Getting to Know Cuban Prospect Jorge Soler

Originally Posted 12/6/2011

Name Jorge Soler

Height 6’3

Weight 205

Age/DOB (19)  2/25/1992

Bats/Throws  R/R

Position Outfielder

Jorge Soler is younger than the other big named Cuban Cespedes which both are Outfielders.  Soler has all the tools but is probably a couple years away from what I have been reading from joining the major leagues.   Kevin Goldstein who is a good source labeled the Yankees, Rangers and Phillies in that order in getting Soler.

While Cespedes is believed to be a 30-30 guy most experts believe Soler could be a 4o homerun guy.  With how big his body is most feel he will move from CF to a corner outfield position.

Nationals Director of International Scouting Johnny DiPuglia also said “he’s got a Hanley Ramirez-type body. Plus arm. Plus bat speed. He’s a good kid, a good-energy kid.”

So to sum it up Soler will be a project that has the tools who the Yankees could mold and wait on in a couple years to fill a spot in the big show.


Still to this date Jorge Soler is not a house hold name like Cespedes who is still a driving force in the rumors and ramblings.   As for Soler the picture above is really all you can find about him on the internet.  He has no Youtube videos or any other information out as of today.  Most of the information about him is coming from second or third hand accounts.   What is fact is the higher ups in the know all seem to think he will start in the minors and could be an elite prospect and will cost much less than Cespedes.

Another thing is the Yankees are short on high level outfield prospects in the minors.  Besides Mason Williams and Slade Heathcott the out look isn’t that great.  So why not the Yankees take a chance on him and see how he will pan out.

As more information comes available about Soler we will have all the latest right here at Yankees Fans Unite.

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  1. “Kevin Goldstein who is a good source labeled the Yankees, Rangers and Phillies in that order in getting Soler.”

    I hope he’s right and that’s the way they finish once the bidding is done.

  2. I have been in contact with a guy that owes me big time, from a few years ago! He e-mailed me that his brother was working out at the same place as Solor. Hopefully I can pick -up something concrete, not speculation but facts…maybe, and maybe there isn’t any news at all.
    Some of the writers have forgotten about Armando Rivero a 23 year old right hander with a mid to high fastball, slider, spliter and change
    Gerardo Concepcion the 19 year old Lefty was 10-3 with a 3.36 era.
    Both were pitching for the Cuban Big team, knowing that may change things a bit. Both of the pitchers could be dropped into AA and work their way to the big show by next year sometime.
    What think you guys?

  3. This is a no brainer for the Yanks, Soler is exactly what the Yanks need in the OF. He can take over for Swisher next year and he keeps the Yanks under the 189 million cap in 2014. The Yanks are looking to stockpile young outfeilders before the 2014.

  4. uyf1950…I think you are right but, we may not hear a thing until or if, they sign them.
    Most pitchers from Cuba are so set in their ways as to make it hard to have them change anything at all. As we have seen with most of the pitchers that have made it to the Show, they are older and a lot more innings under their belt.
    We have the chance to sign two young pitchers, pitchers that have been pitching on the Cuban team for a year and producing very well. Both of them are under 24 years old.
    With their experience and age, I don’t see it taking more then a year and a half, if that to be ready to help out the big boys.
    If the Yankees can sign all three of them, it would open up all sorts of things this year or next year. The pitchers make it easy to trade one or more pitchers we have or one of the Cubans.
    This is one reason I have been on the side lines in regards to trading for a #1-2 starter. Given time, we have a couple #4-5s and the same with #1-2-3s down on the farm.
    Future starters for the Yankees (or some where) Jorge Campos, Dellin Betances, Manny Banuelcs, Nik Turley, (the Cubans) Armando Rivero/Gerardo Concepcion and a few others that would be #4-5s

  5. I was about to say; “They should sign Ernie for 2nd base, Matt as catcher and Fishjam for starting pitcher and myself as closer.” Then I thought more about it and changed my mind, Ernie has a bad knee, Matt is too too Old and slow (you know catchers), Fishjam has an old arm problem (I think) and I, I don’t know if I could throw very hard. In fact, I don’t want to point out how fast my FB was “In the Day” I have heard it said, I was the only pitcher that could pitch and catch his own pitch…I think that means it was a little bit slow, which I don’t understand…I always threw it as hard as everyone else, it just didn’t get there as fast as most others.
    Oh,well I guess Ernie, fish, Matt and I will just retire. We are too good to play with a bunch of over priced has-beens anyhow…sorry Yanks, we refuse to be bought by a poultry $5mmmm each.

  6. The Yanks know that they can’t keep Swicher next year, so I think Soler is a great player to sign. He will be young, alot of upside, and controllable. This will give the Yanks the option of resigning Grandy or going after Hamels or Cain althought I’m not sure either will make it to free agency. Plan A sign Soler, Plan B let Swisher go, Plan C sign Hamels, Plan D keep Grandy and upgrade pitching in house.

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