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Some Late Night Hot Stove

The Yankees have expressed interest in Kyle Drabek, according to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun.

Drabek was a complete disaster in 2011, posting a 6.06 ERA in the majors and a 7.44 ERA at the Triple-A level. It wasn’t too long ago that the 23-year-old right-hander was considered one of the best pitching prospects in the game, so Elliott hears that Yankees’ people are asking questions to both the Blue Jays and Phillies (his original organization) about what may have changed.

Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston confirms that Bobby Valentine will be named the Red Sox next manager.

The Red Sox are expected to make it official on Wednesday. Valentine was offered while he was away on personal business in Japan and immediately accepted. The 61-year-old has a 1117-1072 record (.510) over 15 years of managerial experience in the big leagues between the Rangers and Mets, but has been out of MLB since 2002. While he’ll inherit a very talented team from Terry Francona, his job will be to help the club rebound from one of the worst collapses in baseball history.

According to Jon Heyman of SI.com, free agent left-hander C.J. Wilson asked the Angels for a $100 million contract.

It’s not clear if the Angels balked at Wilson’s asking price, but most expect the bidding will fall somewhere in the $100 million range. The 30-year-old southpaw visited the Marlins’ new ballpark on Monday and could sign somewhere during the Winter Meetings next week in Dallas.


Around The League

Around The League

By Delia E.
  •  The Houston Astros were given permission to interview Tampa Bay Rays general manager Andrew Friedman as the Astros front office goes into a new transition. Ed Wade who was the Astros GM was fired on Sunday Night in the first of changes. Friedman has been known to take the Tampa Bay Rays to the playoffs three out of four years even though they have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball.
  • The Kansas City Royals have signed former Los Angeles Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton on a 1 year, $4 million deal. Broxton will set up for Royals closer Joakim Soria in the 2012 season. Broxton was recruited to the team by Royals LF, Jeff Francoeur who went on a hunting trip with him and Kansas City manager Ned Yost.
  • C.J Wilson was in Florida talking to the officials of the Florida Marlins. Wilson had already met with the Los Angeles Angels while the Rangers have stated that they were still interested in C.J Wilson.
  • The Chicago Cubs have signed Astros bullpen coach Jamie Quirk as their new bench coach for the 2012 season. Quirk is a former MLB player, playing 18 years in the major leagues mostly as a catcher with a career .240  AVG.
  • The Chicago Cubs have also reached out and spoke to the representatives of Albert Pujols. Pujols has already gotten an offer from the Miami Marlins and the Cardinals have experienced interest to bring him back. There is also speculation that the Cubs are interested in former Milwaukee Brewer 1st baseman, Prince Fielder.
  • The San Francisco Giants have extended the contracts of GM Brian Sabean and manager Bruce Bochy. Both contracts have been extended to the 2013 season with an option for the 2014 season. This move was expected this winter.
  • Greg Maddux has said that he will not return as the Cubs special assistant to the Chicago Cubs due to taking an offer with the Rangers in a similar capacity. Maddux would help the Rangers young pitchers in development as a part of his job description.
  • The Red Sox have narrowed their list down to two candidates for the managerial job: Bobby Valentine & Gene Lamont. Both candidates have experience with managing teams. Valentine has managed both the Texas Rangers & New York Mets while Gene Lamont has managed the Chicago White Sox & the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dan Haren Speculation


Brian Cashman has done a great job recently of avoiding the temptation to trade his best prospects for pitchers who were not worth the price. However, in hindsight, one error he did make was not completing a deal for Dan Haren when Arizona traded him. He reportedly would not give up Dellin Betances, Joba Chamberlain, and Hector Noesi for Haren at the July trading deadline last year. Haren is the number two starter the Yankees are looking for, and getting him without having to give up Jesus Montero or Manny Banuelos is a no brainer in my mind. It is obviously easy to say after Joba’s injury but he was not being used as a starter in 2010, and a bullpen arm is not valuable enough to stop you from acquiring a pitcher like Haren. Maybe Cashman will get another chance to redeem himself, but it would cost him a lot more than it reportedly would have before.

