Morning Bits: Jim Henry, Jose Campos, Jeter, Burnett, Yogi, Teixiera, Chavez

Good morning all.  Enjoy the day.  Let’s get right to the links….

* The Yankees hired former Cubs GM Jim Henry.

* Baseball America ranks Jose Campos 5th on the updated Yankees prospect list.

* Cash wouldn’t change Jeter negotiations. He also has Burnett’s back.

* Stat of the Day about Mark Teixeira from ESPN.

* Yogi and Teixeira were honored with Munson Awards.

* Andrew Marchand of reports that the Yankees are still interested in re-signing Eric Chavez.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Cashman always says that he has A.J’s back, but it’s becoming evident that maybe Cashman is a bit tired of Burnett not pitching up to his full potential.

  2. UYF looks like the Chavez door has not closed yet for the Yankees.

    • That’s fine with me. I’d prefer him over the “other” FA that have been mentioned. I do think they still need a left handed hitting DH with some “POP”.

      Chavez is good defensively to spell A-Rod which the Yankees will need to do but he doesn’t provide any “pop” with his bat.

  3. IMHO Yanks need a better player than Chavez.His 676 OPS isn’t good enough.He is also to fragile and his range at 3rd has deminshed over the years of constant injury.The 1 thing Chavez did do was hit with RISP (416) ,It was a small sample size but enough to give an inflated opinion of his value.
    Headly or Prado would be my picks as a platoon 3b -dh with AROD.
    Arod will not make a whole season at 3b ,age ,injury and steroid abuse has taken its toal. not to mention regression all players have after 35-36.

    • What do you think of Bill Hall? I haven’t really studied him much yet. I know he had a good season in Boston then was horrible last yr.

      I still think Cashman has a couple of trades left in him. To my knowledge he really hasnt addressed the 7 starters situation yet. Seems to me he’s waiting for Oswalt and EJax to sign before he strikes.

  4. Yanks will have to be careful with Arod to get the most out of him.Smart planning of dh and off days are mandatory.
    Alot of projections by fans are way off on him,He is no longer the Arod that most think. he like all the greats has reached the age of 37 where all players fall off the map.THERE ARE ECCEPTIONS, but Arod with his hip condition will not be one.Thats why he has lost the ability to hit LHP, they tie him up he has lost 200 points of ops versus lhp.As a hitting coach that is a red flag to me.
    Yanks have 2 players that need to step up and I think they can..
    1-Gardner needs to have his best year,leading off creating havoc with his speed and scoring 135 runs.
    2-Tex needs to be the hitter he was.I think he can and by all indications he is working on improving his BA from the left side.
    These 2 guys have to make up for the innevitable regression of Jeter and Arod.

    • A-Rod should DH at least once or twice a week right?

      Gardner needs to steal more. Remember last year in the beginning of the season he was god awful. He needs to read the pitchers better. He has the speed that’s a given.

    • Ballpark the Hitting guru of the blog. nice to have you posting again.

      I must take issue with your A-Rod and his demise. I am stating what I have seen over the last few years, my opinion only!
      To me, it seems easy to correct his swing against lefties…get healthy. He had hip, leg and hand troubles over the last few years, right? Anything that slows the bat down and bothers ones legs, hip is very bad news.
      Lefties come way inside to him and he can’t clear his hips and get his hands around to hit well. Very simple, be healthy and he will come up greatly. Line drives all over the place (right field anyone), with his power the HRs will be there at the end of the season.

      • Hey Ken how are you my friend?
        I hope your right and Arod some how can beat father time.
        Buddy I know I couldn’
        On the serious side hip injury to a batter is like labrum surgery to a pitcher.Its the end.
        Hitting is all hips,as we say in the buisness HIPS BEFORE HANDS.
        As a fan I hope I;m wrong,but as a hitting guy I don’t think I am.
        Ernie called me today it was great catching up with him he has some great news,but hopefully he will come on and share it with his old I-YANKEE friends.

        • Ernie would be welcomed to this blog. Next time you chat tell him I said hello.

        • Ballpark…
          I have never had a problem with a hip, so I am the last to know the long term effects of that type of injury. I just know my keys to hitting; health, lower body, fast hands, clear the hips and level swing…if all of that is fine…see the situation, see the ball, hit the ball.
          I will never disagree with you on hitting (you gave me a tip last year, it worked).
          This is one time I hope you are wrong and I am right for once. LOL
          Damn nice of you to stop by, I along with many others have been asking for you, BCD, Ernie and Twasp to come on back and help us have some of the fun we use to have. Did I forget someone?
          Take care buddy and keep on keeping on! 🙂

  5. This is for Ken as I know he has mentioned this guy a couple of times….

    Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Cubs and White Sox continue to show interest in Cuban left-hander Gerardo Concepcion.

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