Yankees In Serious Talks With Bill Hall

Yankees In Serious Talks With Bill Hall

By Delia E.

Ken Rosenthal reported that the Yankees were in serious talks with Bill Hall who is reportedly in the best shape of his life.

The role would be for the bench role obviously. Hall had a horrible 2011 but put up stellar numbers in 2010 with the Boston Red Sox having 18 HR’s in 342 plate appearences.

Reports from December claimed that Hall had lost 15 pounds and regained his foot speed.

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  1. I guess if “serious talk” leads to a contract that would signal “NO” Chavez. Which I think most of us here on this board were slowing coming to the realization of. IF Hall can give the Yankees as a bench player what he gave the Red Sox in 2010 he would be one heck of a find on the cheap.

    • If I recall correctly, I think Hall is a very close friend of CC’s. Think CC lobbied the Yanks to sign him a couple of yrs ago. Hope he still has something left because his versatility as someone who could play IF and OF would be a valuable thing to have.

  2. Just hope this doesn’t preclude them from getting a fairly significant bat to DH.

    • Well if they do indeed sign him and he takes up a roster spot that pretty much uses up all the roster spots for the 25 man active roster with one exception 1 additional pitcher for the bullpen. And that will be taken once Joba come back from TJS.

      Unless they move 1 of the 3 (Hughes, AJ or Garcia) they just don’t have any room for anyone else as best I can tell.

      • Even if they carry 12 pitchers, there should be 1 more open spot.
        They will carry at least 13 position players.
        You have the 8 starters and the following bench players:
        C – Cervelli
        IF – Nunez
        OF – A.Jones

        That leaves 2 spots. If Hall gets 1 that leaves 1 more for a potential OF/DH. If they don’t sign another hitter candidates would be Dickerson, Maxwell, Laird, Pena, Jayson Nix, DeWayne Wise & Cole Garner

        • Fishjam, you’re exactly right. The only problem that I see is which 2 of the 3 (Hughes, AJ or Garcia) is the one they move out of the theoretical starting rotation to give them the required number of pen pitchers.
          Girardi is already on record as saying they will NOT go with a 6 man roation:
          So the starting rotation is: CC, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova, ??? – which 2 of the 3 are odd men out.

          I’m presumming everyone breaks camp healthy.

        • Fishjam – I should have included in my previous response which 2 of the 3 get bumped from the starting rotation to the pen.

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