Top 5 Spring Training Storylines

It is creeping up on us very quickly. In a little over two weeks Yankees pitchers and catchers will report to Tampa, Florida. The Giants deep run in the playoffs has probably made the time go by quicker for everybody (not me of course as I am a Packers fan). The offseason storylines have picked up of late and they should lead to an intriguing spring training.  I will breakdown my top five storylines going into camp. Feel free to add more that you guys think are important in the comments.

1)  The 5th starter competition

This spot would seem to be the only one up for competition this spring, other then the usual few bullpen spots, unless an injury crops up.  It will probably come down to how Freddy Garcia. A.J. Burnett, and Phil Hughes pitch in the spring. The Yankees have a lot more invested in Hughes and Burnett, which is why I do not give Garcia much of a shot, despite his solid year last year.  I do think Garcia would be a successful long man and can fill in the rotation at a moments notice, like Bartolo Colon did last year. I do not see Burnett or Hughes being traded. Nobody want’s Burnett’s contract, even if the Yankees would pick-up a large portion of it. As with Hughes, I don’t think the Yankees should trade him until they get his value back up. Why trade somebody when their value is way down, like it is now? So I do see it coming down to how Hughes and Burnett perform in their spring starts. Hughes needs to come into camp in much better shape than last year. There was no excuse for him coming in the shape that he did and it probably was not a coincidence that he got hurt. We all know Burnett’s issues, but maybe having to pitch for his job will light a fire under him.

2) Who will DH?

I am not in favor of rotating the DH spot. Obviously you have to give Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter DH AB’s, but when they are in the field the Yankees should sign or trade for somebody to DH. Andruw Jones will get most of the DH AB’s against lefties, but the Yankees need to find somebody to face righties. Also, if Brett Gardner hits lefties like he did last year it would not be a bad idea for Jones to play left and have a DH. Gardner only hit .233, with 0 homers, 6 RBI, a .272 slugging percentage, and a .616 OPS against lefties last year. Those are not acceptable numbers. Obviously Gardner is not a power guy, but if you are only going to have a .272 slugging percentage against lefties your average must be higher than .233.

I thought Carlos Pena was an ideal option to DH vs. righties, but he is no longer available. Johnny Damon, Raul Ibanez, Vladimir Guerrero, and Hideki Matsui are all options. I do not see Jorge Vazquez as a legit option because of his high Triple-A strikeout numbers. If they do not sign anybody I would let Jones or even Nunez DH against righties before the 29 year old journeyman.

3) Mark Teixeira Bunting

This is a new story that has crept up and I find it very interesting. Wally Matthews wrote about it on ESPN New Texeira has said he will work on bunting in spring training and may try to get bunt hits against the shift. I will believe that when I see it. I am not opposed to him dropping a few bunts down against the shift in certain spots, but the Yankees do not pay Teixeira to lay down bunts.  The Yankees pay him to hit home runs, knock runners in, play gold glove defense, and perform in the playoffs. He did 3 out of 4 of those things last year. The Yankee Analysts wrote a great article on Teixeira that everybody should take time to read. I was surprised to learn that Teixeira batted .337 and slugged .837 when pulling the ball against righties. When going the other way against righties Teixeira batted .086 and slugged .103. Those numbers suggest that if Texeira can’t fix his swing going the other way against righties that he should just continue to pull everything. He did do well going the other way hitting right handed so hopefully it can translate to the left side.

4) The Health of Alex Rodriguez

Everybody will be watching Alex Rodriguez this spring to see what his health is. Of course, just because he is healthy in the spring does not mean he will stay healthy the whole year. Last spring A-Rod was hitting the cover off the ball and a lot of people thought he could compete for the MVP again. Unfortunately, that was not the case and he had an injury plagued season. I am optimistic about the results of the knee therapy that A-Rod had in Germany, that Kobe Bryant suggested to him. It is called platelet-rich plasma therapy and is becoming more popular among athletes. Anybody that has watched Kobe in the NBA this year knows he got a lot of explosion back and looks a lot more spry after this surgery. The Yankees need A-Rod back healthy and producing.

5) Which Young Guy Will Shine?

Every spring training a young player will make a splash. That splash usually does not put them on the major league roster, but they do catch the eyes of the Yankees brass and the fans.  Last year Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos had great springs and gave Yankee fans a glimpse of the future. It will be interesting to see them again, but it also will be interesting who else steps up.

About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. Like you said, the Yankees don’t pay Teixeira to bunt. I would rather that Teixeira worked on beating the shift with a simple base hit. He needs to learn how to pull the ball. But if he bunts and it works well he can teach Gardner, the player that the Yankees REALLY need to bunt.

    As for the 5th starter, I’m Team A.J. I have absolute faith in him.

  2. A-Rod staying healthy is going to be a huge part of what happens this year I believe.

  3. Matthew B, I must take exception to this again….
    “Also, if Brett Gardner hits lefties like he did last year it would not be a bad idea for Jones to play left and have a DH. Gardner only hit .233, with 0 homers, 6 RBI, a .272 slugging percentage, and a .616 OPS against lefties last year. Those are not acceptable numbers. Obviously Gardner is not a power guy, but if you are only going to have a .272 slugging percentage against lefties your average must be higher than .233.”

    One must look at the overall package when judging Brett, he does much much more then just hit .233! Fans are so use to judging our players against other great or near great players of the Yankees they have no one to compare Brett to!
    Many of you are even to young to remember Ricky Hennderson (1988) but he would be the closest to Brett. Granted, Ricky could out hit Brett any day but, Brett would out do him in the OF by a wide margin!
    Brett is, at best a fourth or fifth OF, the only way he can stick in the majors is if a team needs a filler or baserunner.
    Yup, I remember being nailed to the wall, sticking up for this kid back in 2006 Tampa (I think), even Eric Schultz had little to no idea. Eric said something like “he may make a good 4th out fielder…in other words, he was copying the same words and thoughts of other so called scouts, why, very simple…no one has the time to watch every player every year. Therefor I say, when you read a report and like what you see, or even don’t like it, go see the player.
    Now, I see the same from Matthew, in that one Paragraph.
    No disrespect for Matthew, he is a good well respected writer…I just disagree with his assessment. 🙂

    • I think with Gardner, people shouldn’t just look at his offense because Brett is so much more than that. He can hit when he has to but he outshines all of the Yankees on the base paths & in the outfield. To be honest I am relieved that Gardner is not a power hitter. He brings something to the table that 8 out of the 9 in the starting lineup don’t have; killer speed (Granderson is fast but is not faster than Gardner).

      • Delia….
        Have you ever felt that you were the only one in the world that could see what you see and others wouldn’t even look?
        My ideal OF is Gardner with power and avg, or, A Young Clean Josh Hamilton (he had it all, what a wast).
        Without either of those, I’ll take a Brett Gardner anytime. The problem is, some would get all tied up with a guy such as Brett and get carried away. Oh, we need another Brett for CF…not a chance. One player like Brett is all a team in the AL Beast can absorb. Like you said, light hitter with killer speed…code words are, light hitter!
        Stay well…! 🙂

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