Yankees “not getting” Yu Darvish

Yankees “not getting” Yu Darvish

By Delia E.

If  Yu Darvish is going to be in the Major Leagues next year, it won’t be with the New York Yankees. Via Marc Carig, a person with knowledge of the situation said the Yankees “are not getting” Darvish but kept his anonymity due to the ongoing posting process.

The Yankees DID make a bid according to GM Brian Cashman, but he wouldn’t say how big the bid is. The highest bid for Yu Darvish had exceeded $51 Million which was what the Boston Red Sox used to sign Daisuke Matsuzaka. The Texas Rangers & the Toronto Blue Jays are into Darvish while the Yankees scouted Darvish for years.

Since pitching has been a problem for the Yankees, Cashman is planning on keeping a steady payroll heading into next season. The only huge money spending the Yankees actually did this season was extending the contract of Yankees ace CC Sabathia.

Not only are the Yankees out on Darvish, but they might be on the sidelines for Cuban prospect Yoenis Cespedes. While the Yankees believe that Cespedes will be an everyday outfielder, their belief won’t lead them to bid for him.

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  1. not surprised. But will be surprised if they don’t make a play for some of the cuban players.

  2. I’d be usually surprised if they aren’t in big time on Soler. Especially since he will probably spend at least the 1st 2 years in the minors and not on either the 25 or 40 man roster and whatever he signs for won’t be subject to the luxury tax.

    • Yes i have said before I’d prefer they go for Soler over Cespedes. Cespedes wants to play right away and that doesn’t fit the Yankee plans now.

      Where as Soler can sit in the minors for two years than come up when he is ready.

  3. Yu Darvish (ダルビッシュ 有)….Saddle up men, this ones over.
    The posting numbers may prove to be quite dramatic.
    My two cents tells me, if they can get Cespedes, and Nakajima, they will then have an abundance of ” new ” trade chips…I know you can do the math.

    • Hi Patrick. Yeah if they got Cespedes, they could use Swisher (if needed, Gardner) as a pretty enticing trade chip. And Nakajima could make Nunez expendable.

      • Michael…read my mind, again.
        For those that like to wait, there is also…Jorge Soler:

        According to Jim Callis of Baseball America,” Soler is a young athlete with five-tool potential. He stands at six-foot-three, 205 pounds, while also carrying explosive bat speed and power potential. He also has plus speed and arm strength and profiles as a classic right fielder, though he has the speed to play center.”

        Let’s have fun, and really be greedy!….Cespedes can hit his 500ft. home runs, while Soler learns how to shave.
        Nice seeing your name up on the board.

  4. Soler would be the better option because he can be a plan for the future imo.

    • I agree Matt. Would be all over Soler. Cespedes is interesting too because I’d like to see Swish moved but Yanks can’t tie up another position player long-term unless they believe he is a potential All-Star.

      Would still love to see Swish traded and Beltran signed. i also really like Seth Smith. He smashed RHP which was a big weakness for the Yankees in 2011. He could platoon with an Andruw Jones-type who rips LHP. I just think Swisher’s offensive value is too reliant on the Walk and good pitchers don’t get behind and walk hitters which is why Swish disappears every October.

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