My Opinions on Yankee Stadium III


My thoughts on Yankee Stadium IIII are plain and simple. I hate it!!! How as a Yankee fan can I say that, you may ask? It’s simple it’s just a horrible place to enjoy the game. Yankee Stadium II was perfect for me with the crowded walkways and no views of the game when you get up to walk around. With the new stadium to me it’s more like a mall. It’s set up for you to browse. I don’t get to a game to browse – I go to watch baseball. Personally I get to the stadium three hours before first pitch, well before the stadium opens. I walk around and head to Stan’s for a couple of beers then when the stadium opens I head to my seat and watch batting practice. I stay in that seat basically until the game starts and remain there for the rest of the game. The only time I get up is to use the restroom and that’s about all.

For the life of me I don’t understand why we need sushi and all the other non-related baseball foods sold at Yankee Stadium III. What happened to hot dogs, peanuts and pretzels? There are so many choices now plus other amenities- that the fans aren’t doing what should be done during the game, which is sitting in their seats. With the open-air views from the concession stands and shops people now don’t mind to walk around – and to me that’s horrible. You can do that any day of the week at the mall or on the street. Why don’t people sit in the seats to just enjoy the game? Maybe I was just brought up differently – when at games you just sit and enjoy and keep score on the scorecard if you want.

Nothing is worse than the “moat seats”. When you have these seats all your food is paid for and you just go below to one of the lounges and it’s served cafeteria style. The “grab and go” complimentary food consists of pizza, hot dogs, sausage, cheeseburger, chicken fingers, cookies, salads and ice cream. The majority of the people are so impressed by the lounges and the endless amount of food that they don’t sit in the seats to enjoy the game. Of course the other reason is that they are so expensive and that keeps people away from purchasing the tickets. With this and the open-air feel, the stadium to me is not as loud as it was at YSII. You can feel this at the stadium or even simply watching it on TV.

This is just how I personally feel about the new stadium. I would love to hear what you have to think about it as well. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. My first trip to the new stadium was an event but, soon got old. I have been there for three games only (mainly because I hate crowds), not my cup of tea. As you, I want to watch everything I can of the game. I could care less about the food and trinkets all around the place.

  2. I personally enjoy the new stadium to a certain extent. Its fun to watch the team live at the ballpark, but I wish that they didn’t build each row so close because sometimes when a person is eating behind you they feel it’s necessary to drop crumbs on your jacket.

  3. Matt I agree. The Yankees made a lot of mistakes with YSIII and I think in the long run it will hurt them if they don’t make some adjustments.

    1) Get people in those moat seats. Take away Lounge access. YSII had waitress service in the premium seats. Go back to that so those people can remain in their seats and have their premium food delivered to them.

    2) sell tickets to the Lounges/Open Air seats as a package deal. You can buy a ticket for one of the exclusive lounges and it comes with a seat in the Open hallway areas if you want to get out and watch the game live.

    3) Lower prices so the regular fans and families can get Field level seats. By pricing all of the seats close to the field so high, it makes it so only the business people and millionaires can really afford it and these are the type of people who spend most of the time in the restaraunts, lounges and other exclusive ares of the Stadium

    4) Take away some of the Museum type areas and install some more ball park/family type areas. The Mets built a Wiffle Ball park at Citifield which was an awesome idea. Something like that or a Family picnic area where people could buy affordable General Admission tickets to a Picnic area with “standing room only tickets” in the open hallway areas.

    I’ve got more but its long enough already.

    • Fish I really like your number 1 comment. That I think would solve alot of the problems of having it look so empty.

      Also would like to hear what more you have on this topic.

  4. Unfortuntaely one of the biggest problems is architectural. Before, the overhang of the upstairs grandstand created an imposing visual and aural effect. Now, it’s more like the old Shea: a big bowl.

    The TV screens on the side of the bleacher walls are an affront to the fans. No one should be treated like that, at any price, when they’re at the game. It was unnecessary. It actually seemed like a rebuke.

    This, and all the ideas above about the moat and lounges.

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