Yankees re-sign Freddy Garcia; Desginate OF Colin Curtis

Yankees re-sign Freddy Garcia; Designate OF Colin Curtis

By Delia E.

Here’s the not shocking part: The Yankees have re-signed Freddy Garcia to a 1 year contract. Here’s the shocking part: The Yankees DFA’d OF Colin Curtis to make room for Garcia on the 40 man roster. Curtis was out the whole 2011 season nursing a shoulder he had broken during Spring Training.

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  1. I don’t get it. Didn’t letting go of Greg Golson free a spot on the 40man roster?

  2. The Yankees needed to open up a spot because of the Garcia signing so Golson was the one chosen to go.

  3. Sorry I didn’t finish my thought above. The 1 open spot they had was used when they got Cabral for cash from KC via Boston. Then when Garcia was signed they had to drop someone from the now full 40 man roster so they could add Garcia. Again apologies for the incomplete previous answer.

    • ah now that makes it clear. Cabral slipped my mind. Thanks for clearing that up.

      Can’t wait till Wed or Darvish Day to see who bids the highest.

      • I think the winning bid isn’t supposed to be announced until the following Monday the 19th.
        I’m seeing all sorts of conflicting reports about the Yankees interest in Darvish and hard to know what’s what. But that may very well be intentional. At lease I hope so.

        • I believe it’s intentional why show all your cards.

        • ufy1950….good evening. You are correct. The highest bid, with that team, NOT named,
          is presented to the Japanese club. If the posting offer is accepted, at that time the MLB club,…… has 30 days to sign Darvish. (pinstripes optional)…take care.

  4. Yankee Fans Unite…good evening. This am, I addressed you, and was looking for a response. It is 16 clicks down, on your scroll. To me, your silence may mean you want to let it go…..fine here….I will turn the page. But, this was the second time in as many days, without provocation, that I got that. I feel that if it was me dishing out that stuff, I would of been erased.
    If I can not say hello, or ask a simple question, without a smart ass response…is reason for someone to be addressed…..In other words, do we have two sets of rules here?

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