Yankes not interested in Kuroda & Posada to Tampa maybe a backup plan

Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York heard from sources that the Yankees aren’t likely to bid for Hiroki Kuroda.

Kuorda is thought to be seeking a contract worth around $12-13 million annually, which would balloon to around $17 million in total cost because of where the Yankees sit on the luxury tax threshold. The 36-year-old right-hander is also drawing interest from the Red Sox, and Matthews suspects that the Yankees’ involement is a bluff to drive up the price on their direct rival. Kuroda posted a 3.07 ERA and 161/49 K/BB ratio in 202 innings this past season.

Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times speculates that talk of the Rays acquiring free agent veteran Jorge Posada “sounds like much more of a backup plan.”

The Rays already have three catchers on their depth chart in Jose Molina, Jose Lobaton and Robinson Chirinos, and are likely to use Matt Joyce as their primary designated hitter. Posada is also drawing interest from the Orioles and Phillies, so he’s not quite out of options yet. The 40-year-old hit .235/.315/.398 in 387 plate appearances this past season for the Yankees.

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  1. So if they don’t bid on Kuroda who is left? Maybe Oswalt is the pitcher they are seeking? They seriously can’t start with the rotation they have now can they?

    • Oswalt might be of interest to them on a 1 year deal. But I think he will have to come down to the neighborhood of $7 to $9MM for them to make a run.
      Also, I guess Gavin Floyd is a possibility via a trade with the White Sox he’s due to make $7MM in 2012 with a team option of $9.5MM for 2013. He could make sense if the White Sox don’t want an arm and leg for him. What he potentially offers the Yankees is perhaps the ability to eat some of AJ’s salary on a trade. The Yankees could effectively eat about $16MM of AJ’s salary and theoretically just substitute Floyd for AJ in the rotation at what would have been AJ’s salary for 2 years of $33MM.

  2. BALLPARK….long time. Hope this finds you, and your family well….. BALLPARK, I have left you the entire stage, over at iYankees….to respond to those that say that, that was your post to me on Xmas morning. I say no way.


      • This is the last warning and it goes for both of you. Read the commenting guideline, follow it, or your comments will be deleted. And if it doesn’t stop after that, bans will have to be issued. Once again, this goes for both of you.

        This “conflict” ends here.

        • MIKE D…..You better check his posts. I have not addressed this person. I post others, and I become a shooting gallery. Do as you wish. But it is time Matthew reigns in his dog.

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