Cashman remains inactive as another big starter is traded

Mat Latos is the latest top of the rotation starter to be moved

Well, another potential #2-type starter- Mat Latos –  has been traded while Brian Cashman does nothing. Cash has not made a significant move to bring in a new pitcher since the failed Javy Vazquez trade in 2009.  Since the 2010 season when both Vazquez and A.J. Burnett proved they were enormous busts, the Yankees have had a glaring need for another top of the rotation starter.  The need increased after Andy Pettitte’s retirement.

Despite the obvious need and Cashman’s own admission that “pitching, pitching, pitching” has been his #1 target, he has not made any significant additions, electing to rely on what is in the system and going for low-risk veterans like Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon & Kevin Millwood.  While Cashman continues to complain about the price, we have seen more than a dozen potential top of the rotation arms change teams. Cliff Lee (twice), Dan Haren, Zack Greinke, Shawn Marcum, Matt Garza, CJ Wilson, Trevor Cahill, Mark Buehrle, Doug Fister, Ubaldo Jimenez, Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt, Yu Darvish (likely) & Mat Latos have all been moved since the Yanks have been in the market so what is Cashman waiting for?

Each one of the above pitchers have had their own set of circumstances but to see that many starters being moved, it is really mind-boggling that Cashman has been unable to make any moves.  The Yanks seem to have the 2 most necessary things needed to acquire a SP – plenty of cash and a stocked Farm System.  But if we look in-depth at what has prevented the Yankees from completing a deal, these seem to be the biggest obstacles:

  1. Cashman has been very reluctant to part with his top prospects.  All trade partners have asked for 1 or more of Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances & Eduardo Nunez.  Cashman was willing to trade Montero for Lee but things stalled when Seattle also insisted on Nunez.  Lately Cashman has rebuffed any and all offers for Montero & Banuelos and I think he is right in doing so. Unless a truly elite arm  with multiple years of team control becomes available, those 2 should stay.
  2. Teams have not accepted or Cash  has been unwilling to trade his next level of prospects.  It seems to me that the Yanks have plenty of guys besides the big 4 mentioned above that teams would be interested in.  Romine & Gary Sanchez are both highly regarded Catchers that project to be MLB starters. They also have 4 ready or nearly-MLB ready pitchers in Hector Noesi, Adam Warren, David Phelps & DJ Williams. In addition there are many strong hitting prospects in Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, Dante Bichette, Ravel Santana, Tyler Austin, etc but they are all in the lower levels of the system.
  3. The team is working under a stricter budget.  While Cashman always had a budget to work with, he knew he could always go over it if he felt a move really helped the team.  But money has been a reason why the Yanks haven’t made offers to most Free Agent pitchers lately.  While the budget doesn’t preclude Cash from signing a big Free Agent, it makes it much more important that he is right when he gives out the next big deal.  If they want to get under the $189M Luxury tax threshold in 2014 and stay competetive, they will not be able to eat another $80M mistake like AJ Burnett or ~$40M blunders like Igawa, Pavano, Wright or Soriano.
  4. Could Cashman be gun-shy? As mentioned above, the Yankees have often been wrong on their big money pitching acquisitions. I don’t believe Brian is afraid of making a mistake, however I do think he’s starting to become too rigid.  I understand not wanting to trade Montero & Banuelos, but I would trade anyone else in the system to upgrade the pitching.  I’d rather overpay a bit for a proven #2 and challenge for the World Series, than to do nothing and get knocked out early again in 2012. He must remember that most prospects don’t pan out and there are only so many openings in the Bronx for them anyway. Use your farm system while its strong!

    Well Joe, I didn't get you any new pitchers again but you still have A.J.

Based on what is left on the market, I think FAs Kuroda & Oswalt should be targets. Signing Kuroda and dumping AJ Burnett for any salary relief would be a big improvemet.  If Oswalt would consider a 1 or 2 yr deal, he’d also be an option.  On the trade front, I agree with not trading Montero & Banuelos for Gio Gonzalez or John Danks, but I think some combo of Betances, Nunez, Romine, Sanchez, Noesi, etc should be enough to get one of those pitchers.

The Reds got a great young, team-controlled pitcher in Mat Latos but also gave up a lot of talent.  If the Yanks were to match the Reds package, it likely would have been something like Montero, Sanchez or Romine, Noesi or Warren & Hughes or Joba.  That’s a heavy price to pay.  If the Padres offered you Latos for that package would you have done it? And what do you think of what Cashman has done the past 2 years?  Is he correct to do nothing?

