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Brian Cashman unveils rotation plan

Brian Cashman unveils rotation plan

By Delia E.

After the Yankees have acquired Michael Pineda from the Mariners for Jesus Montero & Hector Noesi & after signing Hiroki Kuroda, Brian Cashman unveils his next phase dealing with the 7 starters that he has: battle it out for the 5th spot in the rotation.

The Yankees have CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia, A.J Burnett, Michael Pineda, Hiroki Kuoda & Phil Hughes as his starters but he reveals that Sabathia (obviously), Nova, Pineda & Kuroda will have guarenteed spots. A fight for a spot will be between A.J Burnett (who I am personally rooting for), Freddy Garcia & Phil Hughes.

So grab your popcorn, sit in front of your T.V in March & watch the tensions rise in what I like to call “Survivor: Battle For The 5th Spot”

Pineda & Kuroda now Yankees

Kuroda a Yankee as well pending a physical details to come…..

Jack Curry of YES Network reports that the Yankees have signed Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year deal worth between $10-11 million, pending a physical. The 37-year-old Kuroda has very quietly posted a quality 3.45 ERA and 1.19 WHIP over four seasons stateside, averaging 6.7 K/9 and 2.1 BB/9. He’ll join a rotation which is set to include some combination of CC Sabathia, Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes, A.J. Burnett and Freddy Garcia.

Pineda to the Yankees and Montero to the Mariners

by Matt S.

According to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com, the Mariners have acquired Jesus Montero from the Yankees for right-hander Michael Pineda. Greg Johns of MLB.com was told by a team source that the Mariners will acquire Montero and right-hander Hector Noesi from the Yankees for Pineda and prospect right-hander Jose Campos. It’s a stunning deal in many respects, but the Mariners needed an impact bat in the worst way. It will be interesting to see whether he is used at designated hitter or whether the club tries to stick him behind the plate. Pineda turns 23 next week and posted a 3.74 ERA and 173/55 K/BB ratio over 171 innings as a rookie last season. He should fit quite nicely behind C.C. Sabathia in the rotation for the next few years.

Open Thread

This is the Open Thread feel free to comment on any baseball related topics you want to bring up.

Here are some things you may want to discuss…..

* Andrew Marchand of ESPNNewYork.com reports that the Yankees are “60-40” to become more aggressive in adding to the roster before spring training.

* Jayson Stark of ESPN.com reports that the Diamondbacks are showing interest in free agent right-hander Bartolo Colon.

* Buster Olney of ESPN.com reports that the asking prices for free agent starters Roy Oswalt, Hiroki Kuroda and Edwin Jackson “have come down significantly.”

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SWB Yankees: On the Road?

Teams in all leagues enjoy the thought of coming home after a long road-trip, sitting in their own clubhouse, working out on their own field and enjoying the advantages they have when teams come to visit them.

One team that won’t be so lucky is the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees.

The Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees are having a $40 Million ballpark makeover but the Yanks won’t be able to play in their own ballpark for the whole 2012 season. Instead they will be playing the whole season at parks that they are less familiar with. With that said, the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees won’t be the road team during the whole season – they will be the home team in half of their games just as always.

However, it could definitely be hard for the Scranton Yanks, because constantly being on the move will result in fatigue. Also, the Yanks will be at a disadvantage against other teams, as they won’t be in their own ballpark.

Take the New York Yankees for example. Imagine that the Yankees needed construction on Yankee Stadium and they couldn’t play there the whole year. Instead the Yankees would be in different stadiums for home games. Not all ballparks play to the strength of the Yankee players. For example, a Curtis Granderson double to right in Comerica Park might just be a homer at Yankee Stadium. Or, if you had Brett Gardner playing in front of the Green Monster at Fenway Park, his excellent range wouldn’t have the same impact as it would in left-field at Yankee Stadium.

Now apply all of those things into Scranton. Having an outfielder who is used to the dimensions of PNC Field, but is constantly on the move could alter their game. If one of their pitchers is more tailored for pitching at PNC Field, then that advantage is taken away. If they have a power hitter who constantly hits it over the right field wall, they won’t get as many homers because the dimensions in the other stadium could be larger.

Some of the players that we have in Scranton are prized prospects so all the traveling will take a huge toll on them. I would suggest that, to prevent getting overwhelmed, some of them should be sent to Trenton. The Thunder, unlike Scranton Wilkes-Barres, have their ballpark during the year, and it would be best if the prospects didn’t have to deal with the wear and tear of traveling constantly.

Scranton obviously has a lot to deal with since they have to be on the road all year and, let’s face it, the life of a minor league player isn’t glamorous in the first place. But if they are able to come out of this with something positive, then maybe the obstacles that were in the way were there for a reason. Plus, they would have experience with doing it again if they ever have to.

Morning Bits: Spring Training, SWB Yankees, Rick Down

It’s Friday and I’m ready for this weekend to begin.

Here are your links…..

*The Yankees begin to stir as spring training nears.

* SWB Yankees are likely to have a veteran presence.

* Rick Down rejoins the Yankees as a minor league instructor.