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Yankees turn down meeting with C.J Wilson

Yankees turn down meeting with C.J Wilson

By Delia E.

Over the course of the offseason, the Yankees have grown less and less interested in C.J Wilson and today, reports say that the Yankees turned down meeting with the lefty free agent. Wilson’s agent requested that the Yankees meet with him but the Yankees “said no”.

It doesn’t mean that the Yankees are going to not sign Wilson all together, but maybe Brian Cashman is trying to fool every New York Writer out there and pull a rabbit out of his hat. But unless Cashman is doing that, then seeing C.J Wilson in pinstripes will be a very, very slim chance.

Curtis Granderson’s New Book & Upcoming Contest for our readers

A week ago I was contacted by a person who works for the publishing company of Curtis Granderson’s new book titled All You Can Be: Learning & Growing Through Sports . He wrote me a nice email asking if I would like a copy of the book. I than asked for a couple for our readers. They were nice enough to send me three copies which we at Yankees Fans Unite are going to give away to our readers. Next week we will have a contest set up and the 3 winners will each get a copy.

Below is the press release from the book. Enjoy and make sure you visit the site often when the contest is announced next week for your chance to win a copy.

All You Can Be:

Learning & Growing Through Sports

By Curtis Granderson

Illustrated by Students from New York City’s Public Schools


Yankees All-Star center fielder Curtis Granderson had dreams of becoming a successful athlete growing up, but perhaps because both of his parents were teachers, he had an even stronger desire to succeed in the classroom. Today he is much more than just a professional baseball player; he’s also a college graduate.

In All You Can Be: Learning & Growing Through Sports by Curtis Granderson (illustrated by students from New York City’s public schools) Granderson shares the valuable lessons he learned growing up that were instrumental in his current success including:

Ø       Have Fun

Ø       Choose the right friends

Ø       Play with passion

Ø       Be a leader

Ø       Value your family

Ø       Be yourself

Ø       Listen and learn

Ø       Think positive

Ø       Never be satisfied

Curtis shares his own personal stories about how he learned each lesson and was able to evolve and grow through every experience good or bad. Those valuable lessons are woven throughout the book along with artwork from students from New York City’s public schools who were asked to submit a drawing that exemplifies their own goals for the future. The 28 winners are the illustrators for All You Can Be.

All You Can Be is a book for any young dreamer who wants to develop the character to succeed, whether it’s working towards becoming the next president of the United States, the best teacher in the country, or even the center field for the New York Yankees. It’s attainable as long as you believe in yourself and never give up. Curtis is living his dream and so can you!

About the Author:

Curtis Granderson has established himself as one of the most electrifying talents in the game, both at the plate and while roaming center field for the New York Yankees. In 2007 he became one of only four player in baseball history–and the first since 1957–to record at least 20 doubles, 20 triples, 20 home runs, and 20 stolen bases in a single season.  The accomplishment he is most proud of happened off the field. He is one of a handful of professional baseball players with a college degree, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and Business Management at the University of Illinois–Chicago.

Yankee News on Mariano and Posada

Yankee News on Mariano and Posada

by Matt S.

Mariano Rivera will undergo surgery Friday to remove polyps from his vocal cords.

He is expected to need a couple of weeks of recovery time, including one without speaking, but it shouldn’t have any impact on his availability for spring training. The 42-year-old posted a 1.91 ERA, 44 saves and a 60/9 K/BB ratio over 61 1/3 innings this season and should be one of the top closers off the board again in 2012.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com, Jorge Posada’s agent Seth Levinson denied a report that he has reached out to the Mets.

“There is no truth to that report, said Levinson. None.” It doesn’t make much sense, anyway, as Posada would be of little use to a National League team, especially one who is in search of a defensive-minded backstop. The 40-year-old appears determined to continue his playing career, but he may have a hard time finding a guaranteed major-league deal.

Hot Stove Targeting: Johnny Damon

Remember this guy? I’m sure you do – Johnny Damon a fan favorite to many Yankee fans. Who would have thought that when he was a Red Sox that Yankee fans would adore Damon while he was a Yankee. The majority of fans did when he played for the Yankees for many reasons. He was a hard worker; he was a team player and always played smart. You rarely see Johnny Damon make a bad play. Why does Johnny have this connection with so many Yankee fans my thinking is for plays like this.  Click the link to watch his amazing double steal.


Yes Johnny Damon has a high baseball IQ and was a great all around teammate.

Below are his stats while a Yankee and than his two seasons after.

2006 NYY 149 593 115 169 35 5 24 80 25 67 85 .285 .359 .482 .841 286
2007 NYY 141 533 93 144 27 2 12 63 27 66 79 .270 .351 .396 .747 211
2008 NYY 143 555 95 168 27 5 17 71 29 64 82 .303 .375 .461 .836 256
2009 NYY 143 550 107 155 36 3 24 82 12 71 98 .282 .365 .489 .854 269
2010 DET 145 539 81 146 36 5 8 51 11 69 90 .271 .355 .401 .756 216
2011 TBR 150 582 79 152 29 7 16 73 19 51 92 .261 .326 .418 .743 243
17 Seasons 2426 9529 1643 2723 516 107 231 1120 404 986 1230 .286 .353 .435 .789 4146
162 Game Avg. 162 636 110 182 34 7 15 75 27 66 82 .286 .353 .435 .789 277
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 11/30/2011.

As you can tell he is still a valuable asset to a team. Yes his average is down a little but his other numbers are still impressive. Johnny Damon will be a good fit for any team that signs him.

Ok let’s get to the point. Is Johnny Damon a good fit for the Yankees next year?  The answer: no way. I was emailing back and fourth with a good friend about this topic and he basically put it in a nutshell for me saying that Damon is focused on reaching 3,000 hits and why would he want to come back to the Yankees if it was just as a role player. 3,000 hits is so important as that is a bench mark for the Hall of Fame something I’m sure Damon wants to accomplish. Who would he replace in the Yankees outfield? Gardner? Not a chance. Granderson? Ha I just laughed while typing that. Swisher? Well there have been rumors of trading him so maybe Damon could fill in for a year. But I still don’t see that happening.

It’s a great thought to bring him back but for both parties there is no fit.  Johnny was a good Yankee and I’m sure the next time we see him in pinstripes will be at Old Timer’s Day in the summer after he retires.

So what are you thoughts? Do you think the Yankees should or shouldn’t get him?

Morning Bits: Cashman, Teixeira, Bernie Williams, Hughes

Good morning all.   Two days left in the work week.  On to the linkage.  Enjoy.

* Friends: Cashman and Valentine, now foes.   I think with Valentine as the Rex Sox manager it’s going to make those games between the two teams even better.

* Mark Teixeira is pleased with the new HGH testing.

* Former Yankee CF Bernie Williams is on the Hall of Fame Ballot.

* Hughes says he is not a prospect anymore.