About fishjam25

Was a 4-yr Pitcher and Communications Major at Seton Hall University in the 90s. His knowledge & opinion of the game comes from his background as a player and ardent lifetime Yankee fan. However, Fishjam also incorporates sabermetrics and statistical support to form a well-rounded view of the game.

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  1. haven’t been on the internet all day and this is the first news i hear. this sucks.

  2. In case anyone’s interested just read this on MLB TradeRumors.

    “Winning Darvish Bid Exceeds Matsuzaka’s Record
    By Mike Axisa [December 17 at 8:34pm CST]
    It’s been three full days since the posting period for Yu Darvish has closed, but we’re still waiting to find out which team placed the high bid. That high bid will be a posting process record according to Franz Lidz of, who hears from Japanese league officials that the winning bid exceeds the $51.1MM the Red Sox paid for the right to negotiate with Daisuke Matsuzaka five years ago. The exact amount is unknown.

    Yesterday we heard that the Blue Jays bid north of $40MM, making them the favorites for the 25-year-old right-hander. The Rangers, Yankees, and Cubs also submitted bids for Darvish, while the Red Sox, Nationals, Giants, Athletics, Marlins, Orioles, Mets, Rays, Angels, and Twins did not. Nearly 7,500 MLBTR readers believe he’ll land in New York with the Yankees. The Nippon Ham Fighters are expected to accept the high bid just before Tuesday’s deadline.

  3. That’s an awful lot of money for whatever team posted the winning bid for an unproven player at the ML level. The thought has crossed my mind I wonder if the team bidding the highest number really has no intention of signing Darvish and the high bid is merely meant as a means to keep him out of other teams roster. Low ball a contract offer so he’ll have no choice but to reject it.

    My other thought and call me the optimist. Is that since the Yankees have been so quiet this off season and from all outward appearances has done very little to sign or trade for a quality pitcher that indeed the Yankees may have made the stealth offer and highest bid.

    Well hopefully this insanity will end soon and we find out something before Tuesday’s deadline. Because quite frankly It’s starting to drive me crazy.

  4. I wouldnt want to trade Bañuelos and Montero either. In addition, I dont want to trade Joba, AJ, Noesi, and Romine. If Sanchez was ready to come up soon, I’d trade Cervelli, but since Sanchez isnt ready and because we have Romine, I’d trade Sanchez. Tho Adam Warren was a AAA all-star, & is good, he’s not quite ready to come up; I would only deal him if the trade was really worth it. Betances I wasnt impressed with so I could care less if he goes, but I understand why some people dont want to see him go.
    As for people to get, Gio’s out of the picture. So let’s get Hiroki Kuroda. He’s a free agent, so he wont cost us much. Though he’ll be 37 at the beginning of the season, his ERA is 3.07. The only reason his win/loss ratio is bad because the Dodgers barely gave him run support.
    The next option for the Yankees would to get Jonathon Niese. However, the Mets may only release him if they get another starter (like Gio Gonzalez); the Yankees just cant sit and wait for Niese- or ANYONE for th

    • (Sorry! Stubborn phone wouldnt let me scroll back down to finish)
      …for that matter. Cashman needs to realize that players are like the hottest Christmas toy- eventually they will be all gone if he doesnt make a move soon. I’m sure everyone will agree with me. Everyone is playing general manager execpt Cashman. Forget about Feliciano getting paid to do nothing. Cashman is being paid while doing next to nothing (or so it seems). Our rotation isnt going to cut it this season. If Cashman wants a winning team, he needs to make a move. He hasnt even re-signed Jones yet (if he’s intended on doing that). Idk what the delay is, but Cashman better make a move soon.

  5. I do not feel Latos is worth what the Reds gave up. Not upset that the Yankees didnt get him.

  6. Fishjam, my friend. If by inactive you mean Cashman hasn’t pulled the trigger on a blockbuster trade either last year or this year you are correct.
    But let’s keep in mind that the Yankees major need the past 2 seasons has been pitching and really with the exception of Lee there hasn’t been much in the way of FA’s to get excited about. As for trades it takes 2 to complete a deal. And from what I’ve seen and read Cashman has been wise to reject the overtures of the other GM’s when it comes to the players/prospects they want to complete a deal. If you will allow me to repeat something I’ve heard and that I think is very appropriate here. Sometimes the deal you don’t make is the best deal. That’s just my opinion.

