What I’d Do If I Were Cashman

We know that it is not possible for a team to win the World Series during the offseason due to all the acquisition & trades to make their team better on paper, but the Yankees have done close to nothing. The Yankees have gotten some small players here and there, but if George Steinbrenner was alive today, he would probably be shocked that the Yankees haven’t gotten anyone big. During the Winter Meetings the Yankees picked up 2 Rule 5 Drafts while the Marlins and Angels picked up Jose Reyes, Mark Buerhle, Albert Pujols & C.J Wilson, four big names that were on the FA list when the season ended. I understand that Brian Cashman wasn’t interested in players since they would cost so high or because they get injured but just sitting around not doing anything will not get you Championships.

There were rumors last week that Cashman said that his rotation was as good as it is. Well what I say is that is complete nonsense. The Yankees were good enough to win the AL East Division, and if the bats were alive they may have been well enough to get through the playoffs, but the World Series? I wouldn’t think so. The World Series is the big stage and if you look at the names that aren’t CC Sabathia & Ivan Nova. You have inconsistent A.J Burnett, and okay pitchers like Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes. Garcia & Hughes are good, but if the Yankees were to win the WS, they need the 1-2 punch in their rotation. I would not put Nova as a #2 starter as that would be too much pressure, but having Burnett as your #2 starter? No way. I hate to do Brian Cashman’s job for him, but here are some things I would do if I was Cashman this offseason (you might want to take notes):

1. Sign Roy Oswalt to a 1 year deal: It would have been Mark Buerhle,

Roy Oswalt could be the answer to the Yankees problems, if he could stay healthy.

but Buerhle packed his bags and went to Miami because Cashman didn’t want to sign him. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that Roy Oswalt is injury prone, but his manager Bob Garber insists that Oswalt is fine and that there are no back problems. When Roy Oswalt is healthy he is quite impressive. While Oswalt had a 9-10 record, he had a 3.63 ERA which isn’t bad at all. He doesn’t walk a lot of batters (33 batters in 2011 to be exact; 2.14 BB/9) and struck out 93 (6.02 K/9). He only gave up 10 HR’s in 2011 (0.65 HR/9, which is fantastic). Does Roy Oswalt get injured a lot? Yes. But when he’s healthy does he show that he’s very effective? Yes. Also another hint to Cashman if you are thinking of signing Roy Oswalt. Don’t give him a lot of money. You don’t want that on your shoulder if Oswalt should get injured at any time during the season.

2. Trade for Gio Gonzalez: No, I am not going to propose the trade that was rumored around that would have sent Brett Gardner to the A’s. I was thinking someone more like Eduardo Nunez to the A’s. I wouldn’t send Nunez alone of course. Nunez would go with some nice prospects to sweeten the deal such as Adam Warren or Dellin Betances. If the A’s don’t like it (which is 100% inevitable) then a 3 way trade might do the trick. The A’s see players that they like from the Royals and we see players that we like from the A’s, so a 3 way trade with Oakland, Kansas City and the Yankees could do nicely. I know the A’s might be interested in young outfielders, but I think that Nunez could learn the OF. It should be almost impossible to commit 20+ errors out there like it is at shortstop (Nunez, just don’t slide).

3. Ask the Nationals for a trade: I wouldn’t expect the Nationals to help us out, seeing that we won’t give them Brett Gardner but what if we were able to entice the deal with Nick Swisher & Nunez (if the Gio Gonzalez trade doesn’t work). I don’t dislike Nick Swisher, but let’s face it- he sucks in the postseason. And would the Nationals rather have Nick Swisher in the RF vicinity than Jayson Werth, who they unfortunately nicknamed “Jayson Werth-less” due to his contract? Unfortunately, despite the Nationals’ interest in some Yankees players, they don’t have a whole lot to offer as far as the Yankees’ needs go. Stephen Strasburg or Jordan Zimmerman would certainly be nice to acquire, but there’s no way Washington is making them available.

A trade for Felix Hernandez is as unlikely as ever, but if he becomes even slightly available, Cashman will inevitably pounce.

4. Trade for King Felix: The Seattle Mariners may have said that Felix Hernandez is off the market, but if the Yankee were serious about getting starting pitching, then they could try and trade for Felix Hernandez. During the “Yankees Talk” live chat, someone asked me if the Yankees would consider trading Brett Gardner for Felix Hernandez. A point was brought up to me by Matthew B. (Writer for Yankee Fans Unite) that if the Yankees offered just Gardner for Hernandez, the Mariners would laugh in our faces. I would hate to trade Brett Gardner to any team (and I am trying to keep a neutral opinion) but if it is to get Felix Hernandez, I would do it. The Mariners want someone who can entice people into the stadium and Gardner does just that for the Yankees. If you haven’t noticed, there are a bunch of girls who sit in the LF part of the stadium. Do you really think that they are there just for baseball or more to see Brett Gardner make fantastic plays in the OF? That is the type of energy that the Mariners could be looking for in a player. The only issue with giving up Gardner is that there is no given in who will be the next LF who is as versatile as he is. I would only go to this step if all else fails and if the Yankees are getting desperate.

