Yu Darvish Sweepstakes

Yu Darvish Sweepstakes

by Matt S. and Mike D.

Update, 10:00am:

The New York Post is speculating that the Blue Jays outbid the other three teams competing for Yu Darvish.

According to Post’s unnamed sources, the Yankees’ bid is “not expected to top what the Blue Jays submitted.” The final results will be announced on Tuesday. If he signs with the winning bidder, Darvish is expected to net about $12 million to $15 million per year.

Update, 10:40am:

—-Who did bid and now is confirmed is the Yankees,  Toronto, Cubs, and Rangers.  (wouldn’t be surprised if Theo is making a splash in Chicago with getting Darvish).

Update, 7:19pm: Olney says the Yankees did make a bid for Darvish. Jack Curry said the Yankees discussed Darvish at a meeting today and made a bid at the last moment.

Update, 6:10pm: Buster Olney hears that possible, speculated heavy bidders are the Blue Jays, Rangers, Mariners, and Giants. (Link 1, Link 2)


At 5pm ET, the bidding period for Yu Darvish ended. We’ll be hearing plenty of reports regarding Darvish from now until the winning bidder is announced.

— According to Adam Kilgore, we will learn the identity of the winning bidder sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

— So far, we know the Orioles, Red Sox, Reds, Mariners, Mets, Rays, Angels, Oakland, Giants and Twins did not bid on Darvish.

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  1. 3 executives think it’s either the Rangers or Blue Jays

    • What do you think Darvish will hold out for, for a contract years and dollars?

      • Depends if a team bids high and than offers him a lower salary cause of it he might just want a short term contract to prove himself than go for a bigger contract later on.

        I really couldn’t predict where he will lean on that.

  2. If the Mariners get him than why not trade Felix to the Yankees for Montero Nova and one of the Killer B’s.

    I think that would be a smart move on their part.

    • Matt, if the Mariners sign Darvish and decide to hold on to Hernandez is it any wonder why they aren’t competitive of late. Pitching is nice, quality pitching is very nice but not to the exclusion of offense. And the Mariners seem to be missing that part of the equation. I’m not sure they get it. Pitching may win in the post season but you first have to get there and it takes both to do that.

  3. If the Giants win the same can be said for them. Why keep both Lincecum and Cain? Lincecum is going to cost the Giants a small fortune going year to year or a long term deal. And Cain if he hits FA is certainly going to command a salary in the $18 to $20MM per range per year.

    I have to think it comes down to the Jays and Rangers and who knows may be even the Yankees.

  4. was hoping sox were in this game! why am i not surprised?

  5. The Angels did NOT bid.

  6. Here is a shocker. The Yankees did NOT bid either. Nor did the Rays.

    • Where’d you hear that? The Yankees did make a bid.

      • It was reported on MLB TradeRumors. But I just checked again and it looks like they have since changed it to the Yankees did bid.

      • This is what Buster Olney posted on Twitter and I quote
        Buster_ESPN Buster Olney
        Not sure the source of confusion, but I reported the Yankees DID post a bid on Darvish.

        Apparently MLB TradeRumors got something screwed up originally and and then corrected it.

  7. After my last screw up or shall I say MLB TradeRumors on the Yankees bid. I’m not sure if I should post this. But you can decide for yourselves how credible it is.

    Here it is: The Yankees’ bid is modest, according to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com (on Twitter). Indications are the winning bid is “sky high.”

    • Hey you were just giving info you saw. No worries.

      Yeah from what i read it was modest. As i guessed earlier I had a feeling if the Yankees weren’t going all in they would do a modest just to say they were in it.

  8. 中古車・中古車情報…NHK NEWS:.If Yankees are not interested, why would they bother to post. I made that up, but it makes sense?…Yes!

  9. Coming home late this past week, I may have missed something. A week ago , Darvish was 6’2″….tonight at SI.Com, he is 6′ 5″…..did the tsunami create a growth spurt? Either way, the Yankees locker room guys, will have him looking good for the press conference.

  10. I guess the biggest news in MLB if it comes today will be the winning bid for Darvish. I say IF because a big part of me was hoping we would have heard something already.

    • MLB channel said last night that it could be as long as tuesday!!! ugh.

      • Hopefully they are just referring to who won the bid. I hope MLB at least let’s it out as to what was the highest bid sooner then that.

        IF the Yankees aren’t the highest bid I hope they make a dash to sign either Oswalt or Kuroda. I could live live with 2 years for Oswalt and 1 for Kuroda either or would certainly be upgrades over what looks like the starting rotation right now. At least that’s my opinion.

        Then the Yankees need to go after the 2 Cubans for position players (1 now and 1 in the future).

        • agreed about the Cubans. IF the Yankees don’t get Darvish they should focus their money that way. Hopefully with Soler and a pitcher.

