Morning Bits: Montero-Pineda Trade, Kuroda, Pena

Good morning everyone. It’s mind-blowing how much a team can change in a mere couple of hours. Well, that’s exactly what happened last evening. The Yankees traded top-prospect Jesus Montero, and RHP Hector Noesi, for Seattle RHSP Michael Pineda, and RHP Jose Campos. Pineda will slot in after C.C. Sabathia in the pitching rotation, while Campos is an extremely high-upside pitching prospect. The Yankees also signed Hiroki Kuroda to a 1 yr / $10MM. Kuroda and Ivan Nova figure to fill in the 3-4 slots in the rotation.

Here are your morning links…

Bernie Pleskoff of analyzes the Montero, Noesi — Pineda, Campos deal from both sides of the trade.

Scott Miller of CBSSports believes the additions of Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda make the Yankees the AL East favorites.

Jon Heyman of CBSSports writes that Carlos Pena is now on the Yankees’ radar to be the 2012 DH.

With Montero gone, the Yankees now have a number of different options to fill the DH. They simply do a platoon of designated hitters, including veterans- A-Rod, Teixeira, and Jeter. They could make A-Rod the full-time DH, and either: put Nunez at 3B, or look for outside 3B help. Or, they could sign a DH, like Carlos Pena, Johnny Damon, Vlad Guerrero, or Hideki Matsui. And of course, there are more options than the ones I listed.

Here is one last article on the Pineda-Montero trade:

David Waldstein of the NY Times writes about how the Yankees have bolstered their rotation.

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Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. Have I said already how much I love these deal for the Yankees. Because if not I really love these 2 deals Cashman made last night.

  2. What if this happened….. (from mlbtr)

    “The Yankees initially tried to acquire Felix Hernandez from the Mariners, reports Jon Heyman of (via Twitter) and were willing to offer a package that included Montero, Betances, Banuelos and more.”

  3. I have a suggestion for DH…

    Maybe we can ask Jorge to come out of retirement and be the DH for one year? Just kidding, but seriously the Yankees should use the DH for players that should get the half day off like Jeter, A-Rod, Cano, Teixeira…

    • I could see that and you could also have Jones fill in their as well when they are all playing the field.

      I think the Yankees will sign someone for that position though I hope if they do it’s only a 1 year deal.

      • I kinda would like to see them sign Damon. Even though he is declining, he’s a fantastic presence to have on the team. He obviously wouldn’t match his 2009 numbers, but if he’s going to have a good amount of success anywhere, Yankee Stadium is such a great fit.

  4. UYF i was wondering if you updated your payroll spread sheet for this year and if you have would you like to share. Thanks.

    • Yes, I have. I have a few errands to run this morning I’ll post it in about an hour or so around noon.

    • Here is my latest update as to the Yankees 2012 estimated payroll through all transactions, please keep in mind while most are numbers directly from Cot’s some are my estimates for arbitration and pre-arb players. But it does give you a very good idea of where the payroll stands as of this morning.

      Player………………………Salary (2012)
      Rodriguez, Alex……………$30,000,000
      Sabathia, CC………………$23,000,000
      Teixeira, Mark……………..$23,125,000
      Jeter, Derek………………..$16,000,000
      Burnett, A.J…………………$16,500,000
      Rivera, Mariano…………..$15,000,000
      Cano, Robinson…………..$14,000,000
      Soriano, Rafael……………$11,000,000
      Swisher, Nick……………….$10,250,000
      Granderson, Curtis………$10,000,000
      Kuroda, Hiroki……………..$10,000,000
      Garcia, Freddy……………$4,000,000
      Martin, Russell…………….$6,600,000
      Hughes, Phil……………….$3,000,000
      Gardner, Brett…………….$3,200,000
      Jones, Andruw…………….$2,000,000
      Chamberlain, Joba……….$1,700,000
      Logan, Boone……………..$1,600,000
      Robertson, David…………$1,500,000
      Nova, Ivan…………………..$550,000
      Nunez, Eduardo…………..$500,000
      Pineda, Michael…………..$480,000
      Wade, Cory………………..$500,000
      Dickerson, Chris………….$500,000
      Pena, Ramiro……………..$500,000
      Cervelli, Francisco………$480,000
      Chavez, Eric……………… F/A – No Figure
      Feliciano, Pedro…………$4,000,000 (DL)
      TOTAL…………………..$209,985,000 +/-

      Note: Figures assume all players on ML Roster for the entire year. That obviously is not the case with every single player listed.

