Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Montero, Pineda, DH, Prospects

Hello all I go through all the Yankee Blogs and put together the weeks best articles and bring them to you. A lot has happened in a week with the trade and signing of Kuroda.   So let’s get right to it.

* An A-Blog for A-Rod has a farewell to Jesus Montero.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue has the race for DH.

* Mike Silva of NYBD is managing the expectations of Pineda.

* NoMaas says not to sleep on the Kuroda signing.

* NYYUNIVERSE is asking if the Yankees made the right move in the trade of Montero for Pineda.

* Pinstripe Alley approves of the trade for Pineda.

* River Ave Blues is looking at the long term catching situation.

* Road to Yankee Stadium has an updated 2012 Prospect list.

* The Captain’s Blog is asking if the Yankees are playing good cop bad cop.

* The Yankee Analysts is against a rotating DH.

* Yanks Go Yard is talking the trade as well.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Ballpark baseball – 2014 NY Yankees lineup:

    CF Gardner
    3rd Headley – in house options could be Adam or Joseph.
    LF Ellsbury – signed not only because he’s a good player but also to tweak the Sox.
    RF Billy Butler – acquired in a trade before spring training ends.
    2nd Cano – on a longer term extension.
    1st Teixeira
    Dh Alex
    C Romine/Murphy platoon.
    SS Nunez

    SP CC
    SP Nova
    SP Pineda
    SP Banuelos
    SP Turley or any one of a number of in house options but prefers a third lefty.

    RP Robertson
    RP Betances
    RP Lefty/???? in house Sneed or rule V pick this year Cabral
    RP Lefty/???? in house Bleich or Cabral.
    RP Montgomery
    RP ???? in house Stoneburner or another starter turned reliever.
    RP long man/???? in house

    UI Ibarra
    UO Abe/Zolio Almonte….Heathcott?

    Leaving 1 bench role open ????/Heathcott? Jeter????

    Billy Butler comes in a trade involving Hughes an one of Warren, Mitchell or Phelps plus.more.
    He would be the DH in 2012 moving to RF for 2013.
    Headley would be a trade target after this season.
    Ellsbury signs after the 2013 season when he becomes a free agent or maybe a trade for Jay Bruce if he does not want to come here.

    If Joseph won the third base job he would likely bat 8th with Nunez moving up to 2nd.

    This team could come in just under 189 and be viable for both 2014 and 2015 with a little create managing of multiple year deal contracts for Nova, Pineda and Robertson.

    Ballpark welcomes comments……………..

    • nice stuff. curious why Ballpark doesn’t stop by? Would love to see him comment on his own. but this is great anyway.

      The Butler rumors are heating up as you can see alot of articles around the internet about it.

      • Matt – he may on occasion. If the comments are good you will likely hear from him tomorrow morning.

        Personally I really like this team. We have talked a lot about how the team needs to grow going forward with an eye looking back on how the 90’s team were built. This team does that imo.

    • Ballpark….good afternoon. Hope this post finds you well. Many folks have asked about you. Knowing you as I do….why do you now post through a second party? That is not your style. And, “Ballpark welcomes comments?”…. Are you in bad health? This makes no sense. Anyway, that is my comment. The best to your family……………patrick.

      • YFU…I don’t get this. Does anyone else question the authenticity of a Ballpark posting, put up by a second party? Does someone now sit by his bedside, and take down notes on baseball line ups? Ballpark can no longer post on his own?…..And now the best part of it….’If the comments are good, you will likely hear from him tomorrow”. Really! Has Ballpark now become the great, and wonderful OZ?…I question the fact that this is linked to Ballpark……….Fishjam, you know him best…what say you?… My words are baseball related. That is why I put my post here.

        • Patrick, I have no horse in this race as they say, being a “newcomer” here. And I will just make this one comment since you posed the question. I find it strange that anyone would comment through a second party at least any more then 1 time.

          If you what to express your views about the Yankees or baseball in general I find the best way to express those opinions/views is by doing so yourself. But that’s just me. I know I would never ask another to post my thoughts. But to each his own, I guess.

          But like I said that’s just me I don’t know this individual. With that I’m going back to express my disgust at what Martin expects to get via arbitration.

          • UYF1950…thanks for your thoughts. I agree….. I’m not sure if you read my words, a week or two back…….but if there was a vote for rookie poster of the year…you are it. Like your spirit, style, and humility. As for Russell Martin, he fell into the Yankees lap, last year…and is one of the top tier catchers in baseball. He earned his money, in my opinion. Take care.

    • Some thoughts BP why did ya skip 2013 and go right to 2014?

      You don’t think Sanchez will be ready by 2014? Or do you think the yankees regard Murphy more. All in all Romine/Sanchez/Murphy can’t be on the team in 2014 i’d guess so one or two will be good trade chips.

      Ellsbury is interesting what thoughts of a contract do you see him getting?

      I don’t see a ? mark with Jeter he isn’t going anywhere. Not as a fan but more of Jeter wanting to tag on the hits.

      Francesa (you know when i’m quoting him i’m pulling for stuff here) but said he won’t be surprised to see Jeter go to Tampa after 2014. He said if Babe Ruth could play for another team so could Jeter.

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