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Brett Gardner to visit elementary school

Brett Gardner to visit elementary school

By Delia E.

While some players are going to work in Miami to get into better shape for Spring Training, Brett Gardner is taking time out of his offseason to do some charity work. Gardner will visit PS 130 in the South Bronx on November 15 to unveil a library with improved access to computers and books.

Gardner is taking part of the Advil Congestion Relief project which will visit communities to provide relief to problems such as undersupplied schools to congested traffic lanes.

If you want to participate in the Advil Congestion Relief project, visit CongestionReliefProject.com to share the congestion relief in your community and you can win a prize worth up to $30,000 for your community.


Informing You of Our Site’s Features

Informing You of Our Site’s Features

by Mike D.

Good afternoon. Everybody (especially those newer to the site) is encouraged to read through this, as it should help with getting around on our site.


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5. Depth Chart: This is another page devoted to the roster, but in chart form.

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8. Our Staff: This lists all our authors and their bios.

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10. Commenting Guidelines: Here you will find guidelines/rules/procedures for commenting on Yankees Fans Unite. Anyone who comments on our blog is expected to have at least skimmed these guidelines.

11. Non-Baseball Related Thread: On this page, you can have any kind of non-baseball related chit-chat. Please save the blog articles and threads for talking about baseball. We would appreciate it if any other commenting would be put on the Non-Baseball Related Thread.


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Morning Bits: Ramos, Montero, A-Rod, Posada

Good morning all. Here are your links:

— Nationals’ catcher, Wilson Ramos has been rescued and returned safely.

— Jesus Montero, who lives about 10 minutes away from Ramos, talks about the impact the traumatic event had on him.

— Alex Rodriguez is determined to rebound next year for the Yankees. He called last year “close to embarassing” and “the worst year of my (his) career”.

— Former Yankees’ catcher, Jorge Posada will set his focus on his charitable foundation this winter.