Morning Bits: Pineda, Montero, Shortstop, Sabathia’s diet,

Good morning all.  Enjoy the snow.  Yesterday we learned about Gardner avoiding an arbitration hearing and getting signed. Now we are down to two guys Logan and Martin.

Here are the links to get you through the morning…..

* Larry Stone of the Seattle Times reports that the Mariners are getting closer to making the Montero for Pineda deal official.

* Chad Jennings of Lohud takes a look at the organizational depth at shortstop.

* Adam Berry of says a slimmer C.C. plans to watch diet more closely.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I’m glad the Yankees & Gardner worked something out to avoid a big arbitration mess. Now that just leaves Russell Martin & Boone Logan.

  2. just read this….

    According to Fernando Ballesteros of Mexican baseball magazine Puro Béisbol, free agent reliever Luis Ayala is weighing offers from the Angels and the Orioles and could sign with one of the two clubs “at any moment.”

  3. Here is a piece from MLBTR:

    Luis Ayala Choosing Between Angels, Orioles
    By Nick Collias [January 20 at 10:25pm CST]
    Reliever Luis Ayala is weighing offers from the Angels and the Orioles and could sign with one of the two “at any moment,” according to Fernando Ballesteros at the Mexican baseball magazine Puro Béisbol (via Twitter, in Spanish). The Padres, he writes, were also involved but have left negotiations with the 34-year-old. According to Ballesteros, Ayala is seeking a two-year deal.

    Ayala earned the privilege of being choosy this winter after a resurgent 2011 with the Yankees. He signed a minor league deal with the team in January after a lost 2010 season, but ended up finishing 20 games and pitching to a 2.09 ERA in 56 innings. His rate of 6.3 K/9 tied previous season highs, and he generated ground balls 50 percent of the time. Last week we learned that the Yankees still had interest in bringing him back, but Ballesteros writes that the team isn’t among those currently interested in Ayala.

  4. found this interesting…..

    Rangers co-owner Bob Simpson would rather re-sign Josh Hamilton than sign Prince Fielder, according to the Dallas Morning News.

  5. Matt…
    I think the Rangers made the right call on Hamilton. Josh is a much better all around player and if he stays healthy will hit about the same if not better…counting all hitting aspects.

    • I know your a big fan of Hamilton. I know you told me awhile back he reminds your of mantle. correct? what do you see similar and different comparing him to Mantle?

      • Josh is not a switch hitter, he is a bit slower, and can’t (shouldn’t) bunt.
        Now that may sound like a lot of difference but, when one is compared to the fastest guy in major leagues…2.9 to 1st from the left side, it really isn’t at all.
        Josh has great power, very good speed, goes all out, is a better fielder (by a bit) and can’t stay healthy.
        He is maybe the closest guy I have seen that is a true 5 tool player…maybe it should be, was! A lot of guys are so called 5 tool players but, only have 4 tools or less. I would say Josh is or was a good 5 tool player at one time, now…not so much but, still good enough to be very useful, even more so the some of the others .
        He is not a Mickey Mantle clone but he was very good and still is good.

        • Hi Ken….

          Hamilton’s ability is scary. Perhaps the most talented player in MLB but like Mantle, has had similar impediments that robbed us fans of seeing how good he could have been. Some were of his own doing and others were by chance.

          If not for losing several years to substance abuse and his constant injuries, Hamilton could be dominating baseball. Same can be said for the Mick with his late nights & drinking and the devasting knee and other injuries he endured.

          It’s amazing Mantle had the great career he did but I’m sure it makes you wonder sometime……….What if he was healthy and took care of himself?

        • Ken, by the way…….

          Have you had the chance to see Slade Heathcott in person yet? By no means am I saying he has Mantle-like ability, although Slade is extremley talented. But the reason I ask, is it looks like Slade has the same body type as a young Mantle. He’s a powerfully built 6’1″ chiseled player with the same shoulders as I’ve seen in pics of a young Mick.

          What do you think?

          • Trying to find paperwork in my files but, the only thing I can find is a brief note from Charleston…”Player to watch”. Now I have read some reports of him that say he may have the ability to play in major leagues shortly yada, yada, yada……!
            It seems every player we have is going to have a great career, if not a star…wish it were so but, we know better.
            If I remember right, oh here it is, “hasn’t shown much power but, should grow into it”.
            Fishjam you asked, so I ask you, what info have you run across?
            I must have some more stuff around here and I’ll see what I can find, OK?
            Let me know what you think of his tools etc.?

            • When i saw Slade play this yr, he showed amazing skills but has a lot of work to do because has as many questions as he does tools. These were my observations:

              He has plus speed but is not a successful base stealer yet and made a couple of mental errors on the bases. He was timed 4.03 home to 1st base on one instance I observed which is above average MLB speed and scout at game said he’s been timed faster.

              I love his defense and beleive it’s his best and most advanced tool right now. he gets great jumps in CF and takes good routes to the ball. His arm is probably MLB average.

              He shows ability to be a good hitter. He hung in well against a tough lefty and uses the entire field from foul line to foul line. Has a decent swing and the size and strength to hit for power but he has had 2 season-ending shoulder injuries in his short career.

              He had a troubled upbringing during his HS years and also had a drinking problem in his first yr with the organization. He says he’s refomed himself and most around him thought he was a different guy this yr but he was suspended this yr for fighting with an oppossing cather after getting beaned. The character issues and the recurring shoulder issues leave a lot of questions. He needs to play a full year of healthy baseball without issues to show what he can do as he’s yet to play more than 76 games in a season.

  6. OldKenny…Seventyseven……… are you? You confuse your fans again. How? Your posting name is Oldyankee77, the “new” dog & PC has you as Oldyankee7….Too much cabin fever in western NY ?

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