Brian Cashman’s Wife Files For Divorce

Brian Cashman’s Wife Files For Divorce

By Delia E.

Well it looks like Cashman’s wife is cashing out. Mary Cashman filed for divorce from Yankees GM Brian Cashman after being publicly humiliated in another scandal. Mary Cashman filed paperwork in Stanford, Connecticut citing that the marriage had broken down irretrievably. Cashman’s wife filed for divorce a day before TriBeCa woman Louise Meanwell appeared in court on charges that she stalked and extorted Brian Cashman for $6,000

Cashman’s status with the Yankees has remained unchanged throughout the personal issues.

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  1. Stay Tuned …..Next on YES:

    CENTERSTAGE with Michael Kay:

    “Pinstripe Fatal Attraction”

    Starring: Brian “the weasel” CashMan …… Sneaky adulterer left his PJ’s in the wrong place

    Co Starring : Psycho Slut…. Stalked the wrong bean counter……GM can’t go over $6k or has to pay a HO luxury tax

    Co Starring : Old Yankee 77 who has only one line in the drama…….. “Jeter Sucks”

    • T-MAN I guess u could’nt sleep.How u doin buddy?
      Yanks need to pop the weasel.His life is to screwed up to be in charge of the biggest sports franchise in history.
      Dude he sucked when things were normal!!! what can we expect now???

      • Exactly …… What youngsters like Ken Or and Matt don’t comprehend ……a slime ball in his personal life will equal a slime ball in business …… And karma catches up to all slime balls.

        Teams look to get rid of distractions …and when your GM is causing distractions and has one only one championship in 11 years despite having a budget 3x the size of the average team…..time to cut ties .

        • Hi Twasp…this is getting to be fun,
          Obviously you have never been targeted by a woman, if you had, you would be more understanding. Most normal men, can’t think with the right part of their body when presented with a nice looking woman more then one time. One time ok, two times maybe, three times…come on, let’s be honest, how about you?
          So, according to you, we had a slime ball as president…Pres. Clinton. Ok, not fare, I would have to agree with you.
          When you have lived as long as I have, you learn a lot of things, you (if lucky) may learn them as well. I have learned…no one is perfect, the only people that don’t make mistakes are those that don’t do anything.
          As for distractions, are you out of your mind? The only distraction is with the press and those that hate him and look for things to dump on him with.
          As for the 3x budget thing…forget it…we have been there before and you still don’t get it!
          How is everything with you and yours Twasp? Still running on all cylinders? It is starting to look up around here don’t you think? Really good to have you back big guy! 8)

    • Twasp is back…and in early form.
      Jeter hits #1 or #9 or becomes a switch hitter. Common sense says, if one is not good enough to hit number one, why is he good enough to hit number two?
      There, is that what we need for a good sunday morn?
      Good day Twasp, you must post more often, jokes and fun are in short supply around here. 🙂

  2. Hey Ken “..hope your health is good.

    Switch-hitter? Jeter? In the history of baseball has any player ever turned to switch-hitter that late in their career?

    Like you’re thinking outside the box….. highballin’ Xanax and prune juice again?

    • Twasp, my bad man…
      Xanax? and prune juice…what is Xanax? Any one related to you, per chance?
      Just joking about Jeter and switch hitting, don’t you know! Of course you do!
      But, my question is still the same, and be honest. Any other player on the Yankees would not be given the #1st or #2 spots.
      This is my problem, not so much with Jeter himself (I can understand him) more the guts of the management…NO player should EVER be given president over the well being of the team.
      Remember, they moved A-Rod down in the order when he sucked (and deserved it) now, if they don’t do that to Jeter! Are you saying Jeter is a much better baseball player then A-Rod? If you are, you are the delusional one around here!
      By the way, I am in good health except for a big dumb hernia to be fixed soon.

      • The Yankees have long been hesitant to move their veteran stars around at all. Jeter should be hitting towards the back of the lineup against RHP, ARod should be towards the back vs LHP. Posada should have been benched in favor of Montero early last yr or at least platooned. Torre dropped ARod for 1 game in the playoffs.

        This year Jeter and ARod need a lot of time off but will the Girardi/Cashman 2-headed managers be willing to put them on the bench against their wishes for the betterment of the team? AJ’s another one….if someone’s pitching better they should get the ball regardless of the $33M owed him. These decisions may go a long way in determining the success of the team this yr.

        • Damn, how did I get so lucky as to get you this fine AM Fishjam?
          What you said is about as right as can be. The AJ button will be pushed when they find everyone is out doing AJ. No pressure on AJ…no problem. Put game pressure on AJ…wheels come off, big problem!
          Big problem, meet the answer to you…BP or another team.
          As for A-Rod and Jeter…it won’t happen but, they should be moved if they can’t do their job.

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