Curt Schilling: “Yankees Best In AL East”

Curt Schilling: “Yankees Best In AL East”

By Delia E.

Former Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling had nothing but nice things to say about the Yankees, and he even picked the Yankees as the best in the American League East.

“I can’t bet anything against the Yankees right now, especially after doing the Pineda trade.” Schilling told the New York Post. “Right now, I would go with the Yankees. The Red Sox would have to see how Carl Crawford comes back.”

Although while Schilling said the Yankees were the best right now, he didn’t leave out the Rays or the Blue Jays as a possibility.

“The Rays have an incredibly talented core group of young players. The Blue Jays will be interesting and John Farrell always gets a ton out of his players. The division will be much more competitive.”

See Yankees fans. Curt Schilling doesn’t root for the Red Sox all  the time.


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  1. I can’t believe that’s all he said! I mean the guy never shuts up! I bet he sits at home having conversations w/himself. That stupid bloody sock moment made him. I’m not saying that he wasn’t a good player but that incident made him a warrior…LOL!!

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