      Garcia can earn more than $1.5 million in additional incentives. He will earn a bonus of $250,000 if he makes 25 starts, and would hit additional incentives
      of $250,000 each if he makes 27, 29 and 30 starts. He can earn an extra $275,000 for his 31st start of 2012, and $300,000 for a 32nd start.

      Jones can earn $1.45 million in additional incentives. He will earn a bonus of $45,000 each for 100 and 125 plate appearances, and would hit additional
      incentives of $70,000 apiece for 150, 175, 200 and 225, $170,000 each for 250 and 275, $220,000 apiece for 300 and 325 and $300,000 for 350.

      A-ROD can earn $30 million in incentives. That’s $6MM each for reaching 660 , 714 , 755, 762 HR’s and an additional $6MM for passing 762 HR’s.

      Hope this information is helpful to anyone interested.

  5. Thanks Dan…….. really liked reading this part…..

    “If I had to throw a future projection on him, I’d say Campos has a good shot at holding down a third or fourth slot in a rotation in fine fashion, with a chance at being a number two if his command improves sufficiently. If his command doesn’t progress enough, however, he could still have solid enough value as a late-inning reliever with his stuff. This is a kid to keep an eye on, and be more than willing to get excited about.”

    • If I may add something to that. With the way the new MLB CBA is the Yankees hands are somewhat tied with signing “prospects” with the slotting system even for international players come July 2012.

      So getting a kid like this and at his age and potential upside is a pretty good deal in my opinion for the Yankees.

      • On the topic of draft slotting, you also have to look at Jose Campos being included in the deal. He’s a 6’4″ 195 lb, 19-yr old with big potential. There was a quote from a NL Executive who said Campos would be “a Top 10 pick” if he were in this year’s Draft. That is huge considering the yanks never get those types of talents in the draft and it will be extremley difficult to get pitchers like that on the Int’l market as well.

        Seattle has a great program in Venezuela and they bring in a lot of talent from there. Campos dominated short-season ball last season and I’m excited to see him pitch for Charleston this season. He could vault into being the Yankees best pitching prospect behind Banuelos.

  6. Delia, I’d sign either Damon or Matsui to DH but that depends on the salary. I would only give either of them $1.5MM guaranteed and add in incentives of $500K total. That could bring their package to a max of $2MM. Both are strictly DH’ers now. I’d make both of them the exact same offer the first one to accept gets the job. And the way I see it Thome signed with the Phillies for $1.25MM guaranteed. Even Andruw Jones who the Yankees only recently signed got $2MM guaranteed and he can and will play the field when necessary.

    I don’t see the Yankees going with Carlos Pena. First off he will cost to much and he’ll also want more then a 1 year deal and probably want more playing time then the Yankees can guarantee him.

  7. In addition to loving this trade from a Yankees fan perspective because of who the Yankees got and I absolutely believe the Yankees are better as a team today then they were on Friday morning. I think it’s a great deal for them because it doesn’t saddle them with a high priced pitcher for several years that would take them out of the running to sign one of the potential 2013 Premier Starting Pitcher FA’s.
    And as I read on some of the other blogs. Considering what Cleveland gave up for Jimenez, the Reds gave up for Latos and the Nationals gave up for Gio Gonzalez. And what Epstein was asking for to trade Garcia. Cashman absolutely stole Pineda and Campos.

    • Montero is probably so pissed that he goes from hitting with all those elite hitters in YSIII to Safeco field. oh well.

      Out of this their will be a free roster spot on the 40 man but that will be taken whenever they get the physical done for Andruw Jones.

  8. one thing that has to stop is Yankee fans I heard on the radio or read online today wanting Prince Fielder now. That isn’t going to happen with the new model of spending that the Yankees want to go with.

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