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Good evening all on this day when Posada officially retired.   Also lots of another news out on this busy day.

* Jesse Sanchez of reports that Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes has established residency in the Dominican Republic.

* Bryan Hoch of has everything from the retirement of Posada.

* Jason Beck of writes that it “sounds like” the Tigers will use a rotation at the corner infield spots following the signing of Prince Fielder, including using Miguel Cabrera at third base on some days.

* Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Giants have reached agreement on a two-year, $40.5 million contract with right-hander Tim Lincecum.

This is your Open Thread feel free to talk about anything mentioned above or anything else you want.

Enjoy the night.

About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. This just in:

    Yankees Avoid Arbitration With Russell Martin

  2. The settlement is for: $7.5MM with an addition $100K in performance incentives. So the deal could wind up to be $7.6MM exactly half way between the salaries submitted.

  3. worth noting….

    Yoenis Cespedes’ representative, Edgar Mercedes, told Dionisio Soldevila of the Associated Press that the Cuban outfielder is officially a free agent.

  4. Inquiring minds ask. I would like to pose another question for those far smarter then this poster.
    Let’s assume the Rangers do NOT resign Josh Hamilton this off season and he becomes a FA after the 2012 season.

    If you were Brian Cashman and you had an opportunity to sign the then 31 year old Hamilton to a 4 year/$66MM deal ($16.5MM per) would you? Realizing if you did you could not exercise Granderson’s 2013 option for $15MM and he would walk.


    Would you pass on Hamiliton exercise Granderson’s 2013 option and try and resign the 32 year old Granderson for 4 years/$66MM =$16.5MM per starting with the 2014 season?

    It’s important to note that in my post. Granderson is 32 when the Yankees would be attempting to sign him to a 4 year deal and Hamilton is 31 when the Yankees attempted to sign him. And since they were born within 2 months of each other there would be truly 1 years difference at the time of their respective signings in my example.

    So which would it be?

    • Wow tough call for me. Granderson knows how to play in New York already while Hamilton had to fight his demons earlier in his career and would New York be to tough for him with so many temptations.

      I guess it all depends on Granderson’s year this year.

      Can you take both when Swish will be gone next year?

      I would love to see Hamilton mash in Yankee Stadium.

      • Dallas/Ft Worth isn’t exactly a safe haven for someone fighting addiction problems. NY would certainly be tougher but I don’t think he’s the same person he was was a few years back.

        If the Yankees really intend to get to the luxury cap threshold in 2014 having 2 $16MM plus outfielders is pretty tough on the budget. I think that would mean the Yankees would have to recognize that their starting rotation could not exceed $32 or $33MM in my estimate for 2014. If they can do that it’s doable in my opinion.

      • Matt, I should have also included in my previous response if they had a commitment from Jeter that he would NOT exercise his 2014 option it’s doable as well. And the Yankees could probably spend a little more (just a little more) on their starting pitching in that case.

  5. I don’t think the Yanks will be in the free agent market for and outfielder. With the 189 million cap in 2014 I think the Yanks will move let Grandy go and put Gardner or Mason Williams in CF. I like the idea of signing Jorge Soler and having an outfield of Soler, Williams, and Gardner in the outfield. Then the Yanks can sign Hamels or Cain. At this point in time, I think Cashman is leaning towards a rotation of CC, Pineda, Nova, Hughes, and Baneulos in 2014. If this works out then the Yanks will resign Grandy and only need one outfielder. No way the Yanks sign Hamilton, and it looks like this will be Swisher’s last year in the Bronx.

    • Neither Soler (if he is signed by the Yankees) or Williams will be ready for the big league club for the 2014 season.

    • It’s a lot to go with the unproven of Soler and Williams. Both have high upside. I for one would love them to get Soler but if they do lets’ see how he pans out against other talent in the minors. Let’s also see how Williams does in higher level this year.

      I am def with you that Swish is done after this year.

      • Matt, that’s true but even that would only have him finishing the 2012 year in Tampa. He still would have to spend time in Trenton and then Triple A (SWB). I don’t think he would make it through those 2 in 2013. I think you are looking at 2015 for Williams and Solar (2015 would be the best case) even if the Yankees signed him.

        But like you said I would not feel comfortable at all with 2 “unproven rookies” manning the outfield for the Yankees.

    • Rossi…
      I like your thinking except for the time line…time is not on our side with Williams and Soler! 2014 we move Brett to CF, one of Maxwell, Golson in LF with Dickerson, Slade, or Mesa in right.
      Problem solved…aren’t I smart? No…not so much, talent drop off is a big one don’t you think?
      It is do-able but, I have no idea if it would be a productive line-up with those players. Of course there have been many players doing so so in the minors that, given the chance, they become very good players…could this happen with these players…I don’t know but, it could happen, right? Well, maybe…maybe not!

  6. Just saw this:

    Andruw Jones, Yankees finalize $2 million deal
    01/25/2012 4:49 PM ET
    By The Associated Press

  7. The opening day roster is almost complete. Just 2 more pieces I believe and the Yankees are done.
    1) Utility Infielder – Chavez or someone from in house
    2) Bullpen guy potentially

  8. You got that right uyf…
    Some of the young-uns think, cutting the pie is an after game treat! Just kidding!
    I some times pity the younger generation, They missed out on seeing some of the greatest players of all time in their best years.
    How many of them would be shocked to see Bob Gibson just throw bee-bees and not let anyone crowd the plate…Jeter, Posada and some of those guys that are diving over the plate would get a high hard one stuck in their ear. Or the tandem of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax along with Osteen and Podres (4man rotation). Sal “The Barber” Maggly(SP). These guys would go 9 or more innings almost every game.
    Remember the “Cleveland Jet” Herb Score, Bob Feller, Bob Turly…now those three guys could bring hot hot hot heat and I don’t care who you are, you would never dig in against Turly or the others…at least, not twice.
    There were many other old timers pitchers and Pos. Players that some never saw, in real life.
    This is why I always say, “Stats are a very good tool but, not a bible,” a very well trained eye lets the stats show him a problem but it depends on who rights the stats to be put into a PC and printed out.

  9. So, I ain’t got no learnings or OOOOps!

  10. uyf1950………..good evening. It’s been a few days. Hope all is well.
    RE: your post about adding an arm to the bullpen. My dark horse, and possible lightning in the bottle candidate…Adam Wayne Miller. 31st. over all pick, out of high Cleveland, in 2003…..27 yrs. old, RH, and sits at 94-96. Physical issues have hindered him. Yankees signed
    him December 16th. Take care.

  11. Matthew…Thanks for stopping by. Just like old times. I left you a response….patrick.

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