Morning Bits: Cashman, Mariano

Good morning all.  Great win for New York as the Giants pulled it out last night and won the Superbowl.   Now the focus can turn to baseball.  Pitchers and catchers for the Yankees report in 13 days!

Sit back sip your coffee and enjoy the links….

* The Daily News has more on the Cashman story.

* Andrew Marchand of Espn asks Who is Mariano’s heir apparent?

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I think it should go to Robertson. He is cheap and even though he does give me a heart attack at times (loading the bases than striking out the next 3) I think he can work on that this year.

    • Matt…
      I have no problem with D-Rob being the set-up this year and closer next year…in principle! I do have a problem with giving the job to one that hasn’t done the job, with out giving others a chance to beat him out of it or, him loosing it. Using the last two years of job performance…he should have the job, no doubt about it.
      One thing I see though is; there may be two others that can do the job without walking every one except the last three batters before a run crosses home plate.
      Again, take note…he deserves it. But let us look to the others and see what we have or may have.
      1) Joba (before getting hurt) was doing a very good job himself. I believe getting hurt has made him look at himself and see he has to grow up and work at his craft. Therefore, I think he should be considered…by 2013.
      2) we also have a healthy Soriano this year, more money and we don’t know if he was promised a chance at Mo’s job.
      3) Phil, is he going to be a starter or are they going to pull a joba on him and put him in the BP, no matter how well he pitches in spring training.
      4) By the year 2013 (at the latest) we may see Dillin Betances as a BP pitcher not a starter, if so…he will have to be dealt with also. We have a few guys that are projected as starters that may have a leg up on him as a starter.
      As the years progress, there will be many contenders for the Closer job.
      One outstanding thing for D-Rob is (other then me liking him for a long time, and projecting him as a BP guy years ago) he can only be a BP pitcher…as a starter, it is a non starter!
      Most, if not all of the other guys have been working as starters not BP pitchers.
      Another thing is, if they try one of them…say Dillin…as a BP pitcher, they must leave him in the BP (at the major level) they have to leave him there all year or send him down for the rest of the year to work himself back into the roll of being a starter for the next year. One can be changed any way they want to, but not during the year in the big show. We don’t need more Jobas’ being FUBAR.
      This is my short answer, we don’t have the space for my long dissertation so….I’ll quit now before I get Carpal Tunnel! 🙂

    • I just thought that D-Rob did the whole loading the bases then striking out the next three on purpose. I thought it was for show.

  2. Matt…
    A bit of history, just because I’m bored to night. 🙂

    Paige was the Greatest Pitcher ever to play baseball, many times he would do showman type things such as sending the infielders to the dugout while he pitched He had told everyone and anyone, someday I will load the bases deliberately and strike out Josh Gibson on three pitches, to end the game. As Satchel walked the bases loaded he let it be known what he was about to do. Sounds a bit of a braggart right? Well, not so fast, it is only bragging if one can’t do the walk, Satchel did the walk…he struck out Josh on three fastballs down the chute.
    We have all heard of Babe Ruth right? Well The Babe, Rogers Hornsby and other HOF hitters said Josh was one of the best hitters in baseball.
    Paige faced the best major league players in exhibition games before 1948. He once struck out Rogers Hornsby, probably the greatest right-handed hitter in baseball history, five times in one game. In Hollywood in 1934 Paige scored a spectacular 1–0 victory in 13 innings over Dizzy Dean, who won 30 games for the St. Louis Cardinals that year.
    Just think, two of the greatest players to ever play this kids game, called Baseball, going head to head trying to do something each believed they could do…one, get a hit, the other strike the other out.
    Oh, I forgot. Did I mention Josh and Satchel were black, no? Good they were baseball players with the best God given talent ever given to anyone. One thing about that kid game, no mater where one comes from, the game is the same, as are we all.
    Now that’s what I call fun stuff to be writing about.

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