDS W BOS 1 0 5.14 1 1 0 7.0 8 4 4 0 2
2005 26 CHW ALCS W LAA 1 0 1.00 1 1 0 9.0 5 1 1 1 4
2005 26 CHW WS W HOU 0 0 4.91 2 1 1 7.1 7 4 4 1 6
2008 29 CHW ALDS L TBR 0 1 6.43 1 1 0 7.0 10 5 5 1 3
3 Seasons (5 Series) 2 1 4.11 6 4 1 30.2 32 14 14 3 16
3 ALDS 1 1 5.65 3 2 0 14.1 20 9 9 1 6
1 ALCS 1 0 1.00 1 1 0 9.0 5 1 1 1 4
1 WS 0 0 4.91 2 1 1 7.1 7 4 4 1 6
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Generated 11/7/2011.

Negatives:With Mark Buehrle there aren’t many negatives except for a few

With good numbers in both the regular season and the playoffs, Mark Buehrle would be the perfect candidate for the Yankees pitching staff

obvious things. Buehrle sometimes will have A.J Burnett like numbers. What I mean by that is that even though Burnett could get 10 wins in a season, he tends to get more losses in some seasons, and his ERA will be pretty high. Buehrle  doesn’t have a lot of seasons where he will get more losses than wins (it’s only happened once, in 2006), but Buehrle has a tendency of having a high ERA in a season, meaning that he gives up a lot of runs. Another thing, this wouldn’t really be considered a negative but Buehrle throws soft like Freddy Garcia. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with pitchers that throw soft they need to have good control or they will get hit very hard.

Is Mark Buerhle A Fit For The Yankees: If I were Brian Cashman, I would sign Mark Buehrle right away. He the type of pitcher that the Yankees could use in the rotation that already has great pitchers such as C.C Sabathia and Ivan Nova (the future of A.J Burnett is a bit uncertain). Buehrle has proven that he can pitch during the regular season and in the postseason and the Yankees could always use a veteran pitcher on their staff. Of course the media is not the same in Chicago but I am sure that Buehrle can handle the pressures of the New York media. With that, there’s one thing I would ask: Where does Mark Buehrle  sign?

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. buehre is not 1 of my faves, if no trade is right, Danks \, Gio then maybe still hot after Yu then someone. Gio, Danks, Cain then anybody

  2. I really think that Buerhle is the best option for the Yankees. He is a veteran, he has success in the AL, he is a lefty and I think he would do well in Yankee Stadium. I also think he is the best option because he probably one of the cheapest alternatives out there. I think with a 2 yr contract it would be a good pickup.
    The 2012 rotation would look like this: CC, Nova, Mark, Phil(or Garcia/Noesi depending on what happens with Phil) and then AJ assuming Cashman doesnt find a trade.

    Then my plan was to sign Cole Hammels in 2013 so we could have CC, Cole, Mark, Nova, and AJ. Phil goes to pen, same with Noesi.

    Then finally in 2014 we could have CC, Cole, Nova, Betances and Bannuelos. I think those are good rotations and ultimately the end result is a pretty darn good rotation, assuming of course the Killer bs are not traded and that they pitch well in the MLB.

    • I agree with you that Buehrle is our best option because he’s cheap. I would love to see Cole Hamels here with the Yankees as well in 2013 as well. The Yankees would need to make a big push for him though in order for that to happen.

      • YFU….just sifting through today’s rumors. Of all of them, this one is a possible….
        Zack Greinke’s name has resurfaced. He is now in the last year of his Brewer’s contract.
        He is more matured, men take a little bit longer than the ladies, and he may have put his problems behind him. A name…for Brian to watch…..and, don’t discard…. Beltran ! I think he would flourish, and have a renaissance in that Yankee line-up. Sometimes change is good!

      • I understand that we would prob need a big contract for him, but honeslty I think he is worth, I believe he would be the #2 guy that we need

  3. I wouldn’t mind him. He is an innings eater and that would be good for the pen.

  4. I like Buehrle. He has a little bit of Jimmy Key in him. If I could get him for the right yrs and money he’d be tempting.

    However, CJ Wilson still seems to be the premiere pitcher on the market. Granted he wasn’t great in the post-season but how did CC do in the post-season before the Yanks signed him? He was terrible.

    Over the last 2 seasons, CJ Wilson is 9th among MLB pitchers in WAR @ 10.5. All og his numbers are very impressive:

    31-15 3.14 ERA / 3.39 FIP / 3.72 xFIP / 7.9 K% / 3.5 BB% / 49.2 GB% / 6.7 HR/FB %

    Those numbers are all excellent except for the Walk rate but he dropped it to 2.9 bb/9 this yr. I think Wilson is still the top pitcher available BUT it doesn’t mean to sign him at all costs. Cashman needs to play his cards right and if the deal makes sense, make it. Don’t chase CJ at all costs.

    • I like Buehrle as an option, as well. Although I look at him much more as a 2/3 starter than a 1/2 starter, I do think his consistency would be an excellent thing to have.

      Does anybody else agree that he strikes me as a Colby Lewis-type pitcher. Soft fastball, but uses his secondary pitches very effectively for strikes. According to the +/- scale, his best two pitches are actually his cutter and change-up. His “worst” pitch is his 85.6 mph(on average) fastball.

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