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Brett Gardner not upset he lost Gold Glove to Alex Gordon

Brett Gardner not upset he lost Gold Glove to Alex Gordon

By Delia E.

While Yankees Universe believes that Brett Gardner should have won the Gold Glove, Gardner disagrees and says that he “could have done more”.

“It is what it is.” Gardner said in an interview with ESPN. “It was obviously something I would have been excited about. I’ll be honest with you, there are things I could have done a little bit better on that side of the ball. I made a few mistakes that were careless that I shouldn’t have made.”

Gardner also said that his four errors were the most he has “ever” had in a season.

Gardner is slated to start workouts soon but right now he is relaxing and taking time off before he gets back to work.

Matt Kemp signs 8-yr extension with Dodgers

Matt Kemp signs 8-yr extension with Dodgers

By fishjam25

One of the biggest names on next year’s potential Free Agent list is gone. Center fielder Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers signed a contract extension for 8 years – $160 Million.  This deal ties Mark Teixeira for the 5th largest contract in baseball history and the most lucrative in the National League.

Many Yankees fans coveted Kemp as a possible target in the 2013 Free Agent market.  The deal comes as a bit of a surprise considering owner Frank McCourt will not be around to pay any of this contract.  One possible trickle down from this is perhaps fellow Dodger OF Andre Ethier will become available.  Ethier is also due to be a FA in 2013 and actually outperformed Kemp in the past with 2011 being the exception.

Evaluating the AL Cy Young Candidates

Tomorrow, the AL Cy Young Award will be announced. Justin Verlander is the clear favorite in everyone’s eyes, but let’s see how the overall perception of his candidacy matches up with a purely statistical evaluation of the candidates.

First, I created 8 different categories with 2-3 stats per category:

Each category was worth a certain percent out of the total 100. Command, stuff, and durability were valued the highest, which was 15% each. The outcome of all these categories was added up for each pitcher, giving each a score. Scores were given based on the percent above average, for each pitcher’s stat. The 5 main candidates are C.C. Sabathia, Justin Verlander, Jered Weaver, Josh Beckett, and James Shields. Here are their point values (percent above/below average) for each stat:









As you can see above, those are the point values by stat. Below, are the averaged scores for each category:

Since this is a Yankee blog, we’ll trace Sabathia closely throughout the evaluation.

As far as command goes, Justin Verlander had the best. His K/BB and BB/9 numbers were simply outstanding, outshining the second-best, Jered Weaver by 1.6 points, which is a lot. Sabathia was right behind Weaver, but still slightly above the average of the five starting pitchers.

According to the statistics, C.C. Sabathia in fact had the best stuff this season. So any time analysts talk about Justin Verlander’s tremendous stuff, we know that statistically speaking, C.C. Sabathia had the better stuff. Although his K/9 wasn’t the greatest, he manufactured plenty of ground balls, which is also a sign of “stuff”. In addition, he surprisingly got more swing-and-misses than Verlander. James Shields was close behind Sabathia’s 5% above average, for Swing-Miss%, at 4%.

Although “winning” has become significantly less important in statistics, it still has significance. To please the sabemetricists, I added WPA, win-probability-added to the stat pool for “winning”. Leading this category, of course, was Verlander with 1.9 points. The competition wasn’t even close; Jered Weaver scored 1.5 points lower at 0.4. Despite Sabathia’s 19 wins, his number of losses, along with his lower WPA, resulted in a below-average “winning” score.

Now we’ll move to an un-organized category I called Run Allowance. This was basically to find a spot for ERA and FIP, two very important stats. Verlander and Weaver were the front-runners here with 1.0 and 0.6, respectively. CC was right-on average with a score of 0.0. His stats were quite skewed, as his FIP was the same above average, as his ERA was below average. Maybe xFIP should have been added to the mix, but I’m sure the end result would be similar.

Another example of this “skewed-ness” is CC’s batted-ball category. His BABIP was quite a bit sub-par, while his HR/9 was the best of the five pitchers. This gave him a mere 0.1 points, possibly because of some bad BABIP luck. I find it ironic that the #2 of this category, Justin Verlander, had a worse HR/9 than Sabathia, when the first was pitching in Comerica Park, and the latter at tiny Yankee Stadium. Angels’ pitcher, Jered Weaver led the category with his solid performances in both BABIP and HR/9.

The next category I used was “Pitching Quality”. This enveloped the stats- Quality Starts Percentage, WHIP, and Average Game Score (devised by Bill James). Sabathia did not fare too well here at all, with -1.4 points. He was by 0.8 points, the worst in this category, especially in QS% and WHIP. Like usual, Verlander led this category, with 1.2 points followed by Jered Weaver and James Shields. Beckett remained in between Shields and Sabathia with -0.6 points.

