Morning Bits: Cashman, Teixeira, Granderson

T.G.I.F.   let’s get right to the links…..

* Cbs news reports that a woman is being charged with extorting Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

* The Huffington Post reports that Mark Teixeira is becoming a player in the health drink business.

* The Wall Street Journal mentions how Graderson was almost the enemy.

* The Daily News has a story about how the parking at Yankee Stadium is rarely used.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Cashman ‘s life has been a mess’That explains his actions this winter.In interviews he seemed troubled to me and now I know why.I hope he can move foward and it doesn’t effect the Yanks.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add…
    I am sure, in his contract he can be dismissed, “Without prejudice” if he does anything to bring a bad light on the Yankee organization. It is hard for me to see him getting all out of wack with this problem when he has adroitly handled 3-5 contracts at the same time.

  3. I know Garza was a big topic here this off-season so I wanted to pass this along.

    Cubs and RHP Matt Garza avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year, $9.5 million contract.

  4. I still find it odd with the Chavez talk the other day from Cashman that nothing has happened.

    I wonder if the higher ups are just really figuring out if it’s Chavez or one of the younger guys to fill in the last spot.

    • Matt I hope the Yanks can do something better at 3rd.Arod if he is going to produce with his bat needs to dh alot more and the Yanks need asolid 3rd base option.
      Plus IMHO the biggest weakness on the Yank s is our left side of the IF defense.Jete and Arod do not go well together,Thats 2 guys with very limited range next to each other.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Next off-season the Yankees are going to need a plan. They may get away with it this year but not sure about it next year.

        Nunez I think will be much better with having a season under his belt. I don’t see him as the full time replacement to either though in the future.

        • Matt I like what I saw in Nunez when he played everyday.With that said I don’t like him as a UTE.He has all the tools to be an above avg SS ,he just needs to play and see if he can become that player. He just has to prove that he can be steady.AND HE MAY NOT.bUT ON ABILITY HE’S GOT IT ALL.

          • i see your point.

            BP how about Fish’s article the other day. It got me so pumped for the season and can’t wait to follow the young prospects. I can’t wait to find out where everyone will be headed and those teams start to fill out.

            Tons of expectations this year.

      • Ballpark…
        Look at the stats and what other coaches have said about A-Rods defense for last year. You are right, the left side is the weak link of the infield but, not from A-Rod! Both 3rd and 2nd basemen have been cheating into the SS zone sense 2010. By doing that, the SS can make the plays over the bag at 2nd base which, he never ever could before.
        Moving the men out of position opens holes elsewhere…as you well know.
        This is not a bash on anyone, it is just facts and what happens as one gets older. Age is happing to SS and 3rd but, as you know 3rd is reaction more then range so, like a 1st baseman, he can field much better for a longer time.
        Last year was one of A-Rods better years on defense at 3rd.
        You and I see Nunez about the same, play him every day if possible. What can happen, he will be as good as he can be, with all the pressure on him to out do Jeter, if he can fight through it all…he will be that much better.

        • Kenny –

          I agree with you on ARod somewhat…..he looked like he had a little spring in his step in the beginning of the season. However, he was basically the same thing as Jeter from late June on. Alex & Derek are both sure handed and have accurate arms (ARod has a stronger arm) but neither of them have any range anymore at their ages. It’s not an indictment of either player – that’s just what happens when you get old as an infielder, and in ARod’s case, he has both a bad knee and a bad hip on top of it.

          Alex barely moves his feet at all at 3B – pretty much just lunging one way or the other on balls unless they are slow rollers. I don’t put a lot of stock into his improved UZR rating as I don’t see that as a very accurate stat for any position but OF. Alex had 6 years in a row with a negative UZR at 3B (-25.9) and last yr with his injured knee he suddenly got a +11 UZR? I don’t see it.

          I also don’t see Jeter’s lack of range having any bearing on where Cano plays at 2B. Maybe ARod slightly. But the Yanks and all teams position their players based on the spray charts of the oppossing hitter and as good as Cano is he isn’t going to be making many plays on the SS side of 2B.

          • Fishjam…
            Many very good points the 1st PP I’ll by that 100%!
            The 2nd PP I’ll go 75% only because (the heck with stats) he was moving very well even in the play-offs. Many good remarks were made on his fielding, of course we both know 3rd base is “a step and a dive” position most of the time.
            The 3rd PP is more like a matter of opinion and using ones eyes. So with that, I give you a passing grade of 100%, I get a passing grade of 150%…hay, it’s my test, but who’s counting. lol
            Nice taking with you fishjam, like old days. 🙂

            • Always enjoy the back and forth with you Ken.
              I like that we don’t agree on everything too. It would be very boring if we all thought the same things.

              Was just thinking that everyone (you, me, etc.) that watches the games has preconceived beliefs and it’s often hard to stay objective as much as I/we try.

              For example, I hated the way Posada handled pitchers and received the ball. So much so that it probably blinded me to the many fine qualities or plays that he made as a catcher.

              Perhaps you have the same issue in certain situations. It’s something I will try to work on. Oftentimes I find myself being hyper-critical of the Yankees as a whole. Probably because I love the team so much, I’m over sensitive to some of their weaknesses.

              Do you understand what I’m saying or think that you may do this sometimes also? just a thought that just popped in my head.

              • Fishjam…
                That didn’t just pop into your mind, nor into mine. It has been there for a while. To be honest, we all do that. It is like reading a scouting report of a player….without an open mind….one sees what the report told us to see.
                I have a bad habit of sticking up for a player that may be misunderstood or I see as much better then fans think he is. The stars don’t impress me much, they are on the right side of the fans and press. It is the other guys, those that get the shaft because they aren’t this or that. I have been trained to look for a weakness/strength in everything and every situation, that was part of my job in the day.
                I have seen a lot of the 1st ballot HOF players play! Jeter is not a 1st ballot HOF player. A-Rod isn’t either but, for other reasons. Sorry, just my opinion.
                Honesty in evaluation and judgement is something very hard to do sometimes. No matter who you are…one has a soft spot for a certain player, sometimes.
                So, after a long unnecessary bunch of drivel, YES I agree with you! 🙂

  5. The Parking Lot situation is a mess. Another mistake made with the new Stadium. You have a toxic situation for those Lot owners who spent Millions to build the new lots:

    1) The stadium holds less people than the previous one
    2) Rising prices has brought the attendance down
    3) It’s now easier to take the train to the Stadium
    4) There’s tons of “cheaper” parking alternatives. Why drop $35 on Parking when you can park across the street for $20?
    5) It’s still a pain in the ass to drive to the Stadium

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