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Good evening all.  We had our first interview with a Yankee Prospect today if you haven’t read it scan down below for our interview with Slade Heathcott.  This is your Open Thread feel free to talk about whatever you like.  I will get you started with some links and notes.

* According to ESPN Chicago’s Bruce Levine, former Cubs GM Jim Hendry has been hired by the Yankees.  Hendry will function as a special assistant to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman as part of a multi-year agreement.

* Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports the Red Sox have offered free agent right-hander Edwin Jackson a one-year contract worth between $5-6 million.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Also it looks like Oritz and the Red Sox are going to go to arbitration. Hopefully Ortiz get’s every cent he wants.

    • IF, Jackson does wind up in Boston it isn’t going to be for $5 or $6MM. Pluse if he wants to make his numbers look good for a 2013 FA Fenway isn’t where he should pitch in 2012.

      I just don’t or can’t see his reasoning for taking a 1 year deal and hitting FA in 2013. With all the quality pitchers that as of today are scheduled to be available his value will be depressed.

  2. FYI for those that care. Garza’s arbitration hearing is scheduled for Friday.

  3. Not sure if anyone has seen this. But here is Baseball America’s ranking of the top 10 Yankees Prospects. And the link to the rest of MLB teams listed:

    New York Yankees
    Rk. Player
    1 Manny Banuelos, lhp
    2 Dellin Betances, rhp
    3 Gary Sanchez, c
    4 Mason Williams, of
    5 Jose Campos, rhp
    6 Dante Bichette, 3b
    7 Ravel Santana, of
    8 Austin Romine, c
    9 J.R. Murphy, c/3b
    10 Slade Heathcott, of

    • Nice list uyf, about what most here are in agreement with….not all!

      I would like to see two lists every year; One as you see above and another would list the best prospects in relation to major league ready.
      Look at the list…Mason Williams #4, maybe 2-3 years away and #8-Romine ready for prime time. I also, would have the list take into account the value of each player for the teams future.
      Asking to much? I would try but, I didn’t make my trip around the minors last year…which, I hope to correct this summer.

      • After the Slade interview the other day it made me appreciate him much more of how nice he was to give up some of his time for our blog. Also when you read his words you can see he seems grounded.

  4. Not sure if you guys have seen this but here is a link from ESPNBoston on the Sox and their continuing efforts to secure additional starters.

    • I don’t think the Sox have much of a chance to get either Oswalt or Jackson offering 1 yr at $5-6M.

      In Oswalt’s case the only way he’d take that little money would be to play for St.Louis. Jackson is said to have 3-yr offers on the table so if he agrees to a 1-yr deal it will be to pitch somewhere he can have a big year and try to make more money next yr. That place won’t be pitching in Fenway Park in the rugged AL East.

      Wish they would sign somewhere so the trade market opens up for Cashman to move a starter for a bat.

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