Hot Stove (Foreign edition)

An executive familiar with the international market tells Jon Paul Morosi of that the Yankees, Tigers, and Marlins have shown the most interest in Yoenis Cespedes.

Of the teams that have checked in on him, New York and Miami both appear to be the most interested and have the highest potential buying power. Earlier on Saturday it was reported that Cespedes could become available during the ”latter half of winter meetings,” though an official timetable has yet to be released.

Yu Darvish is likely to be posted for MLB teams following the Winter Meetings, according to Ken Rosenthal of

There was some speculation that Darvish wouldn’t be made available this offseason, but his posting period is now expected to take place sometime after next week’s meetings. Rosenthal cautions that it’s still not official, and that issues with his Japanese club still need to be worked out, though his divorce settlement is reportedly not a factor. The Yankees, Nationals, Red Sox, and Blue Jays are potential landing spots for Darvish, who could require $50 million in order to secure exclusive negotiating rights.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. With the new CBA it would be nice if the yankees can make a play for both of these guys. If they fall short and get one great. But both would be nice.

  2. here is a good work of Cespedes. He looks like a good talent to me.

    • oooops forgot to post link

      • Matt…
        This guy reminds me of Vlady/Cano (somewhat) anything he can reach is his. He sure likes the high fastball (Da), which he will not see in the AL…unless it is one of those 98+ high hard ones.
        A bit of a show man, in these days, pitchers may bitch about it but, that’s about all. In the old days, well let’s just say…good thing he will have a helmet. 🙂
        Shows very well in the tape but, he wasn’t hitting against Verlander and some of the other pitchers.
        I wounder if the low fastball or breaking ball would be his weak spot? If it is, he is in big trouble. I do like his workouts, looks good to me.

        • yeah Ken he seems to have all the tools. again why not take a shot when it only costs money the yankees won’t have to give up any players to get him. I’m all in favor of a big push for him.

          • I agree Matt…
            I hope he is not another Tex (can’t hit low breaking pitches). If he is as good as shown…fine fit for the yanks in Right Field with it going like this LF-Grandy, CF-Brett, RF Yoenis, he has the strongest arm of the four of them.

            • good evening Ken….. I’m not to worried about Tex like many others are. From what i have read and heard he has been working harder than usually to fix his mistakes this off season.

              funny note he was using Bobby V’s batting cage this off-season and now probably has to find a new one.

        • he does look like Vlad a little with that long swing. I see what you mean a little with Cno the way he wags the bat before the pitch but that’s all. His swing isn’t like Cano’s.

          When I first saw him hit I thought of Gary Sheffield first the way he turned on the high fastballs. But in other clips he looked like Sammy Sosa.

          in any event he has all of the measurables that scouts look for….speed, strength, athleticism, power, arm strength, bat speed, etc…The only question that can’t be answered from these Highlight Videos is how he would hit MLB pitching. The Yankees and most every other team has worked him out so should have a good idea on what to expect from him as a hitter.

          If the Yankee scouts were impressed then I hope they go hard for this guy. The Yanks have no OF prospects anywhere near MLB-ready so he’d be exactly what they need. And as I’ve mentioned, elite talent will be near impossible for the Yanks to acquire in the draft or amateur int’l market anymore so opportunities like this need to be taken advantage of.

          Between Cespedes & Soler, i’ll be pissed if the Yanks don’t get one of them.

          • totally agree Fish. Now is the time before all the new changes that you talked about in your CBA article happen for next year.

            The Yankees need to strike fast and hard at these guys now.

  3. I agree with both of you. The CBA is one of the worse things to happen in baseball since lowering the mound and the DH.
    As to Soler and Cespedes, I am of the opinion Cashman will go after Jorge Soler.
    Soler is a RH batter at 6’3″ and 200# called a 5 tool player (where have I heard that BS before).
    I also like some of the stuff I have heard about this pitcher 23 year old Armando Rivero Rh throws FB about 98+/- Slider Spliter, Sinker and change.
    Of course most of these guys are 5 tool guys and pitch in the high 90s, until they show up in the spring time and the “truth shall set you free”…of a major league contract! 🙂
    I would buy both Soler and Rivero, both are young and hungry.

  4. The Marlins are serious…..Heath Bell and now Jose Reyes. Dont understand while Alderson didnt try to deal Reyes during the season. He got a nice pitching prospect for Beltran and could have gotten a couple more big prospects for Jose. Now he doesnt even get a 1st rd pick in return since Florida’s pick is protected.

    • Yup the mets really screwed that up. I don’t even think the Marlins are even done yet. They are going to go all out so that new stadium is full all season.

      • If I lived in Miami I would be the 1st in line to watch the Miami Marlins. They look promising in 2012. Heath Bell, Jose Reyes. Imagine if they land Albert Pujols as well.

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