    • UYF – Cashman has sat on his hands for the past 2 yrs. I think there have been many pitchers moved that are better than what they currently have which is CC, a possible solid mid-rotation guy in Nova and a lot of question marks.

      There have been a lot of guys moved that could have helped the team. I love the yankees prospects as much as the next guy, in fact probably more. But you can’t hug your prospects so hard that it stifles you. Truth is the vast majority of prospects never make it. Look at Brackman. Less than a yr ago, he was top 5 on the team now he’s cut.

      Dan Haren, Oswalt, Garza & Fister were all traded for packages the yanks could have beat or matched without including Montero or Banuelos. Any of those guys would have been huge in the last 2 post-seasons. On the FA front, i don’t understand not even talking to Cj Wilson. And from what we here if the Yanks liked Darvish enough to bid on him, why not bid agressively and try to win it? The one advantage they have is money and the posting fee counts nothing against Luxury Tax.

      There is still time to make a deal but as more and more guys come off the market I have to wonder when it’s our turn. I believe Danks can be had for a reasonable package since he only has 1 yr of control. Gio will take a haul. I’m not dealing Montero for him but I’d consider Banuelos since if Manny pans out, all he will be is what Gio is now.

      • My friend, I hear where you are coming from. Let me briefly just address a couple of your comments.
        First, could Cashman have done more the winter of 2010 when he made an all out attempt to sign Lee. But that all out attempt is mostly the reason he didn’t do more last year. That was a huge financial commitment to Lee and with Lee as we know dragging out his decision and ultimately picking the Phillies when Lee finally made his decision most of the other good pitchers were off the market by then.

        Second, I think it’s unfair to bring up Garza. We all know the Rays never would have traded him to the Yankees.

        Third, as for Fister. Hindsight is 50/50 as they say. When you look at Fister’s numbers prior to Detroit picking him up from Seattle he was nothing special. And when he became available in late July both Garcia and Colon pitching for the Yankees they were both really rolling along. So I can’t and don’t blame them for not going after Fister. In my opinion Detroit got lucky with him.

        I don’t know enough about Dan Haren but when I look at his numbers and when he became available nothing special seems to jump out at me there either. In 2010 with Arizona he had a .285 BAA, 1.35 WHIP, and a 4.60 ERA. Those are not the kind of numbers you give up a lot for.

        Getting to this year. I like Oswalt but I think most would agree that “like” depends on how much he wants and for how long. Danks as we know is a very nice piece but currently the White Sox want the moon and sky for him and he simply isn’t worth that. May be prior to the start of the season the White Sox demands will be “more” reasonable and the Yankees can make a trade. I like Kuroda, and he is still out there. I guess my point is about this year. Just because Cashman isn’t doing some of the things we fans would like him to do and on our timetable doesn’t mean he isn’t doing things or working behind the scenes to get something done and for one reason or another those things don’t work out.

        One final comment about another pitcher this hear., That’s CJ Wilson. We all know the reason he took less money and years to go to the Angels. He said as much when he discussed the Marlins offer. Should the Yankees have made a bigger or harder push for him who knows if they did if it would any bared any fruit anyway. He was looking for a 6yr/$100MM plus deal. At 31 years old in my opinion I think that’s a bad deal for the Yankees. To pay Wilson anywhere near that amount of money and for that many years at his age and brief resume would have been a mistake. That’s just my opinion.

        We can go on and on about this pitcher or that pitcher. As I see it fans in general are very seldom satisfied and I think that goes double for Yankees fans. Good is very good enough.

        Someone on this site said in reply to one comment I made much early on this site. Cashman has access to far more resources than we as fans or bloggers. I think will we can and should question some of those decisions, ultimately we should acknowledge that they know a lot more than we do and that they have to make decisions based on information we don’t ave and never see.and in “real” time.

        I’ll apologize in advance for any misspelling or grammar errors in this post. I’m sure there will be and probably are more than one.

      • I’ve had a few hours to think about the response I made about 4 hours ago. All I would like to add to it is. Contrary to the 2nd sentence in it. I apologize, it was hardly brief.

  7. As much as I would have loved to trade for Latos, it seems the price was just way too high. He’s very, very good, but not worth an example package of Montero, Sanchez, Noesi, Hughes in my opinion.

    I am kind of annoyed that Cashman didn’t pursue George Sherrill, considering he just signed with the Mariners for 1 yr / $1.1MM, which is SO cheap. It’s a risk signing, but he’s a guy who can potentially dominate left-handers.