The Angels and Yankees do match up pretty nicely as trade partners. The Yankees can help fill the Angels major needs at third base and catcher, where they do not have MLB quality players currently on their roster, and nobody ready in the minors. The top of the Angels rotation is great, but if they lose Haren their rotation would be a little thin. Here are two packages I find to be fair: Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances, Brandon Laird, and a lower level prospect for Haren, or Montero, Eduardo Nunez, Hector Noesi, and David Phelps for Haren. The Angels could want a stronger pitcher back in Betances, or a stronger third basemen back in Nunez. I find the first package to be stronger, but maybe the Angels would think differently. Haren would be exactly the kind of pitcher the Yankees want to put behind CC Sabathia.  He had an excellent year last year going 16-10, with a 3.17 ERA, 192 strikeouts, and a 1.02 WHIP. Haren also only walked an astonishing 1.25 batters per 9 innings last year.  His arsenal of pitches is outstanding with a four seam fastball, a two seam fastball, splitter, cutter and a spiked curve.  Haren does not throw especially hard but still has racked up at least 190 strikeouts in the last 5 years. The downfall is that he is already 31 with a lot of innings under his belt.  The Yankees may fear giving him a long term deal.  He does have team options in his contract for the next two years. A rotation of Sabathia, Haren, Nova, Hughes, and Burnett certainly looks appealing though.

I personally doubt the Angels would trade Haren unless they acquired C.J. Wilson, who they are rumored to be interested in. Haren is still under team control for the next two years, and the Angels are not a small market team, so they can afford him. However, if they got Wilson, they would feel comfortable with a Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson, and Ervin Santana top three, and may want to improve their offense. Montero would be an instant middle of the lineup hitter for them, which they definitely need.  I would love for Cashman to be able to make up for an error in judgment and go get Haren. However, the Angels will ask for more than the Diamondbacks did and Cashman wasn’t willing to pay that price, so one would wonder if he would in fact pay more. I think he would be willing to because he can undo his previous mishap with Haren. Also it helps that Haren is a proven, elite pitcher. If the Angels will listen, the Yankees should consider Haren for sure because I think he would be an excellent fit for them.

Spanning the Yankee Blogs

Hello all and welcome to another addition of Spanning the Yankee Blogs. Lots of great Yankee blogs and a lot of great articles. Be sure to give them all a read. Enjoy.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue has an article on why Mark Buerhle is in demand.

* Mike Silva’s New York Baseball Digest says the Yankees have a few starting pitching options.

* NYYUniverse has a nice tribute to Jorge Posada.

* Pinstripe Alley talks about A.J. Burnett and his disappearing fastball.

* River Ave Blues suggest that with changes to the game Darvish is the right move.

* Road to Yankee Stadium has their 2011 Yankees Minor League All Star Team.

* Yakov Sports says that Gio, Garza and Danks are the Yankees best options for another pitcher.

* The Yankee Analysts wonder if the Yankees will sit on the sidelines this off-season.

* Double G Sports has a nice piece about how a family vacation led to a a 10 year old’s interview of Curtis Granderson.

Happy Birthday to Mariano Rivera

Mariano the greatest closer ever turns 42 today.

Morning Bits: Off-Season, Search for a Starter, Cashman

Good morning.  Let’s get right to it.

Here are your morning links…..

* Unusually quite off-season for the Yankees.  What does it mean?

* Why the Yankees search for an elite starter has stalled.

* Yankees GM Cashman to once again rappel down a building.

Also yankees signed someone yesterday.

Yankees signed LHP Juan Cedeno to a minor league contract.

Cedeno has been pitching in independent leagues. The left-hander was traded from the Red Sox to the Royals in 2005 and DFA’d by Kansas City in the winter of 2006. He spent the 2008 season between the Tigers and Dodgers systems before washing out of minor league baseball. Cedeno has a decent fastball but has no chance to crack the Yankees roster.