          I agree with Oswalt. Like i said before he is going to quickly as soon as bid is announced for Darvish

  11. Just read that the buzz is Toronto made the biggest offer.

  12. I actually find it very interesting that since Bobby V had a lot of exposure to Darvish while over in Japan and is on record as thinking very, very highly of him. That the Red Sox didn’t even make an offer.

    I can draw any one of 3 conclusions from that. One, of the people (Bobby V) perhaps most familiar with him was not as impressed as he led people to believe. Two, the Red Sox are really in “watch” the budget mode. Three, it’s anyone’s guess who’s running the show since John Henry previously went on record as being against the Crawford signing.

    Just food for thought.

  13. all good points. I was surprised as well that they weren’t in for bidding for him.

    Here is a list of all available starting pitchers

    Free Agent Starting Pitchers

    Yu Darvish, RHP
    Edwin Jackson, RHP
    Roy Oswalt, RHP
    Hiroki Kuroda, RHP
    Bartolo Colon, RHP
    Paul Maholm, LHP
    Joe Saunders, LHP
    Jeff Francis, LHP
    Jamie Moyer, LHP
    Rich Harden, RHP
    Kevin Millwood
    Chris Young
    Jason Marquis, RHP
    Hisashi Iwakuma, RHP
    Wei-Yin Chen, LHP
    Doug Davis, LHP
    Brad Penny, RHP
    Rodrigo Lopez, RHP
    Zach Duke, LHP
    Tim Wakefield, RHP
    Kyle Davies, RHP
    Sergio Mitre, RHP
    >Mitch Talbot, RHP
    Brandon Webb, RHP
    Livan Hernandez, RHP
    Andy Sonnanstine RHP
    Joel Pineiro, RHP
    Armando Galarraga, RHP

    • Not a lot of quality in that list. May be a half dozen at most, in my opinion. Edwin Jackson is going to take to many years and to many dollars for me. Other than Oswalt, Kuroda and may be Saunders I’d go with one of the Yankees already on the roster if need be.

      • Right now we have 6 starters who can start next year. If we get someone else who gets bumped. Who do you see as the 4 likely hood starters.

        Noesi (probably the one left out I just hope they keep him in AAA as a pitcher than bullpen work on the team)

        So really than we have


        so if we get someone else who gets bumped? Do they put Hughes in the bullpen? from what i read Girardi wants him to start.

        A deal would probably get done to trade one of them maybe. But again you can’t have to many starting pitchers see the Red Sox’s from last year.

        • Very good question. My gut tells me that if the Yankees are able to secure another starter especially one for just 1 year like Kuroda that they can also count on for innings and a lot of them then Burnett won’t last the entire season with the Yankees. There also is nothing stopping the Yankees from pursuing a trade of Garcia he is certainly affordable for a revenue challenged team.

  14. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s a darkhorse- Cubs. I bet it’s Cubs.

    • too soxy How are Red Sox fans feeling about this? did they want Darvish?

      • I did. But honestly, I don’t know if I actually want Darvish, or just want the Red Sox to -actually- accomplish something this offseason.
        I’m not surprised. Both the Sox and the Yanks have been pretty stagnant. I’m betting the Yank’s “modest” bid was just so they’re on the record.
        I think Theo is going to steal Darvish. Darvish is going to be awesome, like the anti-Dice-K. And Theo will rub Darvish in all of our faces. I think Darvish is going to turn into a verb. As in, “Wow, the poor Yankees really got Darvished last night.”
        It’s going to suck.
        But hey, they’re NL. So that’s something.
        Seriously- the biggest moves we’ve made are exporting oft-bandaided Jed Lowrie and the Weiland guy who imploded on Sept 19. And getting a couple of whatever guys.
        Red Sox fans are frustrated- and just want to see SOMETHING happen.

  15. Matt, here is a question for you. IF the Padres were to make available Mat Latos for a trade do you think the Yankees would be interested? And what would you be will to part with?

    Keeping in mind Latos doesn’t hit FA until 2016 and is still pre-arb eligible for 2012. He strikes out a bunch and doesn’t walk many and has about a 43% GB rate.

    • I’d part with a lot for Latos. I’m a huge fan of his. Always try to own him in my fantasy baseball league. You never hear alot about him though cause he is tucked away in san diego.

      • He certainly would be a pitcher that if the Yankees were able to, he might just give them a better chance at getting to and staying under that $189MM luxury tax threshold for a couple of years. Since he’s so inexpensive. It also might just allow Cashman to move AJ sooner rather then later and eat more of his salary.
        How would a 2012/13 starting rotation of: CC, Latos, Nova, Hughes and Garcia sound? The in 2013/14: CC, Latos, Nova, Hughes and Banuelos (maybe even sneak in one of those highly touted 2013 FA’s to say possible replace Hughes)? I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it. Food for thought.

        • CC, Hamels, Latos … not bad.

