Yankees Still Have Shot With Eric Chavez

Yankees Still Have Shot With Eric Chavez

By Delia E.

With less than 3 weeks left until Spring Training, Brian Cashman said that the Yankees still have a shot at signing Eric Chavez. Cashman sees Chavez’s role as a backup infielder & DH for a good amount of the season if he chooses to re-sign. Chavez had a good chance of taking away at-bats from Jorge Posada last year if he hadn’t gotten injured.

Chavez who was contemplating retirement, said that he enjoyed his time with the Yankees. Even though the Yankees are interested in Chavez, they can’t rule out the other DH’s on the free agent market such as Johnny Damon, Vladmir Gurrerro & Hideki Matsui. This is a good time where Brian Cashman should once again explore his options before handing any player a contract.

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  1. Jayson Stark of ESPN.com reports that Vladimir Guerrero and Johnny Damon are looking for contracts around $5 million.

  2. That price is way too much.They will be looking for that price for a long time.

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