    • Mike I think the answer is the Yankees don’t really have any roster spots open on their 25 man roster for the 2012 season. Plus they still need to fill out the utility players (Chavez and/or Jones) or comparable players. They can’t go into the season with just Nunez as the backup infielder. Based on his defense and the ages of A-Rod and Jeter that would be a scary thought.

      • Yeah, but I think they’d definitely make room for a 2nd lefty.

        • Most likely he would for a dominate lefty. I’m not sure Sherrill fits that description. Also, Cashman has said numerous times this past year while he would like to have another lefty he does expect the pitchers he has in the pen to be able to get out lefties.

          Besides I’m not sure who at this point he would leave off the 25 man roster to sign Sherrill. He already has a couple of lefties that he signed to minor league contract with invites as well as I believe a rule 5 player.

  8. The trade made sense from the Reds point of view because they traded from a position of strength and the 2 biggest pieces they gave up were just luxuries.

    1b Yonder Alonso is blocked by stud Joey Votto
    C Yasmani Grandal is behind the teams #1 prospect, Catcher Devin Mesoraco

    RHP Brad Boxberger has potential but relief prospects are a dime a dozen
    RHP Edison Volquez has a good arm but is almost 29 and very erratic

    Cashman needs to find a partner who is looking for what the Yanks are deep in:

    – Catching Prospects – Romine, Gary Sanchez & JR Murphy

    – RH Pitching Prospects – Betances, Noesi, Warren, Phelps, Mitchell and further down Graham Stoneburner, Brett Marshall & Bryan Mitchell

    – Young Major leaguers who are Blocked – IF Eduardo Nunez, 3B Brandon Laird & C Francisco Cervelli

    That should be enough for Cash to find a trade partner to upgrade the rotation.

    • Hey Fish—Hard to argue with your points regarding trades, however I know for me I hear constantly about my team the “Yankees ” buying pennants and WS titles. My response is that your jealousy , just wishing your ownership groups would pony up with the cash to improve like the Yanks. Now it seems that that strategy is going away? Will we still be able to stay at or near the top without boat loads of $$$ being spent? New york is not mecca to all and the history and thought that all want to be a Yankee some day is waning. I lived through the lean years as well as the good and the winning is MUCH more fun. I say spend and use those chips before they are no longer useful and we lose them to minor league free agency. GO YANKEES

      • Yeah, this “they buy their titles” schtick is getting old. The Dynasty was homegrown and even the ’09 title was fueled by a metric ton of homegrown talent. Jeter, Pettite, Mo, Jorge, Cano, Melky, Hughes, Joba, Robertson, Coke, Aceves were all homegrown, Arod & Swisher were acquired through trades, requiring assets from our system to get them – therefore can’t be described as “bought”- and so on.

        I often wonder if those same people, usually Red Sox fans, ever took a look at their 2004 Red Sox roster and realized how many of them were products of their own system. Here’s a hint: Only a few of them were =P

      • I agree John. People who bitch that the Yanks buy Championships are clueless. The dynasty of the 90s had little to do with money and was all about development, shrewd trades & team-building.

        In fact as the Yankees payroll climbed in the 2000’s they stopped winning titles. if it was so easy to buy titles, every team in MLB would do it.

        However, i don’t shy away from the yankees financial advantage and think they need to continue to exploit it. Winning every yr means they never have a crack at elite Amateurs in the draft and with the new CBA, it closes the Int’l market and tightens the Draft even more. The Yanks must invest heavily in scouting and continue to spend at the MLB level, not cut costs.

        If the Yanks drop their payroll and the team pockets more of its $800M in revenues, will it give back to the fans by cutting ticket prices?

        The organization is built on a system of spending big and thats how the fans want it. We accept the insanely high ticket prices, parking and concessions because we knew the Yanks would spend whatever it took to field a winner. Is that going to change?

        • If the team doesn’t win the fans won’t show. I remember being in that stadium alot in the 80’s and it was so empty. It would force them to lower the prices if they decline in wins and the product they put on the field imo.

          • Yeah that Stadium was routinely only 40% full in the 80s. George always got great hitters but never had any pitching. I grew up getting nothing but crap from Mets fans. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the Mets ruled New York in the 80’s.

            The mets are a trainwreck now and have been for a while. But if the Yanks start pocketing their revenues and reducing salary, they will see attendance continue to drop. the new Stadium is very nice and all but it lacks the magic of the old one and is more a Museum/Mall than a BallPark. They are pricing out the regular fan.

