Morning Bits: Cashman, Gardner

Good Morning all.  It’s Superbowl Sunday.  Enjoy the day and enjoy the game.

Let’s get right to the links…

* As reported yesterday the wife of Cashman filed for divorce.

* ESPN Wallace Matthews asks Is Brett a leadoff hitter or the caboose?

About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. For the Gardner situation it’s very simple:

    Gardy leads off vs. Right handed pitchers, Jeter leads off vs. Left handed pitchers.

    • Delia I agree with you ,the question is do the Yanks?

      • I would say the Yankees don’t agree with it or they would have done it last year.

        • I think the Yankees pulled the plug too fast on the experiment last year because Gardner had a bad April but yet Jeter didn’t have a good first half of the season. In May-late August, Gardner was almost unstoppable and he was really unstoppable in October. Yankees should try the experiment again if Gardner is red hot during Spring Training.

  2. 2 weeks from today pitchers and catchers report for the Yankees

  3. About damn time, maybe that will get people on to baseball instead of the personal business of others.
    It is none of our business what someone does in their privet lives, only as it pertains to the Yankees.
    The only thing I care about is, the Yankees and so far, it seems as if Cashman has done well this year.
    If the US President can have his troubles and say it doesn’t effect his job…why do we say it HAS to effect the GMs job?
    End of story! 🙂

  4. I would like to see Brett as the leadoff hitter except against the better lefties. Other then that, they are never going to move Jeter, Cano, A-Rod, Granderson or Tex from their spots of 2 thru 6.
    Thinking outside the box is hard to do when dealing with super egos.Nhập nhận xét ​​của bạn ở đây …

  5. At Yahoo Sports they are talking about Tex and his bunting more to beat the shift. So I answered them with;
    It looks to me like everyone is in favor of Tex bunting…I’ll by that also!
    The best thing is for him to go back to the way he was signed to hit….all fields, good OBP, great power/RBI numbers and good avg. What, you say it is easier to bunt, think again…bunting is an art that some can and others can’t learn to do.
    But, his old swing is still in his muscle memory system, work on it until it comes back, ST should be enough.
    What say you guys and of course ladies?

    • I hear ya Ken if he went back to his ways before he came over to the Yankees he should be alright. A bunt every now and than to keep the fielders honest though wouldn’t hurt though IMO.

    • Right on OLD RANGER.
      Tex needs to get on top of the ball .The short porch has caused him to uppercut trying to elevate the ball.Its impossible to hit the ball the other way with an uppercut.Tex’s uppercut is primarily due to collapsing his backside.
      Thats why his numbers from his right side are better.

  6. Amen guys, I remember we talked about his backside and uppercut many times before. Am I correct in assuming, the Yankees were waiting for Tex to come to the same conclusion as most others, before changing him?
    I know it is hard to change one unless, they buy into it themselves. My question to you guys is this; Do you think he has fully bought into it or just lip service, and thinks that a bunt once in a while will do it for him?
    The bunt is the easy way out, for the short term but, with hard work, he could be of much more value to himself and the team, this also go to Swisher!
    That’s one of the things I have been thinking of sense last year. Here it is, players like Swisher, Tex, Cano and let us throw in A-Rod also…can be of more help to the team by using what got them here in the first place. Higher Avg., BB, OBP and hitting liners. Both Swisher and Tex upper cut to much from the left side…hurts all their numbers.
    Fish, Matt and you Ballpark can explain better what I am trying to get at then I will, please do so if you think as I do. HRs will come, but one has to get hits against very good pitchers. Very good pitchers (which there are plenty of in the AL Beast) can shut down HR hitters more so then those that hit for avg., etc!

    • Ken –

      I’m sure KLong has been telling Tex about his bad habits since before we even noticed it almost 2 yrs ago. Getting a player to believehe needs to make big changes is difficult when said player has always had success. Add in the fact that the RF seats in Yankee Stadium are so inviting and you have a recipe for trouble. The RF seats have cause many a LH hitter to gt into bad habits – Giambi & Tex being poster boys for that.

      But I think Tex is truly sincere about making changes. He first mentioned it in late Sept and he clearly made some efforts against Detroit to go the other way. in fact i think he had an oppo Double in Game 1 which is big because he had all of 1 opppsite field extrabase hit in the last 2 yrs batting LH.

      I’m sure tex made adjustments and has been working on it all Winter. The question is will he stick with it the first time he goes 0 for 10. Players always talk about changes but if it doesn’t work right away they often go back to what is comfortable. I believe the success of the Yanks in 2012 depend on Tex getting back to the .290-.300 hitter he was his whole career but hasn’t been since 2009.

      • Thanks again Fishjam…
        I knew one of you guys would do much better then I.
        Jason, Tex and add Swisher to mix. Yup, I also noticed him saying and trying to do right but, as you say and I agree; first sign of trouble and back to the old ways.
        One question for you Fishjam; would not his muscle memory (of many years) be called up more so then the last couple years memory, or not?
        We know what Tex can do when he is the Tex of old, let’s hope you are right and he becomes so.

  7. Did you guys hear the damn dumbest question to ever be asked of a top notch NL football Quarterback?
    Question to Eli Manning; “Do you think you are in the same class as Tom Brady?” (something like that). I had to laugh at how stupid they were. Anyhow, Eli said something like; “Yes, yes I do!” I love it when a guy like Eli tell it like it is.
    Now, that is the way almost every one of the real top athletes believe…I said BELIEVE, not just think…if they didn’t believe, they wouldn’t be. Never doubt yourself or second guess your decisions…you are either right or wrong.

  8. Giants won!! Giants won the Superbowl! Parade is on Tuesday at 11 AM in New York!! Can’t WAIT!!!

    • Delia…
      Relax young lady, don’t hold back…let us know how you really feel about the win.
      It was good wasn’t it? Think Eli will get anymore stupid questions? Enjoy the win.

      • After the Giants scored the winning TD, the 57 seconds left on the clock were the best 57 second of the game…especially the Hail Mary attempt! I don’t think Eli will hear about anyone doubting his skills for a long time. 🙂

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