Morning Bits: Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Darvish, Beltran

Good morning! Have a happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend! Here are today’s morning links

Anthony Castrovince of talks about how it is unusual to see the Yankees & Red Sox quiet during the off-season

Andrew Marchand of talks about the chances for the Blue Jays to land Yu Darvish, Carlos Beltran and the chances the Blue Jays have of becoming a serious postseason contender

— This isn’t exactly a new link but Andrew Marchand talks about how the Yankees could land King Felix via trade.

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  1. I’ve been thinking this over since I saw the piece by Marchand about King Felix. Now ordinarily as a Yankees fan I would say Nova, Montero and Betances would in my opinion be a no brainer for Felix Hernendez. But the more I think about it the more and more I’m not sure it is a no brainer.

    There are 2 factors that make me pause and not immediately just jump at the idea.

    First, it’s the pending group of FA’s that as of today will be available to teams just for the cost of money, Hamels and Cain primarily. But even after those 2 there are a couple that certainly would be very, very decent #2’s like Greinke and Anibal Sanchez. Then there are pitchers that teams have 2013 options on that may or may not be made available by those teams early like Dan Haren or Erwin Santana. I guess the point I’m trying to make is there should be less expensive options at least as it come to prospect that the Yankees would have to give up.

    Second, with each passing year the acquiring team would have 1 year less of team control over Felix. If the Mariners traded him this winter (now). He would be under team control for another 3 years at a cost of approximately $20MM per. While everything is relative and the $20MM per for Felix is not an overwhelming it’s not exactly chicken feed when you add on the value of giving up 3 highly touted prospects/rookies.

    It’s for those 2 reasons I would have to give a trade for King Felix serious thought one way or the other and in my opinion it is not necessarily a “no brainer” as it would have been just 1 year ago.

    • ufy1950….still tearing up the blog world!….Nice effort!
      As for me, I’m pleased to hear, the Yanks continue to say they want to keep Nakajima, if they can sign him. Character guys are hard to find.

      • Thank you. A thought about Nakajima. If the Yankee do sign him and he does stay with the team. I look for the Yankees to seek a trade for Nunez possible as part of a package. No need for 2 utility SS primarily especially if they resign Chavez to man 3rd base on a part time basis. I like Nunez but his defense scares me. I figure he lost 5 games last year for the Yankees with his inability to play defense (errors).

  2. This is only on topic as a morning tidbit; We missed out on Latos as he goes to the Reds, c’mon Cash where were you?

    • I have to admit I’m disappointed to see this. Latos was one of my “would be nice if the Yankees could trade for him player”. Right now the only report has the Reds giving up Yonder Alonso. But surely they had to part with more then him to pry Latos away from the Padres. It will be interesting to see who the “other” pieces are in the trade.

    • OK I just read the next update on another site about the trade. It looks like the rest of the pieces the Padres got are: right-handers Edinson Volquez and Brad Boxberger and catching prospect Yasmani Grandal in addition to Alonso. Not a bad deal for either team in my opinion, may be I give a very slight advantage to the Padres here.

      I think the only reason the Reds made this deal is because they see the NL Central Division a lot more wide open in 2012 with Pujols in the AL and who knows where Fielder winds up.

    • Just one final comment on this trade between the Padres and Reds. NBCSports (HBT) is saying this is a huge haul for the Padres and they simply could not turn it down.

  3. Just a thought, on the forgotten man….Joba Chamberlain.
    Reports of late, say it is possible he could be at spring training. I know, a bit rushed.
    But, if you believe his conditioning upgrade reports….and when he gets stretched out, he could be a fine addition. Always a Joba fan, toying with his mind at that young age, was a mistake.
    The guy never could get traction…pitch counts, role on squad, etc.

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