A-Rod sees the DH spot as a a revolving door for veterans

ARod sees the DH spot as a a revolving door for veterans

by: fishjam25

ARod has said the following to ESPN Deportes:

“I think the vision for us as a team is now … you want the DH spot to be one that’s kind of a revolving door,” Rodriguez told ESPN Deportes. “I think a lot of us at some point or another, in such a long season, are going to occupy that spot. But for me, I’m really excited about playing third base.”

Alex went on to say that he has not discussed the DH spot with Girardi or Cashman and that this is just his opinion.  Obviously if his take is accurate, the team will not be adding a significant bat and the reports that Cashman is looking for someone to take $1-2 Million is accurate.

Source: ESPN Deportes / Fox Sports

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  1. As long as the off-season workout and the procedure in Germany work out he should be ok to play third.

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