            • I don’t mean to be negative but I want to see some action. The team is getting a bit stagnant IMO while others around the A.L improve. if the Jays get Darvish, look at the Top 3 starters of every team in the AL East…..only team the Yanks would be better than would likely be Baltimore.

              I just wish Cashman would think outside the box a little and take some chances. I know the Yanks score a lot of runs but their offense tends to disappear in stretches and especially against good pitching. Why not move Swish and try a Beltran or a Seth Smith? Might not be work, but why not try David Robertson as a starter? Look around the league, Texas did it with Cj Wilson & Ogando, BOS is trying it with Bard. What’s the risk? DRob has the best stuff on the team and he can always go back to the pen if it doesn’t work.

              • I agree seeing them do nothing blows. but like uyf said the other day some of the best trades are the ones that weren’t made.

                I feel the yankees are just going to ride out with what they got plus maybe one minor move for the bench.

                In doing that it seems they are putting all their eggs in one basket hoping the Killer b’s will be great and ready for 2013. That’s alot of hope.

                I don’t disagree agree with moving swish at all for the players you mentioned.

              • Fishjam, what do you think it would take for the Yankees to pry Seth Smith away from the Rockies? Considering this is his 1st year of arbitration.

                • Someone along the lines of Noesi, Nunez or Romine would be my guess. IMO, all 3 are replaceable on the Yanks as they have someone to take each of their places. Smith has been rumored to be on the block all Winter and even more so after the Rocks signed Cuddyer.

            • I agree with your thoughts about the current stadium. I don’t like it one bit. I hate the openness. It seems never loud enough and there is to much to do which keeps fans out of the seats. very annoying.

              • I have a strong gut feeling that Danks will be a Yankee. Kenny Williams HAS to deal him or lose him for nothing at the end of the yr. Williams is doing the right thing in asking for way to much hoping someone will bite.

                But as the season gets closer, I think he’ll loosen up and the Yankees could offer an excellent package without Montero or Banuelos being involved.

  9. “If the Padres offered you Latos for that package would you have done it? And what do you think of what Cashman has done the past 2 years?”

    Not a chance. Latos seems very good but PETCO makes many a pitcher look far better then they really are. It’s hard to gauge, but in the end you can’t discount that fact. Way too steep a price tag imo.

    As for the last two years, as hard as it is for the “greedy fan” in me to say Cash has been spot on the last two years. Free Agent prices have been redunkulous (hello Crawford and Werth!) and the trade demands (seriously? Banuelos and Montero for Danks? Don’t make me laugh) have been patently retarded.

  10. We’re all going to feel a little silly if indeed the Yankees do win the Darvish bidding, myself included. I know the chances are slim to none but I can’t help but think part of the reason Cashman has done or appears to have done very little negotiating with other teams for more pitching is because he knows something none of us do.

    Granted it’s a slim chance they they hold the winning hand but until the announcement is made slim is better than none. Just my thoughts on the matter.

    BTW, I still think if not Darvish the Yankess will make one more starting pitching move. Whether it’s Oswalt for 2 years, Huroda for 1 year or a trade possibly for Danks a little bit later maybe just before spring training starts. I do think there is one move he intends to make.

    • yeah i see your point that it is odd he isn’t making a move if he knows he already lost. I as well will be eating crow if the yankees get Darvish. I wrote it off as a no shot when all the news came out with the Rangers and Blue Jays had high bids.

      I wouldn’t mind Oswalt for two but def not 3.

      I wouldn’t mind Kuroda for 1 year but def not 2.

      Danks and Oswalt are probably my top two choices.

      what about you guys?

      • I’d be fine with trading for Danks or signing Kuroda for one year (realistic). I wouldn’t sign Oswalt to more than 1 year – and he’ll inevitably get a 2-3 year deal.

      • My choices are:

        1st) Kuroda for 1 year not 2
        2nd) Oswalt for 2 years only

        I’m not sure I have a 3rd at this time. I really like Danks, but not at the expense of prospects for only 1 year and then he becomes a FA. If the Yankees were granted a 48 hour window to negotiate an extension then by all means jump on Danks.

        I like Gio more because at least he comes with team control until he hits FA in 2016. But the chances of him being had without Cashman having to give up his 1st to children in addition to prospects is remote at least for now and in light of the Latos trade.

        Otherwise I’d wait until the 2013 FA is available and I’d tread water for this year if necessary and see what the likes of Noesi, Mithcell, Warren or Phelps look like.

