Roy Oswalt only requiring a one-year deal

Roy Oswalt  only requiring a one-year deal

by Matt S.

Update 2:20pm:

A source told ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand that the Yankees do not have interest in Roy Oswalt.

The veteran right-hander began the offseason in search of a three-year contract, but he didn’t find much interest. Now, with news that his asking price has been lowered significantly, that interest is picking up in a major way. Oswalt is plagued by chronic back problems but he still managed to post a 3.69 ERA in 23 starts this past year with Philly. The Nationals, Yankees, Red Sox and Royals are known to be considering him.

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  1. If this is legit the Yankees have to jump on this right away.

    • Matt, a couple of days ago I did a quick 2012 payroll analysis of the Phillies payroll as of now they have either committed salaries (16) and anticipate arbitration awards (4) for their players 20 in total of just about $168MM. It’s doubtfull that even for 1 year they would be able to accommodate Oswalt back into the fold. He would sure put them over the luxury threshold for 2012 and that would be for only 21 players not the 40 the threshold is based on.

  2. Absolutely. Couldn’t agree more.

    Two potential starters (Kuroda and Oswalt) both of them only looking for 1 year deals. I hope to read before the end of the week the Yankees have signed one or the other.

  3. I really hope they pass. Why would anyone want someone with 2 degenerative disks in their back? Just because we need a pitcher? I want them to get someone but I want them to bring in someone who is not going to break down in May.

    • In my opinion because for all the “talk” about his injuries over the last 8 years he has only failed to start 30 or more games once and that was last year. When he started 23 games. And once he came back starting in July he really didn’t miss any time.

      I think but am not sure I think most of that time lost was when he went home to help his family during a tornado and hurt himself then the end of June and July.

      Again in my opinion it’s well worth the risk for 1 year. When he’s on he’s one of the best pitchers in baseball.

      • missed a word in my previous post. The end of the 1st paragraph should read ” starting in the END of July ….” sorry about that.

        My fingers only seem to be working correctly about 80% of the time today.

  4. Matt, is that the same source that thought for the past week that the Jays had committed to the highest bid for Darvish?

    That’s my attempt at humor. But honestly unless a name is associated with a “source” I think everything attributed to a source should be taken with a “grain of salt”.

    • good call. I still try to relate any yankee info i can find for the site.

      • Matt, hopefully you didn’t take my comment personally. I certainly did not mean or intend for it that way.

        My intent was that over the past several weeks both Cashman and Girardi have publicly stated pitching, pitching and more pitching was their priority. Yet to see the these “sources” the Yankees don’t appear to have an interest in any pitcher, period. Now I realize things have been relatively quiet on the Yankees front this off season. But I find it hard to reconcile the various comments.

  5. If Oswalt is healthy I’d be on him for 1 year. However the Yanks have had bad luck with veteran pitchers with bad backs so maybe that scares them….Randy johnson & Kevin brown had back issues I believe. Bad backs can be very debilitating for pitchers.

    • What I think soured Yankees on Randy Johnson was expectations and his $33MM 2yr. deal. All in all he wasn’t bad he still started 34 and 33 games respectively.

      As for Kevin Brown the Yankees got stupid with him offering him a 2 year $33MM deal as well at 39 years of age. I think he got that because he was an All Star the year before with the Dodgers in 2003. When in fact the 2 years prior to that (2001 and 2002 he only started 20 and 17 games respectively).

      Again just my opinion but a 1 year deal for $10 to $12MM guaranteed with some incentives after that should be a no brainer for some team to sign Oswalt.

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