Morning Bits: Andruw Jones, Luxury tax

Good morning – it’s Friday.  I will be away all weekend for the Holiday so I want to take this time to wish those that celebrate a Merry Christmas.

And here are the links….

* The Red Sox are wooing Andruw Jones.

* Yankees are hit with 13.9 million luxury tax.

* Yankees showing restraint this winter.

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  1. I hope to now see either Kuroda or Oswalt at a year contract and than we can move on from this.

    Cashman really can’t be this quiet all winter can he?

    • I am resigned to what you see is what you get, still need bench piece as I see it and it appears 4th outfielder filled from within. 2nd BUI from Japan, 2nd lefty a rule 5 their ya go , hope its enough.

    • Of course Cashman can be. Remember what he preached last year? Patience. I don’t think we will hear much over the next couple of weeks out of him. May be we might get some news around late January.

      You hit upon two of the pitching options still out there. I would add one more, Matt Garza. I think it’s pretty evident Theo wants to move him and I think he will be moved prior to spring training. He will probably make about $8.5MM via arbitration and he will be a FA in 2014. So the Yankees would only have his payroll on the books for 2 years. In time to shed it and get to or under the 2014 luxury tax threshold for 2014. And that $8.5MM for 2012 should be about $4MM less than it would take to sign either Oswalt or Kuroda.

      So I think Garza is still a possibility if Theo is somewhat reasonable in his expectation of prospects he expects in return.

      And that roughly $4MM less he would cost versus Kuroda or Oswalt should still be enough for the Yankees to sign another utility infielder and perhaps A. Jones in the OF.

      We’ll see.

  2. our own fishjam wrote about Matt Garza before you became a regular. Give it a read.

  3. I just read it very good piece. I can’t find anything to disagree with him about.

    I notice he suggest a trade package from the Yankees might be: Betances, Romine, one of Nunez/Phelps/Warren/Noesi and a 4th lesser prospect. All very promising prospects and all very cost friendly for a team for the next 5 or 6 years, but yet some already ML ready or will be ready in the next year.

    I think Garza’s improvement in Chicago is as much a sign of his maturing and moving out of Tampa as anything. I would expect his improvement to continue.

    If I’m the GM of either team I do it.

    • yeah i just don’t really see anything happening big with trades because wouldn’t of it happened by now already? who knows though i guess.

      • You would think it would have happened by now. But may be in Garza’s case if Theo realizes he can’t get exactly what he wants a package that is pretty decent might be enough. That is assuming Cashman decides to do something with the prospects.

        I’m just not sure I understand exactly what Cashman is waiting. The chances of all the prospects he is holding on to making it to the big league team are I would think slim and none. So why not get something of value for some of them, if you can still hold on to some of them for the future.

  4. Here is an excerpt from: dated 12/22/11. It concerns Linncecum and Cain.

    “…But let’s focus on what this is all about: Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum. As of this moment in time, it’s hard to conceive why Cain wouldn’t want to test the free agent market. Worse pitchers have been cashing in on lucrative long-term contracts of late, and Cain is a special case in that he becomes a free agent at a relatively young age. Why wouldn’t he want to maximize his potential earnings (and sign with a team that would provide better run support, for that matter)? The same goes for Lincecum, who is set to hit the free agent market a year after Cain. However, this is an area where the Giants know better than anyone else what their odds are of retaining the two. They are, after all, basing their future plans on securing the rotation…”

  5. Cain would be nice in pinstripes. Of the two though who are free next year. Him and Cole who would you rather see.

    I also just read the cubs are thinking of weather holding onto to Garza or trading him.

    • I would prefer Hamels, no question. But Cain would be nothing to sneeze at.

    • It would make more sense for them to trade him if they can get some decent pieces. After all the Cubs are not going to be competitive for the next 2 years at least. By that time Garza will be a FA. He in all likelihood at that time will test FA and probably move on.

      If your the Cubs why not get the pieces now that in 1 or 2 years will be both cost effective and help the team also.

      Just my opinion but I definitely think Garza will be’s a matter of when not if.

  6. Just read the below piece on MLB TradeRumors:
    Red Sox, Yankees Both Pursuing Hiroki Kuroda
    By Mike Axisa [December 23 at 5:51pm CST]
    Only two teams had to pay luxury tax this year, and now they’re both after the same pitcher. Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (on Twitter) that both the Yankees and Red Sox are pursuing Hiroki Kuroda now that he’s willing to leave California.

    Kuroda, 37 in February, is one of the few remaining free agent innings eaters. The Yankees are said to like the veteran righty more than other available pitchers, and the Sox were reportedly trying to decide between signing Kuroda and trading for Gio Gonzalez as of a few days ago. With Gonzalez now in Washington, the decision has been made for them. Kuroda is looking for a $12-13MM annual salary.

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