          • Surely that’s an understatement. The Yankees would have a top 3 that would barely untouchable for the next 4 or 5 years. And finish it off with Nova and Banuelos.

            • should have read: barely touchable. Sorry about that.

            • I wonder what kind of package SD would be looking for. Remember that Josh Byrnes has made a blockbuster trade with Cashman before, when he was GM of the D-Backs (the Granderson trade).

              SD could use increased offense at basically everywhere: C, 1B, 3B, LF, RF, etc.

              You have to think they’d have interest in Montero, Romine, Nunez, Swisher and Gary Sanchez.

              • Who knows. May be that SS the Yankees just won the bid on could be a piece of a package. Their is talk about a “sign and trade”. He looks to be relatively inexpensive fits their marketplace and along with a couple of other nice pieces, who knows.

                • i read a piece where they say he could be an equal of Nunez so why not trade Nunez and keep this guy.

                  Nunez would have more value IMO

                • Matt, it appears he wants more playing time then the Yankees can give him at least to start. Plus again I think he would like to be out on the West Coast. Trading him to the Padres could be an answer to both of those issues for him.

              • C Romine or Sanchez
                LF Slade Heathcott (i’d hate to see him go but Latos is a pitcher to be had)

                I’d start with that and see where it goes.

                • Matt or Mike, which one of you wants to get on the phone to Cashman and tell him to do the deal. The fans are waiting.

                  While obviously I’m kidding I wish someone would plate a bug in his ear about Latos if he hasn’t thought of it already.

          • Would be kinda cool if Latos is really available.

          • that’s a dream front 3.

  16. Just read this on MLB TradeRumors By Ben Nicholson-Smith [December 15 at 1:07pm CST]:

    The Yankees seem to like Hiroki Kuroda more than the other free agent pitchers, according to Heyman.

  17. Like Ken says Cashman has more resources than any of us at his fingertips I’m sure the majority of things we hope for he looks into.

    I’m sure he has a plan A through Z.

    Not many fans are high on cashman I think he does a good job.

  18. Heyman suggests that both Blue Jays and Rangers made strong bids.

  19. How much of a surprise would it be if the Yankees actually won the bid?

    • I thought they had a chance to begin with now not so much. so yes i’d be shocked.

      • I know there is no reason to expect MLB to announce the winning bid yet. But it is eerily quiet now the the deadline has passed. I kind of think the deafening silence now may be in the Yankees favor. May be they were the stealth high bid.

  20. Change of subject. The market keeps passing over Beltran and his options seems to be less and less with each passing day. I’m beginning to think that at some point he might be an option for the Yankees as the 4th outfielder. Granted a bit expensive but who knows. Who knows may be even platoon him with Jones in RF and see what trade options might exist for Swisher.

    • I highley doubt a player with beltran’s potential signs onto a team to be a platoon. My guess is he will sign with the Cardinals.

      • Platoon may have been a poor choice of words. I was thinking more in the line of affording Beltran enough rest to stay healthy during the season considering his injury history. But, I’m sure you’re right it’s probably very unlikely that he could wind up in pinstripes regardless.

  21. Just saw this on MLB TradeRumors:

    Latest On Bids For Yu Darvish
    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [December 15 at 6:46pm CST]
    6:46pm: The Nippon Ham Fighters are expected to accept a posting price on Darvish just before Tuesday’s deadline, tweets Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com.

    • Holding hostage every team who MAY hold a winning bid. Err excuse me fighters life goes on outside of your world.

      • Here are the words that put everything into perspective re: Darvish rumors…………………..
        Yankees seem to be, Yankees should be, Yankees may of, Yankees did, Yankees might, Yankees with their modest bid, Yankees think, Yankees are the low, Yankees think he is, Yankees are the one team that, Yankees are not the, Yankees could be a mojor……….I could go on for a few more sentences. Fact is…no one knows anything. I’m not a sour grapes guy. But,when it happens,either way, turn the page.

      • seems to look that way. Hopefully once it’s announced other moves will happen quickly.

  22. Throw this into the pot….from NHK NEWS, Japan.

    “One of Japan’s biggest hotties planning to come play in the big league…
    Japanese baseball superstar Yu Darvish has just said he plans to come to the U.S. to play in the Major League.
    Photos from Livedoor blog.

    What baseball player in recent memory has posed naked for a women’s magazine? Only Darvish, as I recall. Since baring it all for Glamorous in 2007, he went on to pose nude in An-An and Tarzan, leading a trend for male nude photos in women’s magazines.

    It should be interesting to see how he fares with the ad agencies and tabloids in the U.S., should his Major League dreams come true.”

    That’s their words not mine. Even better now. Up the posting fee!!

    • I could care less what a player does in his personal time. it was just announced the other day that Jeter gives a going away basket to his “hook ups” with an autographed ball.

      Could care less about the personal life of these guys only what they do on the field.

      The only thing i would care about is if they were doing something illegal.

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