In “Value”, which encompasses WAR (wins-above-replacement) and RAR (runs-above-replacement), CC really came back into the race. He tied Justin Verlander for first  in the category, with 2.4 points. The two out-valued the others by at least 2 points, which was substantial.

The last category, Durability, essential for an ace, was much closer. For the first time, Rays’ #1 James Shields led, with 1 point. Close behind were Verlander with 0.8, and Sabathia with 0.2 points. Beckett was the least durable, and really, the least horse-like, at 3 points behind the leader of the category.


These are completely according to the statistical evaluation:

1st Place ~ Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers | 10 points

2nd Place ~ C.C. Sabathia, New York Yankees | 2 points

3rd Place ~ Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim | 0.6 points

4th Place ~ James Shields, Tampa Bay Rays | -2.5 points

5th Place ~ Josh Beckett, Boston Red Sox | -10.6 points

Yankees want to bring back Jones, Chavez

Yankees want to bring back Jones, Chavez

By Delia E.

The New York Yankees announced that they would like to bring back both Andruw Jones and Eric Chavez for the 2012 season. The Yankees however are waiting on Eric Chavez to find out whether or not he will retire. Jones was used as a bench player in the 2011 season when Yankees OF Brett Gardner would get the day off. In the 2011 season he batted with a .247 AVG, 13 HR & 33 RBI.

Chavez took over 3rd base when Alex Rodriguez was out after getting surgery. In the 2011 season he batted a .263 AVG, 2 HR & 26 RBI

Jeremy Hellickson beats out Ivan Nova for ROY award

Jeremy Hellickson beats out Ivan Nova for ROY award

By Delia E. 

The AL and NL Rookie Of the Year awards were just announced and once again, a Yankee went home empty handed. Jeremy Hellickson of the Tampa Bay Rays & Craig Kimbel of the Atlanta Braves were the winners of the big awards, despite Ivan Nova having a 16-4 season.

Ivan Nova was listed on 16 of the 28 ROY ballots and was first place on one of them, second place for the other five and 10 third place votes. Here was the voting chart for the American League courtesy of bbwaa.com

Player, Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Jeremy Hellickson, Tampa Bay Rays 17 5 2 102
Mark Trumbo, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 5 11 5 63
Eric Hosmer, Kansas City Royals 4 4 6 38
Ivan Nova, New York Yankees 1 5 10 30
Michael Pineda, Seattle Mariners 3 2 11
Dustin Ackley, Seattle Mariners 1 1 6
Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay Rays 1 1
Jordan Walden, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 1 1


And here is the voting chart for the National League, once again courtesy of  bbwaa.com

Player, Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta Braves 32 160
Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves 21 7 70
Vance Worley, Philadelphia Phillies 8 16 40
Wilson Ramos, Washington Nationals 1 3 6
Josh Collmenter, Arizona Diamondbacks 1 2 5
Danny Espinoza, Washington Nationals 1 3
Darwin Barney, Chicago Cubs 2 2
Kenley Jansen, Los Angeles Dodgers 2 2


Congratulations to both Jeremy Hellickson & Craig Kimbel for the ROY awards.


A-Rod & Phil Hughes News

A- Rod & Phil Hughes News

by Matt S.

Determined to bounce back from an injury-plagued, lackluster season, Alex Rodriguez began his offseason workout routine three weeks earlier than normal.

“The Yankees made two big moves this offseason,” Rodriguez said. “Keeping CC, and I expect to be who I have been in the past.” A-Rod’s initial workout plan involves strengthening and stabilizing a right knee that was surgically-repaired for a torn meniscus in mid-July and never felt totally right afterward. He plans to lose at least five pounds in order to get lighter, more flexible, and more agile. “There is no secret that I am getting older,” Rodriguez said. “But when I come in fit, ready and motivated, then age is just a number. … There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will be myself, like always.”

Phil Hughes will go to Athletes Performance in California this offseason in an effort to arrive at spring training in better shape.

Hughes attended the program in the offseason prior to his 18-win 2010 campaign but chose not to do so last offseason. He then showed up to spring training a tad overweight, which led to him being part of the Yankees’ “fat camp,” which is for players who need to up their conditioning to get themselves ready for the season. “I think in 2012, you are going to see that again,” GM Brian Cashman said. “He is determined. He is going to Athletes Performance out there in California, which is something he did two years ago to be in optimal shape.”

Morning Bits: Ramos, Hughes, Cards

Here are your morning links:

The kidnapping of Wilson Ramos in Venezuela will not keep Jesus Montero from his homeland.

— The Yankees are demanding Phil Hughes to slim it down for Spring Training.

— The Cardinals have hired ex-catcher Mike Matheny to follow after Tony LaRussa’s championship season.

Have a great day.