Not sure if Brian Cashman would want to do ANY of these things but it is getting late(r) into the off season and he has so much to do. So Cashman- now is the time to act! What are you going to do this offseason?

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Point #4 – I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams the Mariners agreeing to trade Felix Hernandez straight up for Brett Gardner. I do think at some point probably during the 2013 season the Mainers will entertain offers for Felix but the Yankees if they are still interested by then will have to come up with a lot more than Brett Gardner. The Mariners have been and are offensively challenged over the past few years. Proven offense I would think would have to be any part of a package offered to the Mariners.
    I would have loved to see Felix in Yankee pinstripes but to give up a “bunch” of players and absorb his $20MM payroll I’m not sure is the best use of the Yankees resources. Especially when as of right now the projected FA class of 2013 looks pretty promising. Now of course that could change. But realistically speaking the Yankees really only need a solid #2 in their rotation to go along with CC for the next few years. At least that’s just my feeling.

    • agreed. uyf1950 Delia has a huge crush on Gardner so here opinion sometimes on anything Gardner related is tuff to deal with.

      Just read an espn insider article that mentioned yankees should try to trade Montero Nova and Betances for King Felix.

      that is fair in my opinion.

      • I definitely think it’s fair. It gives the Mariners 2 pitchers while not replacing Felix certainly have a lot of upside. It also gives them the offense in Montero that they have been lacking. I think it would be a given if the Yankees part with those 3 they almost certainly can forget about getting at or under the $189MM luxury tax threshold for 2014.
        What would be interesting to think about is that combination or just 2 of the 3 and may be adding a couple of lesser prospects to entice the Phillies for Hamels. I would have to say though in that case I would request of MLB a 48 hour window to negotiate an extension with Hamels before the offer became final.

      • Just to add to my last thought on Hamels and the 48 hour negotiating window. The very last thing I would want if I’m the Yankees is to make the trade for Hamels and then have him go back to the Phillies shortly thereafter. Just like what could have very well happened with Lee.

        • I wasn’t in for Hamels to begin with. But with talking with others on the site mainly Mike he would be good for the team.

          • I guess I equate Hamels a lot like Jared Weaver. But I think may be just a bit better and we know he can handle the pressure. The Philadelphia media and fans I don’t think are that much different than the in NY.

          • Yup – simply a perfect pitcher for the Yankees. Low ERA, FIP, xFIP; Lots of strikeouts (8.08 K/9 in ’11); Hardly any walks (1.83 BB/9 in ’11); and a ton of GBs (52.3 GB%).

            Not to mention he’ll only be turning 29 next offseason when he’ll be a free agent.

            • i doubt philly can keep Hamels with how much they have invested in their other players.

            • In a way, the idea of possibly signing Hamels next offseason makes me want them to go cheap(er) this offseason, such as signing Kuroda or Oswalt for a 1 year deal. I don’t see how the Yankees would be able to sign Darvish now and then still be able to go for Hamels.

              • I don’t see Oswalt getting a one year contract. Don’t you think he will get a 2 year contract with some team? Unless the Yankees offer him a high one year contract.

                • Yeah I think he’ll get 2 years – just saw he is looking for 3 – ridiculous.

                  I like the Kuroda route, because like Uyf1950 said I believe in one of the morning bits posts, it gives them the ability to absolutely splurge on Cole Hamels after this coming season.

      • I was trying to be neutral when writing about Gardner here. It’s not as easy as it sounds. 🙂

        • i know your favoritism to him Delia but if it is trading him for the better of the team it has to be done.

          • Matt…
            I would be against trading Brett for anyone other then “The King” but, I wouldn’t go with Brett, Monty and Nova…that is to much. We would be giving up 3 players that we can’t replace.
            Brett–Speed, Defense, clutch hitting, lead-off hitter.
            Nova–#3 starter 15 to 18 wins, young an inexpensive.
            Monty–Big Bat…need I say more?
            Someone can tell me how we replace them…I hope….maybe…how?
            Maybe; Monty and two other AA-AAA players or; Monty and Swisher.
            Right now I see no one to replace Brett or Nova. Monty is the only one we could lose without it hurting the team much! 🙂

            • agreed that i would trade Brett for King Felix.

              You would have to wow them with a package.

              King Felix is a proven elite pitcher You would have to sell some of the farm to get a proven elite player.

              I still don’t see Seattle trading him though.

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