Yankees Expected To Add DH

Yankees Expect To Add DH

By Delia E.

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees are expected to add a DH within the next week. The Yankees have 3 serious contenders for the DH role; Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui or Raul Ibanez. Olney also reported that he believes that Raul Ibanez would be the best fit for the Yankees if they choose to sign one of the 3.

Out of the 3, which one would you want to be the Yankees DH in 2012?

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  1. I don’t really know who I want quite frankly:P I just know they will all probably do a good job so hopefully the Yankees get the one they think best suits Yankee Stadium and all that.

  2. I don’t love the options, but out of those choices I would go Damon >>>>matsui>>>ibanez,
    Damon cab actually take the field and isn’t finished at the plate, not sure how the guy that can’t hit and can’t field would be the best solution

    • Totally agree with Lou. Do not like the options at all and am really hoping the Yanks go out and make a trade for a hitter, preferably one who can play 3B. Chase Headley is ideal and SD should be willing to move him since he sucks hitting in that Park and they are defenitely rebuilding after dumping their best hitter and best pitcher in the past 12 months.

      Martin Prado & Daniel Murphy were also on the market this winter and would be good decent options since they can hit for average and play multiple positions.

      If no trade can be made for a 3B who they clearly need, I’d take Damon over the other 2 FA DHs. But who is the insurance policy at 3B for ARod? I know Nunez can play there but he does not look good…..he’s much more comfortable at 2B or SS. I don’t think Laird is ready for extended action yet and Chavez is more brittle than ARod.

  3. I like Ibanez as an alternative. IF he’s cheap enough why not. If he doesn’t perform or something better comes along during the season the Yankees can always release him. It’s not a big deal.

    If the Yankees do sign him or anyone else someone will have to be let go from the 40 man roster. Also, if it is Ibanez that the Yankees sign that will give them 24 men on the 25 man active roster. They still have room for 1 other player. Could Chavez still be in the cards?

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