  11. Yes it is. Mike has said all along about the Yankees focusing on Cole for next year.

    How about this Darvish news not announced yet? ugh i wish there was a set time it was going to happen.

  12. Fish who would you want the yankees to get rid of first of those 3 for Smith?

    • That’s a very good question Matt. Based on the team’s current construction and needs, I’d say Romine. I see Martin starting at Catcher this yr and maybe longer. Montero will be the #2 and DH with Cervelli #3. Romine will be a starting MLB catcher but I think Murphy and Sanchez will be close to ready by the time Martin is ready to leave.

      • sounds like a good scenario to me. I would have went with a catcher as well since that seems to be a a strong plus position for the Yankees.

      • fishjam, have you looked at the splits for Seth Smith? He is absolutely terrible against left handed pitching? My guess is if the Yankees were to sign/trade for him they would have to platoon in RF with a player like Jones.

        • Yeah I believe that is what Fishjam suggested in some older comment.

        • UFY – Yeah, I’ve suggested platooning him with an A.jones type player.

          The Yankees had a huge weakness against RHP last year and could use someone like Smith who straight crushes righties.

          As a team in 2011, the Yanks led MLB in all of the below categories vs LHP except BA which they were .001 behind Texas:

          .281/.360/.467/.827 with MLB-best 69 HRs and 284 Runs

          Against RHP, their BA & OBP drop significantly although they are still top 4 in A.L. in most categories because they led MLB in HRs vs RHP too:

          .255/.336/.435/.771 with MLB-best 153 HRs and 3rd in A.L. with 583 Runs

          Jeter, Tex, Swisher & Martin all struggle greatly vs RHP. Seth Smith has always been a platoon player who doesn’t face much LHP. But then again, so were Paul O’Neill & Curtis Granderson when they were traded to the Yanks.

          In any event, Smith had an .893 OPS vs RHP and A.Jones had a .923 OPS vs LHP last yr. Together, they’d form a nice platoon and supply Joe with a dangerous Pinch Hitter every game. Of course, my first choice would be just to sign Beltran for 2 yrs. He had a .900+ OPS from BOTH sides of the plate last yr in pitchers parks.

          • Agree on all points, even Beltran.

            • it’s amazing that a player like Beltran isn’t even signed yet. I guess the price is just to high now for most teams.

              • I also think initially the fact that Boras was his agent concerned some teams. Although he did make the change a while back. I think both the $’s and the years are a concern for some teams. And also it might be that he well when he went to SF I think most teams probably expected more from him once there. I think he missed a little time in the middle of August too. That too may have raised some concerns with teams that might have been interested.

                Having blabbled sufficiently above, I still think he’s asking for 2 much money and will probably have to settle for about $9 or may be $10MM per at the most for 2 years.

              • “babbled”.

              • When he signed with the Mets it wasn’t until mid January I believe, although that was/is Boras’ M.O. Right now, i think he’s just waiting for the right situation to develop. His agent is seeking 3 years which is highly doubtful.

                When you consider, Cuddyer got 3 yrs/$31.5M, I think Beltran will eventually sign for 2 yrs at around $11-12.5M per yr.

                Beltran is a better player than Cuddyer but is 2 years older and less durable. Beltran has battled some knee injuries in the past which is why some teams have backed off. He would be a great pick up for Toronto but Free Agents often don’t like signing with the Jays. St.Louis would be a good fit too but I think if the Yanks showed interest, Beltran would sign. Remember, he said he always wanted to play for the Yankees and even offered to sign for less money in 2005 before going to the Mets.

                • I think for a team to be willing to pay him $12.5MM per over 2 year it would have to include incentives and not all guaranteed.

                  $12.5 per year would be a pretty decent premium over Cuddyer (on a per year basis) which most of the “so called experts” think the Rockies overpaid for. And a very substantial increase of what the Twins signed Willingham for on a per year basis.

                  Like you said he’s probably better than both of them but with his injury history and age difference I’m not sure he’s worth guarantee paying him even on a yearly basis more than them.

  13. UFY – Beltran got even more than the $11-12.5M I thought getting 2 yrs @ $26M. Even @ $13M per, IMO I’d rather have him than Swish @ $10.5M.

    Another ship has sailed. I’m sure any day now Seth Smith will be traded for little and mash righties again next yr. I’m really having a hard time figuring out Cashman’s 2 years of doing nothing. If it is TRULY a money issue then there are things he could be doing. He could move Swish to free up $10.5M to improve the pitching.

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